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April 04, 2008


Looks like Jacksonville, North Carolina is the most sausage party-ish metro area in America, with 67% of the swinging singles being of the stand-to-tinkle persuasion. 'Course, the fact that it's right next to Camp LeJeune may not be entirely irrelevant.

Amarillo, out in the High Plains of western Texas, appears to win the fish taco festival prize.

More women than men:

Monroe, LA: 4.4%
Amarillo, TX: 4%
Yolo, CA: 3.4%
Charlottesville, VA: 2.6%
Fresno, CA: 2.2%
Redding, CA: 1.2%
Trenton, NJ: 1.2%

Charlottesville has UVa, which probably has a positive impact from the male pov. Even though hs didn't look at under 25, there are bunches of mid-twenties women in grad school.

Fayetteville, NC is pretty bad too. Since it is home to the 18th ABN Corps, 82nd ABN Div. and a whole bunch of separate brigades. My 3 years there sucked.

Damn. Women really should stop bitching when they complain there are no good men for them.

What would be interesting is if we knew how many guys and girls were gay/bi to get a better under standing of how easy it is to score.

Nyc may have a better ratio than average, but way too many minorities and investment bankers really messes things up.

Almost every city has more men. Where are the women?

I spent a day in Amarillo during a road trip last summer. I did see a lot of women there. They were friendly too. I remember thinking how nice the town was. After seeing this report it makes me want to move there.

I wonder what if any changes took places between 2000 and now? I guess we'll find out when the 2010 census comes out.

The women are married. If you're a woman, and you get married, it's most likely going to be in those prime ages. Median age at marriage -- for women: around 25 (and increasing to 26) for the last 10 years. So half the women are married by 25/26. Of course, that's for all women. The median age at marriage for men is about 2 years higher. So you're missing more of the left tail for single women than for men. And those figures are for all women, not just non-Hispanic whites. Given that black women get married at a far lower rate than white women (I don't know how it goes for hispanics), that means the median age at marriage for white women may be even lower.

#2 - Re: Fayetteville, etc. The marines invariably came to Raleigh to mess with the women from N.C. State at the bars. Slim pickings around the bases, of course. Lots of pretty (under-25) undergrads around Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. The State girls were not quite as liberal as those from Duke or Carolina, and so would consider a man in uniform....

More on the "you should include women age 20-24": percentage never married by age - far more women are married in the 20-24 range than are men. About a 10-percentage-point difference.

Hey, I got married when I was 26 -- to a guy who is 13 years older than me. Generally it doesn't work the other way around.

From this data - the NYC metro area does not appear to be very good. Also, Washington DC appears to be worse than in your 2005 data earlier, where it looked like there were more women than men. To be honest, out of the big metro areas, none seem to be that favorable to men.

Atlanta - 55.0% men
Baltimore - 55.5% men
BOSTON - 52.4% men
Charlotte - 56.2% men
Chicago - 55.2% men
Cincinnati - 54.2% men
Cleveland - 54.9% men
Columbus - 54.5% men
Dallas - 55.3% men
Denver - 56.0% men
Detroit - 55.9% men
Houston - 54.2% men
Indianapolis - 53.1% men
Jacksonville - 54.0% men
Kansas City - 54.1% men
Las Vegas - 57.9% men
Los Angeles - 56.4% men
Memphis - 55.8% men
Miami - 59.1% men (Fort Lauderdale 55.8% men)
Milwaukee - 55.2% men
Minneapolis - 53.1% men
Nashville - 53.0% men
New Orleans - 55.0% men
New York - 54.4% men
Norfolk - 57.1% men
Orlando - 57.7% men
Philadelphia - 54.6% men
Phoenix - 55.3% men
Pittsburgh - 54.1% men
Portland - 53.7% men
Raleigh - 55.8% men
SACRAMENTO - 52.0% men
St. Louis - 54.6% men
Salt Lake City - 56.5% men
San Antonio - 53.0% men
San Diego - 57.3% men
San Francisco - 55.3% men
San Jose - 59.0% men
Seattle - 56.2% men
Tampa - 54.3% men
Washington - 53.8% men

From this list - Boston seems to the best large metro area for a single white man. The male/female ratio is decent, and when you add in neighboring Worcester and Providence, which also have decent ratios for men, it seems like you at least have a fighting chance.

Sacramento is good too, though bigger cities in Cali look poor for men. Stay away from Las Vegas and Miami (though the girls in those cities are probably hotter than in Boston). Another thing to remember about Boston is that there are many colleges in the area, and if you're a guy who's not older than 35, you might have a shot with a senior or grad student.

Flyover cities like Indy and Nashville have better ratios for men than NYC and LA.

This list as a whole is disappointing in general, as women have favorable ratios almost everywhere, due to women getting married younger. I'd like to see it redone with 20-35 as the age rather than 25-40. And I wonder why DC seems to be so much worse in the 2000 data than in the 2005 data. As a 30 year old guy deciding where to go to school next year, this stuff has some interest for me.

Jack, it's a BIG mistake to pick a school for the chance of getting laid. You need to go to the most prestigious school you can get into, so you have a chance of getting into a good career track after you graduate.

Half Sigma, I know that. But it is interesting info anyway.

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