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September 19, 2005


Hi Half Sigma
I have to agree, New Orleans would be the ideal spot for another natural disaster since it really cannot be hurt more than it already has and the people are evacuated.

A century ago, a major hurricane destroyed Galveston and end up making Houston the major city in Texas. I wonder if Katrina will do the same for Baton Rouge.

I would have no problem with them moving the nation's capital and the primary IRS building to New Orleans.

Unfortunately, it also is by far the best place in the nation to put a seaport. It is also close to most of our oil fields.

New Orleans has been destroyed before. Actually worse than Katrina. THats what lead to Herbert Hoover become president, and totally and permanently changed the federal state dynamic. Indirectly, it even lead to the civil rights movement.

It isn't all that problematical, really. Next time we rebuild NOLA, we need to make it hurricane proof. We know how, theres 30 million feet of new landfillalready there, and a nice big river to float landfill down from wnywhere in the middle third of the US

why don't we just raise the land considerably above sea level. We only need about 30 feet or so. Its not as if we have to accomodate a large population any more.

I hope Rita makes a nice big turn and smashes New Orleans into bits. I don't want my taxpayer money going towards rebuilding a city that is mostly made up of poverty, poor education, and crime. DEATH TO NEW ORLEANS

I don't agree with Bush's policy about rebuilding, either, and I live in the area. Not in New Orleans though; why anyone would intentionally live below sea level baffles me. I understand having a port there, but really, the design of the city is awful. It also had a lot of high crime -- another reason stuffing people into the Superdome was a stupid idea to begin with -- and the mayor is an inept, corrupt whiner.

Bush should propose the federal government rebuild highways, and let the states deal with the rest. Stick the remainder of the $200B into the debt. (Sorry to reply so late to a post; just found this site.)

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