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March 17, 2006


The idea that a couple of thousand dolar voucher is going to cause the middle class back into cities is as ignorant and as poorly thought out idea there is. A small subsidy is still not going to put the middle class kids into Sidwell Friends or Manhatten Institute.

Also, there is the issue of jobs, immigrants, safety, space, and mobility. I do not know about Manhatten but most cities such as Baltimore, Washington, DC, etc are actually getting smaller, because such huge areas or basically unlivable.

Vouchers make perfect sense and encourages competition among schools. Our current system doesn't work in many areas. "Couple thousand dollar vouchers" (as the previous poster commented) may not bring the middle class back to the city, but it can raise the economic status eventually of those who are currently in the city. Theoretically, if there is less crime and better schools, people won't be so quick to move out of the city.

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