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July 17, 2007


You might be jumping to conclusions in assuming that the book is designed to indoctrinate children to Christianity.

Synopsis from Amazon-UK:

An evocative Christmas story, from the Pulitzer prize-winning author of the phenomenally best-selling memoir, Angela's Ashes. This wonderful Christmas story is based on an incident from the childhood of Frank McCourt's mother, Angela. When six-year-old Angela sees the Baby Jesus in the Christmas crib at the church near her house, she feels very sorry for him. He looks happy enough but she wonders why he has no blanket to keep him warm. So Angela decides to take the Baby home with her, when no one is looking, and make him more comfortable. But hiding the Baby Jesus isn't easy. How long can Angela keep her big secret?

Apparently there's an adult version and a children's version.

What's wrong with "indoctrinating" children into Christianity? There's numerous studies that show correlation between Religion and overall performance in life. Speaking from personal experience, the kids that did not attend Catechism every Monday night and were not Confirmed were more likely to be the troubled kids that everybody stayed away from.

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