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July 25, 2006


An LA Times article on Sunday said L.A. was the most economically polarized area in the country, even ahead of New York. More than two-thirds of its residents live in areas that "are solidly rich or poor." The story doesn't say a word about bad schools, or other downsides of integration. The focus was on how to control development so that separation of incomes is discouraged.

"The focus was on how to control development"

Obviously demonstrating that they don't get it. It's controlling of development by government which CAUSES the problelm in the first place.

I have alway thought that one of the problems in the US is that decision makers and influencers now live in a world without the middle class (and specifically without a white middle class). Image that someone in the media in NYC cannot probably go weeks without interacting with any middle class whites.

Damn straight, and it's got me mad as hell. I grew up in NYC, I don't LIKE suburbia. I know suburbanites hate NYC but at least you don't have to live there.

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