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June 28, 2006


Just walk into almost any doctor's office and you'll see the extent to which they are *legally* manipulated by drug reps. They have free pens, clipboards, drug samples, etc. Practically everything you see in the office has a drug's name on it. Not only that, but many doctors get (literal) free lunches every single day from drug reps, who, coincidentally I'm sure, are usually very attractive young women.

I hope you aren't suggesting that we get rid of charity laws. Obviously, they need better policing, but let's not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

"who, coincidentally I'm sure, are usually very attractive young women"

I guess you weren't reading my blog when I wrote about how drug companies hire college cheerleaders.

Heh. Guess I wasn't. Too funny.

I think it was in this blog that I read recently about how the amount people give to charity is heavily influenced by how attractive the asker is. I wonder if these charity reps are young & attractive like pharmasluts. Maybe not so much, as they're supposed to persuade rather than solicit.

Hey Half, you seem like the kind of guy who gets good grades. Wanna go to med school?

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