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February 03, 2009


I blame W.

These mostly bad cabinet appointments are more proof Obama doesn't, like, uhh, know what he's doing and similar shit - just like Bush didn't know what he was doing.

And it also raises questions about Obama's IQ level, which HS has foolishly assured us is at least IQ 130 because the O received a degree from Hahhhvhad Laaawww.

Tom Rick's in the below blog entry is reflecting the new worries of some of the smarter Democrats vis a vis Obama's abilities to actually do his friggin' job properly:



Tue, 02/03/2009 - 9:45am

That sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach is caused by the course of Obama's cabinet picks: Richardson blew up on the launch pad, two of the more prominent picks have tax problems, his CIA pick seems inexplicable, his no. 2 guy at the Pentagon needed a waiver from his new anti-lobbying rule, and Hillary Clinton and her hubbie strike me as a ticking bombs."

Allow me to translate what Ricks is getting at:

"I just realized the Democrats have put the fate of the US, the world, and the political destiny of the Democrat party in the hands of a guy who's never had an actual job in his entire life and who only became the most powerful man on earth because of the ludicrous hype surrounding his black ancestry.

I've just realized we've staked our future on a totally unkown quantity. The fate of humankind now rests on the shoulders of the ULTIMATE affirmative action hire.

Like, Duuuuuuude!"

Dashcle in particular, claiming that he'd given over 100K to some charity when he really didn't, is particularily grating.

No doubt! Yet another disgusting example of Democrats' bald hypocrisy. Make no mistake, we are all just chumps in fly-over country to them.

I also find telling the lack of indignation and outrage on the part of the mainstream media. I do not believe they would treat such a shameful hat-trick on the part of a Republican administration the same way.

Another depressing development:


Thousands more US soldiers are headed to Afghanistan(widening that war!). This just made life that much harder. Obama isn't handling this whole foreign policy thing well so far. The US looked weak to Russia after the hold was placed on ballistic missile defense in Europe. They were right.

These guys, Daschle, Geithner, Killefer are just like the people(Obama voters to man) in the NYT story and comments from last week who are too confused/can't be bothered/too greedy, etc...to pay the nanny tax. Except they are in the gov't. Makes perfect sense if you look at it. Obama voters got exactly what they wanted, liberals in charge...They should be so proud.
Let's be honest about it. The entire political/economic/social system is totally corrupt (Congress has voted itself another pay raise,) through and through. Shit, if any of us normal plebes did what those guys did, we'd have a knock at the door. Except those people get a slap on the wrist and a wink, we'd be chained to a pipe in a dungeon awaiting sentence. Apparently, being honest is for suckers. There's the proof.
I want to see those assholes get some serious fines and hopefully do some time, but that is dreaming. Vile thieves and traitors, all of them. This nation is headed for disaster. I used to think that there could be reform and that things could be on a different track, but not any more. If there is any justice in the world, I hope that those criminals face it.

Appparently, not having criminals involved in creating policy will slow health care reform:


I heard this from a friend.

If you spend your own money on yourself, you are very interested in the price and the quality of the item you are purchasing.

If you are spending your own money on something for someone else (baby-shower gift for example) you are still interested in quality, but you are likely to be more interested in getting a good price on the item.

If you are a politician spending other peoples money on other people, redistributing the wealth, you don't give a crap about quality or price. You just want a big staff, a free car, a driver, and some junkets. That is what sunk Dash-hole.

Does anyone understand the Killefer situation? It almost looks like she was trying to get away from this group of losers.

She didnt have an income tax issue, it was chump change ($46 a quarter) and could have been a legitimate dispute. And she resolved it well before she was nominated for anything.

I wonder if this was an excuse to get out now since she was supposed to oversee this $900B of pork as a "performance officer".

Obama is not psychic and did not know the tax history of people he felt were qualified for the job. Bad vetting, sure. But that has absolutely nothing to do with his IQ. You don't graduate near the top of your class at Harvard Law with an IQ of less than 130(anonymous grading and no grade inflation).

Look at the last several presidential elections - Obama-McCain, Bush II-Kerry, Bush II-Gore, Clinton-Dole, Bush I-Clinton. Now look at this bunch of crooks and fraudsters in Washington - Daschle, Geithner, Killefer, Richardson, Dodd, etc., etc., etc. What's wrong with this country? In the last fifty years, the only worthwhile presidents were Eisenhower and Reagan. Can't we do any better?

I'm sorry Ned, that just doesn't fly. Reagan's cabinet was one of the most corrupt in modern political history. Many if you recall were federally indicted.

Obama is a tax cheat and he probably lied on his bar exam as well


Posted by: Dwayne Mayor | February 04, 2009 at 02:43 PM

That's a great excuse for the current ethical disaster taking place in the Obama administration. What 2 weeks in and this shit already?

"I'm sorry Ned, that just doesn't fly. Reagan's cabinet was one of the most corrupt in modern political history. Many if you recall were federally indicted."

Dwayne -

Really? The only member of the Reagan's cabinet whom I can recall was convicted of anything was James Watt, Secretary of HUD, who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in connection with a bid-rigging scandal. Can you name others? Remember, you said "cabinet" - don't bring up any officials who were not members of Reagan's cabinet.

Bush had one indictment and conviction, that of Scooter Libby on BS charges (Richard Armitage in fact leaked Plame's name on Colin Powell's orders and neither was indicted).

Libby got a BS conviction.

Nevertheless, that was IT for Bush for 8 years. By contrast the Clinton years were sleaze-a-palooza, Whitewater, the Travel Office firings, the FBI files, Charlie Trie, Norman Hsu, Johnny Hwang, money from China, the Buddhist Temple, Webster Hubbell, the HUD secretary Ron Brown (indictment dropped when he died in a plane crash) and too numerous to mention.

George HW Bush ran a clean administration also. No indictments or scandals of pay-to-play, etc. As in the Clinton Admin.

Reagan had the HUD Secretary, and also the Iran-Contra scandal, where the crime was going around Congress to clandestinely fund the Contras and deal with the Iranians, depending on your view of Executive power either a major crime or none at all. Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger and CIA Chief Casey were both involved, Casey IIRC died before indictment. Weinberger was pardoned IIRC.

Jimmy Carter had Bert Lance and a few other corrupt cronies, his brother Billy peddling influence. Ford for his term was corruption free. Nixon's crimes were political, going after political enemies (Nixon could not take his win and be happy). They were not crimes of corruption. LBJ and JFK were AFAIK not with any notable corruption scandals, although personal ones plagued them later, after the press revealed stuff it sat on (mostly JFK's affairs and ill-health, drug use related to same).

Counter-intuitively, the general record of corruption in the White House has been quite good, only Clinton and (likely) Obama are really corrupt. Both coming out of very corrupt environments, AK and IL respectively, and racially polarized environments where party competition keeping corruption in check was not an issue.

Reagan, Nixon, Ford, Carter, the Bushes, and LBJ-JFK came from political environments where party competition was relatively even, providing a check on corruption and a wider base of relatively competent, not-very-corrupt followers to reward with Federal posts.

Compared to countries like France, or the UK, or Italy, the US is very clean wrt corruption.

Obama, however, reeks of corruption and it is his achilles heel. He has few people to choose from, because his own patronage base is either hopelessly Blago-like corrupt or Clintonian corrupt. It's not like he's Reagan, coming in, and having a wide base of independent businessmen and so on he can appoint, who have their own base of wealth separate from politics. He's party hacks who make all their money from politics.

And again:


Not the nominee exactly, but close enough. I'm sure she knew nothing about it!

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