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May 16, 2005


Hi Half Sigma
Good points. I think Newsweek was irresponsible, but the competetive nature of journalism often pushes the MSM to print stories that should have been vetted more thoroughly.
The question is, should Newsweek have been even more cautious because the claims predicatibly would cause violence? In other words, to what extent should American journalism self-censor because of the religious sensiblities of people who don't respect first admendment freedoms? Put that way, I think that Newsweek had an obligation to ignore these sentiments. We can't have the middle-east controlling what we can read.

Not to be flip, but flushing a Quran down the commode? How in the world did they get it to go down? Oh well...

It seems to me like the MSM is in such a rush to outdo each other that perhaps they don't take the time to properly verify their stories. And a story on ANY religion is going to stir up sentiment. I wonder what Newsweek was thinking, putting that story out. They had to have known, aside from stirring up even more anti-Bush feelings, that there would be followers of Islam that would be pissed off.

I support free speech, to be sure, but I also support thinking before speaking, or writing in this case.

And I thought I was the only one out there today that was not on the CRAZY PILLS.

Nice job. Glad to see Im not alone.

I agree. I think all Magazines are drama journals not journalism.
Everyones always looking to blame someone that just fucked up.
and Newsweek fucked up but is not responsible for all those crazies killing people.

"Not to be flip, but flushing a Quran down the commode? How in the world did they get it to go down?"

If I wanted to flush a book down the toilet, I'd rip out the pages and flush it down a bit at a time. How else would you do it?

Okay, okay, point taken. I don't usually flush books down the pot...!!!

Hi Half Sigma and others
Interesting discussion.
The more I think about the more I am bothered by those who want stick it to Newsweek for their regretable error. These are people with a conservative bias and dislike the "liberal" media. If that's your bias, okay, but be consistant. These people are siding with the enemies of freedom in the Islamic world and using their intolerance as a reason for calling on the MSM to self-censor. I don't want these Islamic zealots or anyone else determining what goes in my news. I want that determination to be solely the decision of the editor. Let us stop the Monday morning quarterbacking and declare that Newsweek and the MSM and the blogs as well have every right to publish what they honestly believe is the news.
Okay, I've calmed down now. My rant is over. Sorry Half Sigma for getting a little worked up.
Btw, this is a really fun blog to visit and I hope I am welcome to keep visiting.

Hi Half Sigma and others
I posted a more coherent "rant" on this subject on my blog. Just click on my name.
I shameless stole all of the many fine links that Half Sigma discovered. Very good blogging Half Sigma. I'm a shameless free rider.

Everyone is welcome here, the blog is like a big tent. Unlike the Libertarian Party which is like a small closet hidden somewhere in the basement.

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