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May 17, 2005


"I suspect that liberals hate genuine discussions of class because they envision that the government can “fix” the uneven distribution of wealth by redistributing it..."

Liberals don't hate genuine discussions of class... only those where class is equated solely with wealth. All the talk of income mobility misses the very important point that the US has always claimed high levels of intergenerational mobility.

"...but the government can’t redistribute class. When a construction worker wins the lottery, he may be rich but he still has no class, and other people in his new wealth bracket aren’t going to want to hang out with him or be his friend."

A construction worker who wins the lottery may not have changed social class or made friends with the already-rich, but at least he can be assured that his children will be able to pay for college and thus achieve intergenerational mobility.

What criteria do you us to assess class? I would think that looking down at someone would display a personal characteristic of arrogance which for me personally is not a quality or characteristic that I would associate with a "classy" person.

Everyone in this world is equipped with all the skills they require too make it in whatever path that person chooses, thus, from internal focus and self belief in ones own ability too achieve what it is they wish in life there is no real need to critique any person in this world.

A great quote from a great individual: "only look down at someone when you are helping them up" Dr Martin Luther King.

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