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April 16, 2007


According to the comments on the Grad acceptance post, the owner of that blog posted a chart showing his hits at 7:00pm with a sympathy note, then deleted it.

Plus, they just said the killer was older than this guy and only arrived in the country in August - after some of the Virginia pictures posted on that blog. http://www.suntimes.com/news/nation/343354,vatech041607.article

So it's probable this is the blog of the "other" 20-something Asian depressive gun-nut Virginia Tech student. If so, I really hope he got into another CS masters program besides the one at his alma mater. He's not going to like it in fall.

Yeah, this guy is a sick fuck too. He pulled his entry from earlier, to purposely draw in more 'mistaken killer' fame.

Hey, check out his comments -- looks like he agreed with you about Muslims.

That guy seems shockingly handsome to be a weirdo.

Sweet sweet libel.

Yes, seriously, Half Sigma, please be careful. I know you said "I think," but still, you're treading a fine line with a private person.

My instint is to agree with Turkey. My impression is of a sociable, outdoorsy hunting gun nut, not a weirdo paramilitary gun nut. The emotional, flowery stuff does not seem out of line for an Asian guy.

Oh. If it's his hoax, he'll have a lousy case for libel.

Hmmm, claims he avoided setting the issue straight because he wanted to set up Adsense and donate to charity. Also:

The purpose of this post was not to gloat, but rather show the sheer ridiculousness of how bad communication can affect one's credibility. (Read: Duke case)

I will be available for interview by a news agency to clear my name, talk about the experience, and give my opinion on how the situation could have turned out better if other students were allowed to be armed.

Nothing about Imus yet. Still, sounds like he'd have some buddies on this blog. Except for the charity part.

Awesome, the dude still works for IBM, as he is in our internal directory. This should be some HR fun.

Awesome, the dude still works for IBM, as he is in our internal directory. This should be some HR fun.

Geraldo Rivera put this on Fox News. He's supposedly a professional journalist. I'm just a blogger in pajamas.

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