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February 08, 2006


In NZ it is getting to the point where petrol is almost as expensive as bottled water.

To add insult to injury our local consumer watchdog organisation ran a comparative on the various brands available in NZ and found that (from memory) three were effectively unfiltered Auckland tap water.

But people still buy it. {sigh} At least I have persuaded my daughter to refill the bottles from the tap...

Everything uses fossil fuels... under that logic, just call them out for eating corn (pesticides, fertilizers + transportation)?

But you're right, bottled water is a scam, and worse, it's bad for society. By isolating the water supply of the economically well off from that of everybody else, the elites no longer have an impetus to push for better tap water.

It's much like public and private schools. When the children of the elite (especially congress) are removed from the public school system, they no longer have an incentive to push (volunteer higher taxes, lobby, etc.) for better public schools.

Isolating the elite from the rest of society is in general a bad idea. Just look what happened in pre-revolutionary France. The aristocrats in Versailles had neither an idea nor an interest in the welfare of the inhabitants of Paris, ultimately destroying them.

Hi Half-sigma:

Great Blog!

Next time you see an "annoying" pro-environment liberal drinking bottled water, it just may be that they are choosing the water because the available alternatives are just as bad ecologically and worse for one's health. Soft drinks have sugar (they may be diabetic or dieting), they have sensitivities to the food coloring in sports drinks or the aspartame in diet-pop, etc. Would you point out their hypocrisy if they were drinking something else in a plastic bottle? Also, don't assume that the water in the bottle is not tap water or filtered water they brought from home which I do all the time (annoying environmentalist that I am!)

Envroementalists are screwballs always doing some stupid stunt like sitting in trees or running around in their sunshine clothes for something as rediclous as animal rights i wonder how long they would last if they were straned in the wilderness of alaska?

couldn't agree more...

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