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July 27, 2006


How do you get from frequency of sex to sex drive? Surely there are other variables involved.

You win, Half Sigma. I am forced to concede the inferiority of intelligence. I should not really be surprised. 10 p.m. is prime weeknight sex time -- and look what I'm doing instead.

One silver lining: this could mean that at least smart men aren't less attractive to women. They're just less interested. Except in prostitutes.

"I am forced to concede the inferiority of intelligence."

Saying that having less sex makes someone "inferior" is a value judgment.

Of course, from a Darwinian perspective, that makes intelligent people less "fit."

Your finding just keep supporting Rushton's theory of r/K strategy.

I don't understand this study. It is extremely unscientific. Intelligence does not correlate with a WORDSUM score. It is likely that older people score higher because they have had more time to gain a vocabulary than those who can be considered younger.

Also, as JewishAtheist pointed out, less sex does not necessarily mean less sex drive. Actually, less sex may mean more sex drive if you look the chemical processes behind sex.

I suggest that you consider these factors (as well as others that the other commenters and myself have not pointed out) and try to redo this study.

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