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April 13, 2005


Can you expand on this:

"I also gave up on being a libertarian. Pure libertarianism just doesn’t work because, when left to themselves, people pursue agendas to benefit themselves at the expense of society."

Society being nothing more than a collection of individuals sharing a geography (and under the same government), and libertarianism (in any form I'm aware of) believing in the protection of individual rights - including contract violations - I'm not sure where you get the above ideas. People *always* act in their self-interest (which doesn't preclude people from helping others), and government is not immune from any corruption issues when people have power over others. So it seems any problems one may have with letting people have freedom, goes doubly so for any claims that government should tell people what they may or may not do.

I'd be interesting in a blog entry that explains your distaste for libertarianism further.

By the way, I came across your blog via, where you recently commented to an article.

Scott asks a worthy question. I promise that if you keep reading my blog, the problems with libertarianism will eventually be revealed.

"Half sigma represents 38% of the normal distribution (assuming half a sigma on each side of the median). Being right 38% of the time, while seemingly humble, is actually pretty darn good when each problem has several solutions. "

When the number of possible solutions increases, shouldn't the likelihood of being correct increase as well? Just a friendly nitpick... Anyway, do you mean to say that you're correct roughly one third of the time, or that you agree with the political "consensus" one third of the time?

And I'm with Scott; I'd like to see why libertarianism is unworkable.

Your blog looks interesting. As long as you don't adhere to the half-sigma solution for all issues (where being middle of the road on most issues is your political philosophy), I can see where you would fill a niche in the blogosphere that currently lacking representation. Open-minded thought is crucial, as are different methods. I think libertarians are much more open-minded in many ways than are the majority of R's and D's, but as a consequentialist I sympathize and wish to work with thoughtful approaches that use varying methods and philosophies, where we libs can be fairly rigid individually.

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