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January 17, 2009


You are a pretty good artist, but with the time you must be spending on this stuff, I am concerned with the future of your legal career.

When did you start painting, HS?

Needs hobbits.

Actually that's pretty good. I like the faint colours of the hills in the background to give a sense of depth. Do you paint from photographs or what?

I like the lighting in this. Some stippling on the tree too add texture to the moss would be nice, but it would change the feeling. Your paintings, because of the flexible strokes and faint colors all seem to have a misty and calming feeling to them. Where does the path lead? It gets darker.

You paint the kind of paintings I like: nature or rustic scenes. Looks great!

Nice. The trunk on the winter painting from a while back seemed flat, now this has more life.

that's actually really good. like a tolkien illustration.

I am just wondering where you find the time for it all. Between working a 40 hour a week job (presumably?), blogging, and maintaining sites, how do you find time to paint?

You either do not sleep or do not have much of a social life.

Hey, pretty good. If I could do that, I would keep practicing.

I think I've found my succesor.

Possibly a fat trust fund which enables one to pursue whatever one desires regardless of whether it turns out to be profitable...

Impressive! What do you mean by "finally?" How long have you been at it?

I know you are all hung up on IQ, but, becoming an artist is more about effort than some innate quality. I would recommend that you keep trying out different styles until you find something that sticks.

Well done, HS.

If you continue painting idyllic nature scenes, do you think you may be accused of Gaia worship?

Being a jack@$$ here, why is the tree trunk diameter so much bigger further up the tree?

I'd rather watch football.

nice, kind of half way between impressionist and realist.

Isn't this art that the proles would like?

Yes, it's a nice effort.

Well, when one lives in a huge city like Half Sigma they become completely disconnected from the beauty and bounty of nature and have to find t somewhere...why not on a canvas?

Looks kinda like the rock formations in Central Park...

I like it too. How did you get the brown of the tree trunk? I mean, what colors did you mix it from?

"How did you get the brown of the tree trunk? I mean, what colors did you mix it from?"

Cadmium yellow light, lamp black and titanium white.


Looks like Central Park, which has some beautiful sections.

Nice painting, Siggy

"We don't make mistakes, we just have happy little accidents."

"Isn't this art that the proles would like?"

Yeah, but if you like it in an "ironic" sense, that's OK.

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