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March 04, 2009


I suggest "Knob Creek."

Jack Daniels is also technically not a bourbon because that label is limited to whiskeys from Kentucky and it's from Tennessee. I don't think of it in terms of Southern rednecks, but more like the drink of choice among fratboys.

Speaking of drinks from Dixie, one evening years ago I got completely trashed on Southern Comfort. It was not a pleasant experience, and to this day the mere thought of SoCo totally grossed me out. I'd sooner drink Clorox.

Single-malt Scotch has a fine taste, though it has a pretentious, SCA image. Lately I've been on a port wine kick.

Alcohol, one of my favorite topics besides guns, survivalism and more guns! Listen, screw the Johnny Walker. Go and buy some Pappy Van Winkles bourbon. All are excellent.


Proof that God exists and wants us to be happy. If you can't get that in NYC(according to the website, there are some places in NYC that should carry it, but I don't know for sure), say so and I'll send you a bottle. Seriously. It ain't cheap, but I don't mind.

P.S. JD is good stuff, but you are paying for their ad campaign.

Crown Royal or bust.

Avoid Makers Mark.

Good old boys from south get drunk during - not after - hunting trips.

Have you considered heroin?

Seconding the Knob Creek.

Few years ago (I was about 30 at the time) I went into the liquor store in a nicer part of town during regular business hours. The guy working the counter was older and didn't give off the sub-90 IQ vibe of your typical retail clerk. I immediately thought, now this guy knows his booze, I'll save myself a whole bunch of time, misplaced effort, and cash and cut to the chase and ask him. So I said, "I want some Bourbon, but not the Jack Daniels/Jim Beam stuff. What would you suggest." He immediately pulled a bottle of Knob Creek and said, "this is the best tasting and it costs less than all those other guys."

Oh, and speaking of, whenever I see Johnnie Walker I think of Johnny Walker Lindh and the Eminem song Real Slim Shady. I know they can't advertise on TV, but I thought a mash-up of Lindh being carried off the battlefield along with a whole bunch of stock footage of jihadi shit being blown up montaged with some upper middle class dudes hanging in club house smoking cigars and drinking whiskey with the Real Slim Shady song for the sound track would be a really cool video. I don't have the skills but I've always wished something like that would hit YouTube.

Oh, of course Knob Creek lacks the class of Johnnie Walker so for entertaining purposes you'll have to pour the Johnnie Walker down the drain and transfer the Knob Creek to the Johnnie Walker bottle.

Most of the alcohol I drink comes out of a can, but this site does look informative.


$49 for J.W Black Label is a rip-off, then again may be its just N.Y.

Though it sure tastes better than Jack Daniels. I believe anyone that really likes the taste of whiskey, bourbon, scotch,etc can appreciate the difference between Jack Daniels and Johnnie Walker (even the Red Label which is cheaper than Black Label is probably better than Jack Daniels).

Most I've seen, Jack Daniels and other blends like Cutty Sark are either for the occasional non-beer drinker or low-budget weddings ( for their cheaper price). I wont even get into the Crown Royal and Passport brands, which taste like perfume or diesel 'in a bottle'.

J.W Black label, Buchannans and Chivas (all 12 yrs) are good blends in the $30-40 range. If you want an excellent blend then go with 18yrs, same brands (J.W Gold Label, Buchannans 18 or Chivas 18)

The biggest difference with an 18yr blend besides its slightly better taste is that it gives you absolutely NO HANGOVER. You can guzzle the whole bottle on the rocks and you won't even notice it the next day. (Not unlike any 12 yr mix or the 'rawer' Crown Royal or Passport which can feel like a death bed with 1-2 drinks)

The 18yr blends are pricier, around the $45-$70 range but you do get what you pay for. Buchannans 18 yrs probably edges out the rest - 18 J.W Gold and Chivas 18.

The rest of the stuff *single, double, more years or things like J.W Blue label* are a rip-off, to pricey. Rare exceptions are some small-house whiskeys you can only find in some places in Europe, some pricier but sometimes good.

As Moesha says, you've got to follow your own star, HS. If you like Jack Daniels better, stick with it, and keep the Johnny Walker around to impress whoever it's going to impress.

Balvenie 12-year doublewood. Single malts are for connoisseurs.

You're welcome.

