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January 24, 2006


A startling article. The hard left and the hard right are not so different after all. They both refuse to listen to any evidence that contradicts pre-held beliefs.

The best part of it is the revelation that, when shutting out unpleasant information, the brain produces a spike in the region that senses "reward or relief"

a hoot

An oversimplification, I think. That some people may be predisposed towards dogmatic views might be understandable. But I seriously doubt that there are 'natural categories' of political predisposition, genetic liberals and genetic conservatives.
Bad enough that the political chart is so skewed towards one-dimensionalism--should we try to ossify this distorted view with pseudoscience?

Read the NY Times article from the older post, political views are genetic.

"further explains why Jewish people feel the most guilty and therefore are the most liberal"

The Jews are liberals?

Uh-huh, so Zimbabweans are philanthropists?

And Americans are all Democrats?

Yeah. Right!

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