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March 09, 2009


the reason the bourbon tastes woodier than the scotch is becuase the bourbon barrel is charred barrel that is only used once. after its used its sold to other distillers including scotch to age their liquor in. the anise flavor comes from the oak and is present in most aged bourbons, rittenhouse rye if you can find it has a nice flavor without a lot of anise and dickle doesn't have to much anise but it does have a rather distinct flavor.

[HS: Got it: more years in the barrel - more anise flavor.]

If you're serious about this experiment, go here http://www.lenells.com/.

Looks like I'm not the only one who's been hittin' the bottle since Jan 20th.

You just would have to have some finicky opposition to certain brown liquors, wouldn't you? Is any of it really not good?

Jim Beam makes a rye, 80 proof. I set up a tasting recently with that up against regular Jim Beam and a corn whiskey. I don't remember much about it, but the rye seems a little harsher than the regular JB.

These have been fun blog posts. A nice break from politics as usual. I must second the other guy from the other post who recommended The Balvenie Doublewood scotch. It's smooth, not too offensive, but a little more pricey. Next time you feel like a little self-congratulation is in order, pick yourself up a bottle.

The best part of drinking scotch is the scotch-high. After about the second glass you enter into a realm beyond regular inebriation, more euphoric than drunk. You just don't get that in a glass of regular bourbon...But then, that's really the big difference, isn't it? Scotch brings contentment, but you can find Jesus at the bottom of a fifth of Jack.

While the taste of Jack may be fine, the issue is that the brand has a less-than-desirable image, as the liquor of choice for rednecks and drunken fratboys. Which isn't to say that the SWPL/SCA image of some upscale liquors like single malt Scotches or small batch bourbons is any more appealing.

I haven't had it in several years, but from what I recall Canadian Club had a quite decent flavor.

[HS: I thought cheap vodka was the liquor of choice for fratboys.]

"Am I a girly man because I think 86 proof is just slightly too much alcohol to drink neat?"

No, it is an acquired taste. But to tell the truth, you might want to try an even higher proof if you want to drink stuff neat (but make sure it is good shit).
It seem to vaporize more quickly in the mouth, but that doesn't mean less taste. On the contrary, it gives things a better "nose" (as the sophisticates around here like to say) and complements the taste buds and tongue sensations.
Of course all the above is just my personal take on things. But it isn't like trying that stuff isn't fun. You don't need alcohol to have a good time, but you'll never have a bad time with it.

There is no way that Jack is better or smoother. Even with a lower proof. There is a significant difference between the two and JB Black label is far better. (i'm not even going to get into the fact that one is bourbon and one is whiskey...would be wasted on you) If "I don't know Jack" then either does the Beverage Tasting Institue of America who rated not just Jim Beam Black label, but Jim Beam white label higher in every way possible (on the rocks, neat, with coke, with ginger, etc) then Jack Daniels!!!!!!!!
You need to stick to cordials, sissy.

[HS: Yeah, I get it. Aged bourbon is an acquired taste. I liked the JD better because it's milder.]

[HS: I thought cheap vodka was the liquor of choice for fratboys.]

For the benefit of those with bad memories or those on a budget:


Best value out there. I can remember finding some change in the couch, some in the car, borrowing a $1 and having enough to hit the liquor store. When we really came into some money, we'd buy Everclear. Good times, good times...

I find it interesting that you mention that Jim Beam is owned by Fortune Brands and yet no mention of the fact that Jack Daniels is owned by Brown Forman and is traded on the stock market too. Atleast Jim Beam's master distiller and ambassador is Fred Noe-the 7th generation great grandson of Jim Beam. His baby is Knob Creek. The company is still in the family. Not so with Jack. They have no family ties left in the organization. Know the facts, please.

[HS: Jack Daniels' corporate ownership was mentioned in the Johnnie Walker blog post.]

I started drinking/tasting whiskey about a year or two ago, and I understand very little about whiskey.
My first bottle was Glenfiddich which I thought was a bit disappointing. I enjoyed Jack Daniels but thought Chivas Regal was better than both.

Any comments on Chivas Regal?

have yopu ever tried Irish whiskey Sigma?

"have yopu ever tried Irish whiskey Sigma?"

Out of my depth here. I drink Glenfiddich once in a blue moon, but next time I think HS has convinced me to try Jack (always defaulted to chilled Vodka in the club).

I do have one experience with Irish Whiskey though. A friend at school brought around a bottle on graduation day. We were passing it around and I was slugging it back like wine BECAUSE I THOUGHT IT WAS ROTGUT WINE. Now that's some smooth fucking whiskey mate. I began to understand the Irish better that day, I think.

Posted by: Svigor | March 11, 2009 at 01:29 PM

Just drink the potcheen.

It's very simple. Whisky is good, but whiskey is bad. The problem is that pesky "e" that often tries to pollute an otherwise good whisky. Avoid it at all costs.

"A friend at school brought around a bottle on graduation day. We were passing it around and I was slugging it back like wine BECAUSE I THOUGHT IT WAS ROTGUT WINE."

You must be so proud you got your GED! Sounds like it it time again for that link: http://www.bumwine.com/

Whisky Pete is a turd. Whisk(e)y is good either way. Whether it be American, Irish, Scottish or Canadian. Pete thinks he is sooo cool. Pete...news for you. You aren't. You are a douche.

If you like decent bourbon at a reasonable price, try Buffalo Trace [ http://www.buffalotrace.com/ ]. I get it for $23 for 750ml, and it's just as good as the $50-$70 bourbons.

first of all, i like a jd as much as any man.

but once the ice melts i cannot tell the difference.

call me what u will, but in 2days economy, u cannot find a better bourbon for the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

JB does it 4 me

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