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June 14, 2006


Poor, poor tortured soul. The only hope is for him to move to Zimbabwe. Maybe then he will be at peace.

A Calvinist AND a liberal? Good lord that boy needs help.

I'm sure there are Christians who would say he's a good Christian in spite of being a liberal.

But as an agnostic liberal, I think he's going a little too far.

What a douchebag

You're overlooking all the liberals who are liberal because they feel cheated by the more-privileged, rather than just guilty regarding the less-privileged. Some of us are liberal out of good old-fashioned selfishness. It's true, along the way some of us may have stumbled onto empathy for those who have it even worse, but still.

Your post on education confused me, as you recently bemoaned the mistreatment of a public school for gifted children. Yet, you suggest that no public funding or loans be provided for higher education. Do you think all economic classes should have access to quality education, or don't you?

Wow, what a headtrip this poor guy is on. He feels guilty when he spends "money on chicken, cheddar, or any of the other “luxury” foods".

It would be interesting to see if all of his stands on issues could be understood in terms of guilt. For example, I assume that he is for gun control. Otherwise he would feel guilty for letting criminals have guns.

When did men become such pussies?

You all shouldn't be so harsh on MattyA. Because predisposition to feeling guilt is a genetically inherited trait, he can't entirely be blamed for his feelings of guilt.

Here's another gem of his:
[After discussing how he was serviced before Hungarians in the American embassy]
I guess you can argue that, as an American, it's my embassy and I should be treated that way. However, that's the attitude of entitlement that really angers me about so many Americans.

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