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November 18, 2008


"Both Shirakawa and his girlfriend like the fact that she weighs more than he does, and is the leader of the couple. "She's a lot stronger than I am, can lift heavy things and go drinking until dawn. I admire that about her, and feel protected when I'm around her," he said."

beta of the year winner, right here.
the article doesn't say, but if his GF is significantly heavier than his is then she's probably overweight, which would explain a lot. fat chicks don't have very many options and will settle for uber betas like this dude.

btw, i have noticed that asian girls, when they date out of their race, prefer younger thinner guys, usually white, than do girls of other races. i suspect asian females 1. are drawn more to neotenous features in men and 2. are more sensitive to signals of youth in men. asian men are likely to prefer the same thing in women.

their anime probably just reflects this deeply ingrained sexual perference.

We don't know how much more she weighs. If it's 130 to 135, then she's not fat. At least some of her extra weight is muscle, because she's allegedly "a lot stronger" than Shirakawa.

On the other hand, when a white woman and Asian woman are both the same height and weight, the Asian woman usually appears to be fatter.

"their anime probably just reflects this deeply ingrained sexual perference."

Than what explains the fucking tentacle p0rn?

"their anime probably just reflects this deeply ingrained sexual perference."

Than what explains the fucking tentacle p0rn?

Posted by: Gaijin | November 18, 2008 at 05:28 PM"

And why in the name of God are the Anime characters all white looking? Why don't they look Asian?

A recent episode of NHK's "Cool Japan" program polled Japanese women to create a composite of their "ideal man." He turned out to be the twin of popular enka crooner Kiyoshi Hikawa. According to his record label, Hikawa is 177 cm tall and weighs 62 kg (5' 9.5" 136 lbs).

The Cool Japan composite (scroll down to "Japanese Man"):

Kiyoshi Hikawa's official website:

Another clue to understanding the Japanese woman's "ideal man" is yaoi and the Takarazuka theater troupe. In Takarazuka productions, all the male roles are played by women. The willowy, porcelain-skinned Takarazuka "leading man" looks exactly like the typical yaoi protagonist, and an awful lot like Kiyoshi Hikawa:

You know, IQ is just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to HBD. Some of the sexual stuff is potentially fascinating. On the other hand, if you listen to Steve Sailer and believe the census stats, women everywhere want macho men with more testosterone.


Maybe Japanese women only like small and cute men when nothing else is available? Or when the modern world makes women hate men so much they want to see them small, puny and submissive? Or maybe when there aren't high testoterone men around they just shut down and engage in sterile high IQ pursuits like computer games and reading and give up on what they look like?

Anyway, that article was disturbing. The Japanese have become decadent. If we would've let them take Indonesia and Papa New Guniea, get rid of the natives, and fill those places up it would've had a great eugenic impact from a world perspective and would've given them new things to accomplish and do.

i've got some friends that have lived in japan that read that article and say it's unrepresentative of most japanese couples. yes, the fashion over there (and in asia in general) does trend more metrosexual in the big cities than most guys over here are comfortable with. that includes body size/shape. however girls over there are into being hypercute and will generally out-cute the guys. also, many guys in japan still expect girls to be subservient once they're married.

japanese views on this aren't generalizable to the rest of east asia. male korean fashion may still promote metrosexual style, but the guys don't tend to be waifs.

i partly contradicted myself there. i meant to say that male metrosexual style is common, but body size/shape isn't common.

This guy agrees as well: "If you live in Japan, then you’ve probably heard the stereotype that all westerners are fat. In some ways it is true. Unfortunately, even western men of normal weight are labeled overweight. This comes from the fact that many Japanese men are almost grotesquely thin. In comparison, the average Western man IS fat."


Oh, and as I understand it, tentacle p0rn was invented as a way to show penetration while sidestepping Japan's arcane obscenity laws. Like a lot of fetishes, it stuck around even after the original justification vanished.

"On the other hand, when a white woman and Asian woman are both the same height and weight, the Asian woman usually appears to be fatter."

That makes sense. Asians tend to have relatively more body fat and less lean body mass than people of other races of similar size and gender. The difference would be even greater if you compared an Asian woman to a black woman of the same height and weight, the Asian woman would appear much fatter.

5'8" and 125 is slightly above average for Japanese, which means that it fits in to the general observed pattern found everywhere that women like men who are just a bit taller than average. Their 5'8 is like our 6 feet; a 6'4 man would seem to them like a 6'8 man would to us. (Note: "our" here means "Western society generally", not just whites, since blacks and whites are pretty much the same size. see http://www.thegreatsleep.com/height.htm for height data)

Anyway, that Shirakawa thing was just one guy. It doesnt speak for the whole of Japan. I, personally, love women who are taller than I am, but there are not many men like me.

