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November 28, 2005


AGREED!!!! and how many arrogant know-it-all doctors do you actually think give a crap about what the sales rep says about the drug??? my guess is NONE.

this is just such a huge, crazy, remarkable scam that i have to believe it doesn't have more than 10 years. when you see how much it costs to buy these drugs and that middle class americans actually sneak across the canadian border to get prescriptions that they can afford the time for this sort of garbage is short. my guess, there will be no reps in 10 years. what do you think???

and yes you should have gone to medical school as opposed to law school. talk about having the easy life. i hear all that crap about how hard they work and how they make no money now, but every doctor (and dentist) works no more than 4 days a week and makes easily over 200k. now you tell me all they do is look at tits all day when they're not with patients? no sympathy for docs whatsoever. socialize medicine. i'm for that. medical care might be fucked, but if it makes every greedy pig doctor a 60k a year employee of the government that would suit me just find. i could be buried with a smile on my face.

Lawyers envious of doctors income? I got an easy fix for you. All you got to do is to raise of barrier to entry. Why exactly is so hard to get into medical school? In comparison, any joker with a college degree could probably find some 5th tier ABA accredited law school to accept him/her.

Next, lower the passing rate for the bar exam. Instead of passing 75% of the people, do it the Japan way. Only allow 2% (yes, two percent) of exam takers to pass. Hey, scarsity is the best way to raise prices.

Both medicine and law are highly regulated professions where the market force has been distorted.

Changing the bar pass rate to 2% would certainly raise lawyer salaries! Good idea.

Better would be to accredit a lot fewer law schools, because it's a waste of society's resources for people to go to law school and then not be able to practice law.

The cheerleaders are being hired as "booth bunnies" at medical conventions and trade shows. Remember, the doctor does not make any money from the prescriptions.

I have never seen a cheerleader type honey selling medical equipment since the sales reps have to be able to discuss return on investment, fixed costs, training, and maintenance schedules. Not something a PE major and cheerleader is capable of doing.

There are already too many accreditted law school. Given that most law schools are cash cows for their home institution, I doubt there is any chance that existing schools closing.

The idea of reducing supply of lawyer is not without pitfalls. If you do a google on japan's legal system, you find all kinds of interesting facts. Japan's bar actually sets a fix quota of 1000-1200 new lawyers to be admitted. When an American successfully pass the bar, it is news in Japan. (There appears only to be handful of such individuals). What I found disturbing is that the lack of supplies leads to practice of lawyers illegally "renting" their licenses to non-lawyers for a handy profit since only lawyers are allowed to complete certain type of transactions. Now they want to reform their system by allowing more people to become lawyers.

No, we don't want to restrict the supply of lawyers, but other factors are also involved, such as the unnecessary complexity of the law. How are people supposed to obey the law if they don't even understand it?
And hey, HS, while you're continuing to tout the "marketing economy", don't forget that marketing without a product or service is either a waste of time or a scam. So while there may be an increasing focus on marketing, it cannot trump the economy because it is utterly dependent on other economic factors. You can't sell burritos if the burritos don't exist. Thus the limit on available products and services also serves to limit the value and possibilities of marketing. Furthermore, if more people do go into marketing, then the demand for marketers overall will decrease. Will we see marketers working at minimum wage? Or will they be compensated based on a percentage of sales or increase in sales?

"You can't sell burritos if the burritos don't exist."

But you can sell a burrito for $2 (Taco Bell price) or sell a very similar burrito for $20 (fancy Manhattan restaurant price). The $20 burrito only costs a few cents more to make. The rest of the price difference is marketing.

we definately want to limit the number of lawyers. who cares if a lawyer rents his license to someone else as they do in japan. doctors sub out tons of profitable work to testing facilities (the docs take the sample and mail it off for testing and charge a hefty mark up) or nurses or physician's assitants (wow, what a scam).

what i've heard about anesthesiologists is almost criminal. the nurse is the one in charge in the OR and the doc just walks around and supervises.

well, good for them, they don't call docs smart for nothing. they know how to get other people to do their work and how to get really well paid for others peoples work.

why can't lawyers be more like the doctors???

A fancy Manhattan restaurant is selling more than just a burrito--it's also selling atmosphere, service, etc., whereas Taco Bell is selling no-frills speed and convenience. The differences are more than just marketing. The burrito may not cost much more to make, but the rest of it costs more.

"Meanwhile, some ugly nerdy kid with high grades and a major in chemistry is making half as much money, if he can even find a job at all."

Unless he gets into medical school. Muhahahaha...

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