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July 29, 2006


HS, in another not so well thought out comment, says:

This is an expected result of the fact that there are 105 boy babies born for ever 100 girl babies. There aren't enough women to go around for every man to have a wife.

You do know that the death rate for males peaks at over two times that for females sometime in the teens, don't you?

Taking that into account, and that there might be as many as 2% gay males, I think your claim is bogus. Moreover, it does seem that the live male birth ratio is dropping in the west.

I think that the number of never-married males has more to do with the greater variance in male IQs and the desire by females to marry up (and marry older males who are divorced).

At the age of 34 and older, there are more women than men according to the U.S. Census.

But most people first get married in their twenties when the ratio is 103 men for every 100 women.

Are men divorcing smart women because they make for bad wives? Or do smart women leave their husbands because smart women are picky and find more faults with their husbands?

Perhaps smart women realize how much money they can make by divorcing smart husbands. Despite propaganda claims that "women are poorer after divorce," the opposite seems to be true for women who divorce men of means.

As I've mentioned before, the main cause of the Woman Shortage is not the slight surplus of males vs. female births, which diminishes considerably by the time people reach the age to marry and in any event may be negated by the higher percentage of gay men as opposed to lesbians (though that may be changing as the lesbian population rises). Rather, the Woman Shortage is a consequence of rampant de facto polygamy and serial monogamy on the part of males, and womens' insistence upon Alpha males.

Part of the problem is that she seems to use "smart" interchangably with the concept of "moneyed woman with a high-status, influential career." For women, sadly, one rarely leads to the other. Is the question whether men disdain women with high IQs, or whether men disdain women with power and money?

I would think the former would make more sense than the latter. But, your research found that women with high intelligence were less likely to be single (or celibate?) than their male counterparts (although more so than women without). That contradicts the British data. But it doesn't necessarily contradict her assertion that men don't like powerful, high-earning women. Although that seems a bit weird, because doesn't everyone prefer status and money? Whereas it would make sense that being smart, without corresponding success, would be less desirable.

One problem could simply be that the few women in those high positions tend to be middle-aged or older. So do the men, but men prefer younger women. Women may be less able to attract a younger man, or less able to delude themselves that the lower-status younger person really "likes me for me." Plus, there are a lot more high-status men in the world than women. So the high-status man with low-status woman combo has to be the most common.

I've noticed that whenever this topic comes up, the examples are usually women with media or arts jobs, which are cool but don't make big money (at least by Manhattan standards). Or, they're very young women who may have the potential for success (ie, Harvard Business School students) but don't have it yet. I wonder if successful middle-aged women in finance or business have the same problem. Not that there's a huge sample to choose from, either way.

Regarding the higher divorce rate: Maybe smart women are more likely than the men to take a risky stab at marriage because they want kids. (Think Miranda from "Sex and the City.") I have no data to support that women want kids more than men do, but guys often say that. And there's more pressure to hurry because of bio limitations and guys supposedly preferring younger women.

And, because women make less money than men, there's another incentive to take that risky stab. Whereas smart guys figure they come out ahead by just hiring prostitutes.


The results of a vocabulary test seem a very peculiar measure of IQ. But never mind that.

Re why smart women are divorced, I suspect it is financial reasons. Many people marry as a form of insurance or due to the economies of scale in marriage (joint home etc); the richer you are, this becomes a less pressing need. This would explain Dowds result. Indeed, marriage rates have been falling with rising gdp per capita. However, its also consistent with your result; namely, rich women can afford to divorce and move on. An economist would say that men are "inferior goods". (I suppose that goes for you too, half sigma).

Also, smart women are more likely to work and meet other men. So, their exposure to other men is a lot greater than less smart women.

If what mvpy said is true, then it is perfectly rational for men to NOT want to marry "smart" women.

It makes no sense to enter into a partnership with someone who is likely to leave for reasons one can not control. These women are simply not smart enough to understand the consequence of their actions.

Ok, general statement but: women already think too much. Add a high IQ to a woman and that equals analyzing over kill. Guys like younger women because they are usually naive, are hot, think less and less likely to leave us. Smart women who are secure in their job are attractive, yes, but also intimidating and more likely to be dissatisfied with their not "optimal" choice male, and with the power to leave him, thus that is what they do. Screw the alpha male and female crap. Pick someone you have a lot of common values with and make it work. Stop thinking about the negatives, focus on the positives and take some time out of your freaking busy schedules to have real quality time with eachother. That means turn off your Cell Phone!

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