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July 23, 2006


As I've said here before, many - not all, but many - sci-fi/Trek/D&D nerds are quite intelligent, and their lack of success with women pretty much goes without saying. The fact that they're forced into paying for sex just because they're insufficiently "Alpha" is, without question, pathetic.

Well, there goes one of my theories about why smart people have less premarital sex.

How many WORDSUM 10 women got paid? I noticed the question asked about that too.

Just bc a guy pays doesn't *necessarily* mean he *has to* (although I share your suspicion). Maybe WORDSUM 10 guys just are more likely to be able to afford it? Are the 10 guys a lot higher than the 9s, or just than the 5-6s?

Maybe hiring a pro (at least a call girl) is actually a bit safer and more discreet than trying to lure some random person out of a bar for a one-nighter -- and thus, a smarter thing to do.

"How many WORDSUM 10 women got paid?"

Only 1 out of 264, and we don't know if she was paying for sex or turning a trick.

"Maybe WORDSUM 10 guys just are more likely to be able to afford it?"

There isn't much of an income difference between Wordsum 10 and 9. And also, Wordsum 10 men with only high school education are most likely to have answered yes, so this is not an issue of income.

Yeah, HS, I suspect a high WORDSUM score would not be a desired attribute in a prostitute. And I can see how a guy who is smart, yet uneducated, could have some sexually undesirable qualities -- probably the same that stopped him from getting educated.

It occurs to me that the question doesn't ask if the guy paid a woman for sex, just if he paid a person. So, this covers gay men. Would smart gay men be less attractive to other gay men? Could gay men be throwing off the results somehow with a higher tendency to hire for sex?

My understanding is that older men, say over 40, are more likely to pay than are young men. So if smarter people simply stay *single* longer that could be part of the reason, assuming that married men do less hiring than single men.

Peter, take comfort in thinking of the guys who notably had a problem with this, like Hugh Grant and Charlie Sheen. They were plenty alpha. They had other issues. Maybe smarter guys are just freaky like that.

Peter, take comfort in thinking of the guys who notably had a problem with this, like Hugh Grant and Charlie Sheen. They were plenty alpha. They had other issues. Maybe smarter guys are just freaky like that.

Most likely it was a form of thrill-seeking. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if the same thing motivates most non-celebrity Alphas who hire hookers.
Keep in mind there's a huge difference between men who can get women for free but decide instead to hire hookers, and those who have no choice but to pay if they want women. We can laugh at the former type but should have pity for the latter. To make matters worse, nerdy men wouldn't have to pay hookers if most women didn't insist on Alphas.

I wonder if higher IQ correlates with thrill-seeking, or at least novelty-seeking. Or to have some fetish one might have to pay to satisfy. Easier for me to believe that smart guys are just weirder that than they're bigger losers.

As I remember, WORDSUM 10 is only supposed to correlate with IQ of like 120, which isn't all that high. So we're not separating out the really smart people.

OK, HS needs to bookmark this so we can have a frame of reference from now on when we talk about WORDSUM.

A total of 18,925 people answered the WORDSUM question. I wouldn't be too surprised if most of the 1000 people who didn't answer were at the low end but this should work well enough for the high end.

From 0 to 10, the numer of people answering correctly was: 164, 355, 661, 1233, 2005, 3067, 4021, 2885, 1898, 1496, 1140.

Changing these to cumulative numbers:
164, 519, 1180, 2413, 4418, 7485, 11056, 14391, 16289, 17785, 18925.

Changing these to cumulative fractions:
.00866, .027, .0623, .127, .233, .396, .584, .760, .861, .940, 1.

Changing these to IQs (assuming a mean of 100 and SD of 15): 64, 71, 77, 83, 89, 96, 103, 111, 116, 123, infinity.

WORDSUM 0- 64 and below.
WORDSUM 1- 64-71.
WORDSUM 2- 71-77.
WORDSUM 3- 77-83.
WORDSUM 4- 83-89.
WORDSUM 5- 89-96.
WORDSUM 6- 96-103.
WORDSUM 7- 103-111.
WORDSUM 8- 111-116.
WORDSUM 9- 116-123.
WORDSUM 10- 123 and up.

I betcha the low end is bad because of all the no answer people, but I suspect the high end is what we're really interested in. Median IQ in the WORDSUM 10 group is 128 (97th percentile), by the way.

The smarter guys are also more likely to live in urban areas where the transaction costs of paying for sex are much lower than in rural areas.

Smartest men most likely to have paid for sex

But Desmond Morris seems to think that top genuises are like nerd rockstars.

Satoshi Kanazawa argues that (PDF) intelligence people are more attractive. Which seems to be supported by their reduced fluctuating asymmetry. So more intelligent men should have more money, higher status, and better looks. So I would guess this is due to their choices (for whatever reason) than a reaction to women's choices. Maybe they are more productive and have less time for courtship. Maybe smart people have nonconformist outlooks on prostitution (e.g. popular academic blogger "Bitch PhD" casually considering selling her body).

