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May 17, 2006


This here might interest you...

Interesting that NZ major cities all fall in the "Unaffordable index" range.

There are also parts of the US - Buffalo, Rochester and Akron were prominent - where housing is eminently affordable.

Yeah, I happen to live in an area where housing is insanely unaffordable (Northern VA), and nothing is being done. In fact, they are demolishing affordable housing to build million-dollar McMansions! I'm 24 and still living with my parents despite having a fairly well paying job, and an education, simply because it's impossible to afford anything! I COULD possibly buy a house, but I'd lose my car and be unable to get to work (with our stellar public transportation system, if you don't drive, you're screwed), wouldn't be able to pay for gas, food, or anything. It's ridiculous, and believe me, I won't be holding my breath for a solution, I cannot work MORE jobs to pay for a house, there's only 24 hours in a day, and I DO have to get some sleep and eat, so I guess I'm screwed. Oh well, I certainly didn't expect any help from the government on this issue, despite the massive amounts of taxes I pay...we gotta support the billions of illegals who live here, how else will they get their free lunches, medical care, and not pay taxes without our support? But lucky me, I GET SCREWED! YAY GOVERNMENT, THANKS!!

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