And there arent many tall women who would want a man who's shorter than them, either.

Also, tentacle porn has been around in Japan for quite some time, as evidenced by this painting:


But yeah, I've heard the explanation that it became popular to use tentacles in porn to get around censorship from people who've been to Japan before.

You can't pay any attention to what women SAY because they say things that are obviously not true in regards to selection criteria, but are popular or expected in peer groups and the media.

What matters is behavior. Women the world over will gravitate towards the most testosterone laden men, unless social constraints exist to prevent that behavior.

Japanese women, exposed to globalization, prefer the more manly, testosterone laden guys as actual husbands. IF they do get married, they seem to prefer taller, more dominant socially and physically men, than themselves but ALSO other men in their peer group.

What is measurable is the number of Japanese women getting married -- and that number declines year after year after year, and has since the 1980's. Japan is no different from the West. Social structures that constrained women's choices, and pretty much mandated marriage, are gone, blown away by global industrial trade, the pill, condom, anonymous urban living, increased wealth, as Roissy has pointed out, and myself also.

Japanese women prefer mostly to be single, their boyfriends are still taller than they are and generally display in some form more dominance relative to their male peers, I've seen but can't recall a cite on the marriages in Japan with the grooms standing out as far more masculine and dominant in the Mifune tradition than current Japanese guys.

Tentacle pr0n? THAT my friends is a huge red flag that there are resentful beta guys out there who can't even see themselves with these cartoon characters and would prefer "monstrous" violation etc. It's fairly disturbing, the Japanese underneath the veneer of overly-cute stuff are anything but. Miyamoto Musashi, who probably killed more than fifty men in face-off sword duels (and got so bored that he eventually switched to iron rods to simply bash guy's heads in) is far more representative of what Japan truly is than Hello Kitty or Pikachu or Nintendo.

"Japan is no different from the West."

Actually, the patriarchal and socially conservative Northeast Asians have worse birth rates than most white Western nations.

Look, no women want "small" men, the Asian girls at my school look at me with smiles like an alligator.

Are the Japanese short for genetic reasons or because they're malnourished? What is the height of East Asians born in America?

"Look, no women want 'small' men . . ."

Aren't Omega males taking a hint yet? ;)

This article strikes me as being the usual thinly-sourced "style" article that pieces together a few anecdotes and makes them into a trend. Like the original NYT article about "meterosexuals" -- you know the one that single-handedly reversed the trend, if trend there ever was. Or the one about straight guys owning cats. Or the periodic article about the comeback of the business suit.

I suspect that Japanese guys may be skinnier on average, but articles like this are pretty much worthless.

They're definitely short for genetic reasons. Asians born in North America and raised on Western diets tend to be about 3 to 4 inches shorter than whites and blacks. And for that matter, so do the ones born in Asia nowadays, since they're eating pretty well over there, and are probably healthier than we are in N America. But until very recently they had a scarcity of meat and other protein sources in Asia and didn't get very tall at all ... average height for Korean men was 5'4 at the end of the Korean war, vs 5'8 today.

What about South Asians, Arabs & Jews? Genetically short or just environmentally short? I hear blacks in America are about 1 cm shorter than whites but are they genetically taller but stunted by malnutrition?

The author of this article should write for the Onion. Her wishing this were all true doesn't make it so. It is true that Japanese men are less masculine than in the past. And since Japanese women are more attractive than ever, more of them are dissatisfied with their options in men. Some of those who can't get the high-value male they desire will make do with whatever they can get, but that doesn't mean they prefer effeminate men. And just as many or more will choose to do without men altogether. Women without the option of being stimulated by dominant men will provide themselves with whatever stimulation they can by dominating the men they're stuck with. And some women who could attract dominant men but fear being hurt by them, or realize they would be playing second (or third or fourth) fiddle to more attractive women, will choose to lord it over less attractive men. And almost all women will enjoy the vicarious thrill of domination that comes from reading--or writing--articles like this.
The popularity of men like Hikawa is driven by the preferences of older women--and I mean older as in menopausal or nearly so. Younger entertainers who affect an effeminate look could get women no matter how they dress and wear their hair. By making themselves up the way they do, they're almost making a statement to the effect of "Hey, I can look like a wimp and the chicks still love me!" Ordinary young men may imitate this style in a vain attempt to be cool, but the only ones who get anywhere with girls are the ones with a natural edge to begin with--in other words, the same ones who would have been successful dressed any old way.

"Or the periodic article about the comeback of the business suit."

What a horrible thought.

Japanese culture seems to promote male wimpiness and even weaker women. I base this solely on Japanese p0rn which is disturbing to the extreme and seems pedophilliac in nature. In what should be a male fantasy, Japanese men reveal much about themselves. They may be the world's greatest engineers but they are also surely the worst lays in the history of humanity. Happening upon a Japanese p0rn is to view a sloth fucking a rag doll. The girl just lying prostrate and wimpering while the guy can't quite figure out what to do. No disrespect to anyone in Japan, but your p0rn is a national disgrace.