Mark Ames of the eXile is another example. He looks kind of like Henry Rollins, has a hip job and status but frequently pays for sex seemingly because he is a misogynist who looks down on female intellect (Dave Sims another example of this). Do smarter men really just have less respect for women? (despite what they may say)

Perhaps there is even something helping them to feel this way. As Agnostic showed, intellectual personality traits even, seem to show sex differences. Do smarter men have less success intellectually relating to women?

Jason, the Einstein article is only an anecdote about one very smart person, who also had a super-high status within his occupation, and I'm certainly not arguing that women aren't attracted to high status men.

When women and men have the same Wordsum score, men are more logical than women. Something I'll have to write about someday.

Intelligence and beauty: The Kanazawa paper is not based on any real research, just the assumption that, IF the genes are uncorrelated, then the theory of cross-assortative mating tells us that smart people are better looking.

But what if some genes SIMULTANEOUSLY cause higher ingelligence AND uglier appearance and/or other sexually undesirable attributes? This would be consistent with the theory that intelligence gave humans a big survival advantage, so nature favored intelligence to the detriment of other desirable attributes. Perhaps humans stopped getting more intelligent once intelligence reached an evolutionary stable maximum?

The way to test this theory is to have people judge the physical attractiveness of same-sex siblings, and then determine if the sibling with the higher IQ is more or less likely to be judged the more attractive of the two.

Maybe smart guys aren't actually going to hookers more often, but are smart enough to realize taking a woman out/buying gifts can = paying for sex.

What do you theorize the smart women are doing while the smart men pay for sex? In the premarital sex post, there wasn't a break-out of male versus female respondents, so we don't know if the celibacy is equal. I don't see why you theorize that smart men's hiring for sex is the result of women finding them unattractive, as opposed to, say, a smart man would just rather hire a hooker than bother with a smart woman.

Peter, can you cite any evidence that what you call "alpha" characteristics are less common in WORDSUM 10 scorers? You give anecdotal examples of lonely male SF enthusiasts, but it's not like smart SF guys have a monopoly on wimpery. There could be more dumb weak guys out there, without even the social ties of a role-playing group.

"if smarter people simply stay *single* longer that could be part of the reason"

This makes a lot of sense and could be tested by looking at the correlation only within a narrow age range.

6% off average isn't that dramatic a difference. It's most likely just a reflection of better financial standings, thus the means to satisfy those urges that some (22% of) men experience.

Might it just be a decline in Fundamentalists as IQ goes above 115 or 120?

William, there isn't much of a financial difference between Wordsum 10 and 9, and for people with Wordsum 10, as I mentioned above, propensity to have paid for sex increases as education (and income along with it) decreases.

Michael Vassar, 26.6% of repsondents think that premarital sex is "always wrong," but if people behaved as they believe then the percentage of unmarried people who had sex during the last year would be SUBSTANTIALLY higher.

I don't think it's a morals issue.

Smarter men might have a stronger sex drive, and seek to satisfy those needs by paying a prostitute if they couldn't seduce a woman, for whatever reason.

Chris, smarter people have a weaker sex drive, because among married couples, people with higher intelligence report a lower frequency of sex.

If the smartest people have weaker sex drives, why do they care enough about it to pay for sex?

Is the real measure of a strong sex drive amount of sex or number of partners? Most adulterers of my acquantance have seemed more intelligent and wealthier. They actively sought out partners outside their marriage while rejecting the marriage bed.

I think the issue is more complex than smarter people have lower sex drives.

I hope I didn't just fall for some spam scam ...

As for dysgenic breeding, the eugenics crowd has been making that argument forever and somehow the smart guys keep inventing new stuff. As for seeing a doctor for the lack of drive...eh, it's not bothering him, right?

What, you're pissed because all the smart guys don't like smart girls or something? As per HS, we all make less money anyway. (Myself I'm convinced incomes don't start to fall off until you hit 140, but I can't prove it yet. The GSS doesn't go up that high. HS's study was for people with only a bachelor's degree.)

As for seeing a doctor for the lack of drive...eh, it's not bothering him, right?

What, you're pissed because all the smart guys don't like smart girls or something?

The so-called "asexual movement" really irks me. I'm sorry, I guess I lost my temper a bit. I'll try to refrain from unkind generalizations about "those people."

The original comment left earlier today was spam, but to respond to the responses to the spam, I don't see how being asexual is an inferior lifestyle choice to being homosexual, yet homosexuals get all the positive press.

Well then you might want to post on some more recent stories.

Hi....My name is Pedro....I'm from Portugal...I think that is proved the smartest people have less sex.
Let's face the truth....Stupid people feels threatened by the smart ...and early at school they feel an inferiority complex, and they will talk about every smart kid, telling he/she is a nerd, that he/she can't have relationships with nobody, sometimes their ideas are reinforced by their parents, sometimes those concepts are also in the head of the primary school teachers, etc.
That will create a snow ball, and the smart guys won't be self confidents with the girls and with the other guys and that happens. I think that is not a drama at all.

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