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October 17, 2005


Does America face a threat from neo-Nazi white supremacists? Based on the fact that only "two dozen" showed up to the march, I'd have to say that they are a pretty small fringe group. The hundreds of gang members who showed up to riot are a lot scarier.

It really does amaze me how the Left wildly overestimates the power the Nazis and the Klan. A couple of guys playing weekend Nazi is not fearsome political undercurrent. The Klan might have been a force back in the day but they are surely nothing to be feared now.

And they certainly shouldn't be supressed or attacked violently if only for pragmatic reasons. If extremists do not feel like they can express their beliefs openly then they will go underground. It is only then that the risk of their becoming violent becomes real.

Wonder how long it will be before some troll comes along and spouts "OMG U R TEH RACIST" for this post. Personally, while the Klan and Nazi's are despicable, I think the actions of the gangs is the height of stupidity. Not only did they give the morons more things to point and and say "SEE!" (and anyone who has ever argued with a racist knows that they look for anything), but they managed to get national attention.

Really, come on. Who did we see looting and fighting in New Orleans? Who did this? I know it's not actually a black thing, but some black people are doing their damnedest to prove that rioting and violence are actually a black thing.

Hitler started in a fringe group and I'm sure everyone said to ignore the guy.

What if a group of child molesters decided to march for freedom to have child pornograpy and child molestation? How many parents would just stand on the sidelines? Neo-Nazis and the KKK is no different. They hide their desire to legally discriminate and harm those they don't like as a march for freedom. If you think they only want freedom of speech, you have no knowledge of history.

Is rioting justified? You're walking down the street and you see a guy pedaling child pornography and talking to children. There's no phone around and you know cops would not arrive for many minutes. Do you keep on walking, or do you assault the guy?

Only two dozen neo nazis showed up to the march because the KKK is a stigmatized group. The KKK is radical. Fifty years ago it was mainstream. The KKK is not the face of racism today. Racism today is not overt like it was for our grandparent's generation. It is covert. It lies below the surface. It exists in each individual's stereotypes and predjudice. It exists in the government funding and laws which favor white suburban middle class familes over poor inner city black neighborhoods. Every thought that pops into your head when you see a big burly blackman perpetuates this racism. This racism is no less dangerous than the racism of the KKK. Notice how in your article you condemned the black victims rather than the KKK.
The true face of racism in america today is not the KKK. It is you.

The KKK is not the face of racism like it was for our grandparents' generation. Racism in america today is no overt like. It is exists in every stereotype that you and I hold on to. It exists in s

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