But Johnny Walker costs more than JD, and as you (well, Paul Fussell anyway) said, anything from the British Isles is high class. Are you ignorant or something?

Regardless, neither can hold a candle to Uncle Jemimah's Pure Mash Liquor:


Actual Kentucky Bourbon (particularly the
smaller batch stuff) is as prized
and well regarded in Europe as the better
Belgian and German bears are in the U.S.

Generally though it is expensive and the
bars will carry the cheaper varieties.

If you want a real Southern bourbon, try this:


It's made in Louisville, which is only quasi-Southern, at best. They formerly wouldn't sell the stuff north of the Mason-Dixon Line/Ohio River, but I think that's changed. Anyway, you can download a screensaver-picture of Jefferson Davis from the website. Next round's on me!

Wild Turkey 101 or Rebel Yell. Be a man already.

Do yourself a favor and get some Glenfiddich.

Try Chivas Regal instead of Black Label. Chivas doesn't have the peat taste (something about it being made on the other side of Scotland where there is no peat or it's different peat or something).

I've done a "blind taste test" that compared Chivas to JW and Chivas won hands down (of course, it was sponsored by Chivas so it could have been rigged, and we had a biased crowd)

There are instructions on how to build stills and make booze all over the internet. And no, I didn't go blind either. My shit was actually pretty decent, I had good water. And if you get tossed in jail by the revenuers, you can always make pruno, maybe trade the extra for smokes. But these days, my skills go mostly into hombrewing. Nothing tastes quite as good as beer you make yourself(however beer that someone buys for you is almost as good). Happy boozing!

For the cost-conscious drinkers out there:


See you on that bench in Central Park...

Trader Joe's Blended Scotch Whisky gives you the great tasting goods at $10 (sic) for a full liter (sic). I can't believe that anyone likes Jack Daniels. Tastes like battery acid.

I prefer Wild Turkey or Crown Royal to either Johnny or Jack.

Scotch is also good, but expensive. I've never had Scotch I didn't like.

"The biggest difference with an 18yr blend besides its slightly better taste is that it gives you absolutely NO HANGOVER."

Crazy talk! Hangovers are a reminder of the good times you've had the night before. Also the perfect excuse for a Bloody Mary or five.

Sigma, Jack Daniel's is a wonderful sour mash. Don't care for Johnnie Black (the Budweiser of Scotch).

If you want to try a great scotch that's not too expensive, reach for Oban, a single malt.

Springbank is lurvly. For a less restrained flavour, try Islay Mist. Even better if you learn to pronounce it: "Eye-lah".

Us Rednecks drink Wild Turkey.

I also have never developed a taste for blended Scotch (although my dad was a big Johnny Walker fan). I do like single malt scotch though. However, my wife and I went through every single malt scotch sold at Trader Joes and determined that what we like best was Bushmill's Irish Whiskey (ironically it is blended) which was significantly cheaper. On the Bourbon front, I have tried some of the expensive bourbons but I agree with the above posters that Knob Creek is the best and usually much less expensive.

Screw all that shit. Drink Wild Turkey!

"Now let’s step back a bit, for those unfamiliar with whiskey (or “whisky” as it’s spelled on the Johnnie Walker label)."

"Whisky" is the spelling used in Scotland. "Whiskey" is used in Ireland (IMO, Irish whiskeys are incredibly underrated) and US.

Whiskey is also made in Germany, Japan, Canada, among other places.

How can you "enjoy the taste" of whisky? I can't taste anything besides an intense burning sensation. I've never understood why people fork over so much money for liquor. You freely admit it is supposed to taste like WOOD?! Why not just buy the cheapest most tasteless but highest proof liquor you can find and mix it with something that actually tastes good (I use rum and limeade)?

Don't buy in a liquor store. Go to a Bev Mo or Trader Joes or other discounter.

For example, Traders has Bushmill's Irish Whiskey, very smooth and nice (Irish Whiskeys are triple distilled, from barley not corn), for around $19.

Knob Creek, which is a SWPL American Whiskey (corn) is a bit more expensive. Traders usually has some fairly cheap, around $16 or so, Single Malt Scotch, usually Speyside, a bit smokier for my taste (from the burning peat to dry the barley) but some really like it.

Port is fairly cheap too, at places like Traders and can be a nice apertif in moderation.

