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July 12, 2006


Given your use of the term "leftist", it seems to me that the vast majority of the classical liberals were "leftists" (anti-nationalist, pro-equality). I am also unsure of what term you would use to describe the people who I refer to as "leftist", e.g. Chomsky and his ilk, who whether American, Russian or French are pro nationalist but simply anti-American, prone to laying all of the world's ills at America's feet, and anti-market. Also, Michael Moore seems to be an anti-market populist American Nationalist, as does Pat Buchanan, yet one is seen as "left" and the other as "right" for reasons which seem to be purely matters of alliance rather than of ideology.
I remind you that many Libertarians (especially but not exclusively those concerned with public choice) consider big business to be primarily a government creation and believe that totally free markets would be more equal than the current system, and also that many "small l" libertarians (Murray, Friedman) support a basic income.
In short, it seems to me that your map of how things work is exceptionally accurate, but your map of who wants what is deeply in need of revision.

Pat's right because he's pro America. He's against foreign wars not because he doens't think America shouldn't fight to protect its interests, he just doesn't believe that the wars in question advance America's interests. Pat's pro-middle class, which is not leftist because leftists hate the middle class almost as much as they hate the upper class.

I don't know enough about Michael Moore to say why he's a liberal, but I presume he's anti-war even if the war advances America's interests, and that he's in favor of welfare and means tested help for the poor.

Michael Moore seems pretty nationalistic to me. He's definitely not in favor of free trade or immigration. He's definitely in favor of helping the poor, but more like a Christian moralist in prefering destructive make-work over explicit help.
Defined in terms of anti-nationalism and pro-equality Leftists are almost all middle and upper class. I agree that there are a group of people who are generally identified as "Leftists" who are actually hostile to the middle and upper classes, but they are a MUCH smaller group than those who are simply anti-nationalist or pro-equality. There are also, of course, many lower class egalitarian nationalists who hate the upper-middle and upper classes.

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