"Japanese women are not having sex because they'd prefer more macho, and socially dominant men. Few of them exist in Japan, because modern industrial nations depend on male cooperation not "Big Men" that women desire."

I completely buy into that rationale. If you went to Japan and fucked the hell out of a few young women so bad they couldn't walk straight for two days, then you would soon find women lining up at your door. The problem for Japanese men, based on their p0rn, seems to be that none have the ability to fuck someone into delirium. It takes a bit of machismo to command a women into pure bliss where she can find her womanhood.

"This article strikes me as being the usual thinly-sourced "style" article that pieces together a few anecdotes and makes them into a trend."

I agree 100%. I would be willing to bet serious money that if studied the matter scientifically (and I'm not exactly sure how a study would be constructed) you would find that Japanese women prefer men who are taller, bigger, and wealthier than themselves.

"Happening upon a Japanese p0rn is to view a sloth fucking a rag doll."

Funniest thing I've read in weeks. Now if I can only work that into a conversation...

Linda, I cant say anything about those other groups and Im not sure anyone else can either. Im confident that Asians are genetically short because there are enough of them in the USA and Canada who have been raised in optimal environments for the government to have statistics on them, and they show that Asians tend to be about 3 to 4 inches shorter than whites.

For the other groups, historically there's been conflicting evidence ... Iraqis and "Aryan" (i.e. Indo-Iranian) people were taller than anyone in Europe save for the Yugoslavs during WW2 but now they've fallen behind some of them; non-"Aryan" Middle Eastern and South Asian populations are generally shorter than "Aryans", with perhaps the shortest of all being the Dravidians of Southern India. But I dont have any good data on any of them.

In the Bible it seems to show that the Jewish settlers in the land of Canaan were a lot shorter than the aboriginals; it could be that the Middle East, especially in mountainous areas, has historically short people living right nearby much taller people. This has historically been the case in many mountainous areas, including Southeastern Europe. One might think that the mountains would be home to the shortest people, but overall there doesnt seem to be much of a correlation.

see Carleton Coon's "The Races of Europe" for more detailed (but old) information.

Are the Japanese short for genetic reasons or because they're malnourished? What is the height of East Asians born in America?
Posted by: Linda
The Japanese as a group, are not milk drinkers. People who eat dairy are usually taller than people who don’t. Note the height of the Dinka from Sudan, Massai found in Kenya and Tanzania, and the Dutch.



E. Asians have a bit of variation:
Japanese 19 year olds measured in 2006: 5' 7.5"
South Korean 20 year olds measured in 2005: 5' 8.6"

So do Europeans:
Dutch 20-30 measured in 2004:6' 0.8"
Portuguese 21 year olds measured in 1999: 5' 8"

I am curious how tall everyone else would be if they drank as much milk as the Dutch.

Portugal wasn't particularly short compared to Spain fifty years ago, but now they're two inches behind. I don't know what to make of it. I have other data showing them to be a teeny bit taller than that, data which isnt on Wikipedia right now but probably should be since it's a more wide-ranging study, but they'd still be the shortest people in Europe.

I dont know enough about the history of the Portuguese diet to know if there's reason to speculate they still have room to grow. At any rate, while I think the data you pulled up is likely correct, I would caution against using the Wikipedia page to draw any conclusions about anything because it is subject to vandalism almost every day and not all of it gets reverted. I am a major Wikipedia editor but even I lost patience trying to maintain the quality of the page and so that is why I made my own page.

Anyway, yeah, there are some short European nations, but on the whole the average seems to be about 5'11" for men in Europe and about 5'7" in Asia.

I don't have data but in Northeast China (Dalian and Harbin) I gathered the young men were quite (relatively) tall. They seemed no different from the heights of American youth who are 5'10''+. If Korean youth are near 5'9'' then 5'10'' might be a close estimate for the Northern Chinese. It might be the influence of some Russian dietary habits.

buff chicks. wild.

I hope I do not sound hypacritacle or just plain obsean in asking this.
I am about to start dateing a japanese woman, and well I have to say I have a healthy sex drive so to speek(well I would say above avrage sex drive). one of the reasons I am here is I don't want to frighten off the lass when it comes to the phyiscal aspect of the relasionship, I would say I am quite a domanet person but can play the other role if needed.

the main thing is I again don't want to scare her off and I want to attent to her needs as well, I know there is a bit of a cultural diffrence, i know how to speek the language so I can resiputate in that way but any other adive, I know all the other stuff but is there anything elce?

Sex with a japanese = best of the best of the best.

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