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July 04, 2006


Jews are well aware of the fact that Israel's safety depends upon a strong military. That might make them more prone to support the idea of a strong military - even in the United States - than would otherwise be expected.

Perhaps Jews are more likely to favor national security because they see how important it is when you are surrounded by enemies who would liquidate you. The liberal element shows up because the nation that they want to secure is one that they believe is basically good. And that means that they strive to make America good through government.

Your Michael Moore liberal is so far off the rails because he/she really doesn't see America as good. All national security is BAD to MMLs because they crave the communist utopian state.

Ask yourself who the US miltary is currently engaged against. They are certainly not people considered to be favorably disposed towards Jews. This remains true irrespective of whether or not one supports the Iraqi War.

Jews are liberal because of historical reasons and because they are afraid of the Christian Right. I grew up in NYC.

The European Right was very anti-Semitic for a very long time. The Dreyfus Affair split down left-right lines. Jews naturally gravitated to the non- or less anti-Semitic Left, and carried these views over to American shores.

I have never understood this. The Christian Right is the best friend of Israel. We defend their right to fight back against the Islamic jihadists in their midst. We believe in the right of Israel to exist.

Early in the 20th century the Jews were the whipping boy of every dictator who was looking for a scapegoat. It was said that the Jews were trying to take over their government. The Jews had to go.

In this century, it is being said of the Christian Right. Even though we are a minority (a third of W's voters were ours, leaving 2/3 of the vote coming from other groups), I am always hearing how we are "taking over".

We have an affinity for the Jews who were nearly exterminated because they were so hated by a modern, civilized people. We know we are next if we don't stay involved. Hell, we may be next if we do.

You'll note that Jews have the highest rating for "very proud" but also a disproportionately high rating for "not proud at all." They rank below the goyim in both "somewhat" categories. The Jews speak their mind, one way or the other, and speak it loud.

Can you really tell much from a sample of only 61 Jews?

"Can you really tell much from a sample of only 61 Jews?"

Very valid question. If there was a really big difference between the way Jews felt about this issue compared to everyone else, it would probably show up. For example, if in fact 30% of Jews were not proud of our armed forces, what's the chance that, from a sample of 61, only 8.5% would not be proud? I'm not sure, but I set up a spreadsheet in Excel using random numbers, and the most I ever saw the percentage dip to was 16%. However there's a big difference between 16% and 30%, which demonstrates that the numbers for such a small sample size can potentially be extremely inaccurate.

The small differences between the percent of Jews and the percent of goyim in any of the above categories are meaningless.

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