You can also find Rye Whiskey, usually from Canada although Indiana and Kentucky have them in a few places, it's a different taste than the corn style whiskeys.

Tennessee style bourbons are usually filtered through charcoal, some say it gives a cleaner taste. Kentucky Whiskey does not undergo that filtering. Some traditionalists prefer the taste of high end (rather than low end, not very aged) Rye Whiskey.

There is an American Whiskey trail similar to the Napa Valley Wine tours, some of this stuff dates back to the early 1700's.

I myself prefer Bushmills because it is smoother, can be drunk neat, and is often cheaper by $10 than American style whiskeys at places like Trader Joes. Yes, TJ's is SWPL central, but if you are disclipined and shop only for the buys (eggs, olive oil, coffee, booze) you can rack up savings compared to other places. However, you can get Morgado or other style ports for only $7, and the genuine Portugal origin ports are quite excellent.

"Brown-Forman, the big corporation that owns Jack Daniels, reported a significant increase in profits in its last earnings release. Obviously, people drink more after they lose their job."

Sigma, another explanation is that bourbon is becoming hip again. Bourbon bars are popping up all over NY City.

everyone's overlooking the truly bizarre aspect of this post, that HS has company coming over he wants to impress. you don't strike me as the kind of guy inviting captains of industry into his drawing room to sample fine whiskeys. and if you're trying to impress girls, don't they just drink white wines and vodka cocktails?

[HS: Correct, don't impress chicks with expensive whiskey.]

"SCA image"

Society for Creative Anachronisms? The members of THAT SCA, that I've met, seem to prefer mead (or its high-proof cousin, Barenjager).

"The rest of the stuff *single, double, more years or things like J.W Blue label* are a rip-off, to pricey."

If you have a steady job, a bottle of a $100+ whiskey blend like Johnny Blue every few months is not out of the question. And yes, it's worth it.

Unless of course you are shooting it or guzzling it like a barbarian. But I don't know why you would do that to a fine whiskey.

I have tried most of the whiskeys recommended above, being in my sixties and dissolute. I like all of them in excess. Cone Heads R Us. I haven't heard of Uncle Jeremiah and I'll have to go looking.

Most scotches have a much milder smokey taste than Johnny Walker, so if it is the dried peat that turns you off try another brand. Or try JW Red. It's only half the price of the black, and most people can't tell the difference. The differences between most of the whiskeys recommended above fade after the second drink, and none of them justify their high prices. If you're tired of bourbons, as I sometimes am, try a rye. They are much drier than bourbons and lack the peat smoke. Wild Turkey makes a presentable rye for under $25/bottle.

Actually, many blended American and Canadian whiskeys are perfectly satisfactory over the rocks. Again, especially beginning after the second drink.

You should also broaden your experience to rums, vodkas, gins and tequilas. All on the rocks. Again think excess.

By the way, the hangover is caused by the amount of whiskey consumed. The kind doesn't matter. Most wines, including ports and sherries, contain sulfite preservatives (it scavenges oxygen), and the sulfite aggravates the alcohol hangover.

[HS: I tend to agree; whiskey seems to agree with me a lot more than wine.]

Have some Madeira, m'dear.

"Would the guy at the liquor store counter think I’m an alcoholic if I went back to buy another fifth of liquor? "

Didnt they stop producing that 86proof in 2005? How long have you been nursing that one bottle?

You really need either a Twitter or a reality show so we can understand your lifestyle.

And why no one praising the merits of gin?

"And why no one praising the merits of gin?"

I figured that was just a given.

P.S. Half-Sigma, it is going to be a nice night in the NYC area. You should go out and get ripped. If I run into you, a round is on me.

"And why no one praising the merits of gin?"

Gin is the most impure spirit. Not a fan, but I have friends that love it.

"Would the guy at the liquor store counter think I’m an alcoholic if I went back to buy another fifth of liquor? "

Why do you care what he thinks?

Knob creek is my drink of choice, both on quality and price. JW Red is an abomination (Even the JW website suggests using it for mixing), JW Black is noticeably better but not great and not worth the price.

There are really good scotches out there but it's well beyond my budget to figure out which ones are which by trial and error. I'll just stick w/ the knob creek.

(wild turkey? wtf is wrong with you people?)

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