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April 11, 2009


In any system involving redistribution of wealth, there will always be a certain percentage of folks who take out a lot more than they put in, no? Or do I misunderstand?

Even if America were 100% white college graduates, a parasite class is mathematically inevitable, it seems to me.

That said, if we want to have a welfare state, we do need to keep an eye on the number of welfare recipients.

What's funny is that swipples are always blathering on about how suburban living is "unsustainable," or car culture is "unsustainable." If anything is unustainable, it's a system where (1) low intelligence people have the right to reproduce as much as they want at public expense; and (2) the borders are effectively open to lots more of such people.

About 40 years ago Milton Friedman said we cannot have free immigration and a welfare state. The best way for the Islamic world to make war on the US is to send us "tourists", each of whom overstays his visa, then collects welfare. Isn't that close to what Mexico is doing?

Why are you guys of so bad opinion of illegal immigrants? I've been one too (for a few months only, but still), and I am in college finishing my first semester, where I, taking 16 credits and working 25 hours a week, didn't get anything less than 90 on my midterms. Nothing special, but take into account that I learned your native language for 1.5 years on the way home in dirty New York subway.
And you know what I noticed? Being working at all these crappy jobs, I realized that most of those who drop out of school are these coolish american kids who don't want to have boring lives like their parents got (being accountants for instance). Change yours perspective on the problem.

I think it is possible for people of below average intelligence and education to fully support themselves. The personal qualities needed are a good work ethic, a willingness to show up on time every time and work hard. The biggest social/structural requirements are closed borders to limit downward competition and a strictly limited, or better, an absent, welfare state. Sadly, liberal orthodoxy attacks both the personal qualities and the social order needed to make/let less intelligent people support themselves.


Some of us are "of so bad opinion" of illegal immigrants because of the kind of transfer payments discussed in the post. We're not living in a truly free market. We get 30% of our income taxed away, and it gets split between outright tribute payments to people below the poverty line and funding an infrastructure that half the population doesn't pay into at all. And illegal immigrants disproportionately qualify as net tax recipients.

It doesn't help any that the largest group of illegal immigrants is also a group that historically has not assimilated into American culture the way many other groups have. When a plurality of illegal and legal immigrants are sympathetic to claims of "reconquest" and "for the race, everything, for those outside the race, nothing," reasonable people can be forgiven for pushing back against ethnic balkinization.

Independent Accountant was right to bring up Milton Friedman's statement on welfare and open borders. We have had large pulses of immigration in the past, and succesfully assimilated them into productive society, but those all happened in the absence of welfare. At some times up to one half of immigrants turned around and left if they couldn't make it; today they stay, on welfare.

who stays on welfare? illegal immigrants? I recently was in one of these benefit centers - bunch of russians, bunch of mexicans with their brood and latino/black americans(80 percents). cancel this citizenship rule (birth=citizenship) and everything will be perfect.
ps. man, many of them pay taxes every year in hope to get a green card somewhen.
pps and think it over, who is going to cook your favorite fillet mignon (and wash your plate after that) if you send them home?

sorry for my grammar. hope your second language is much better than mine)

Stan is on the right path. You guys assume tax contributions and wages ultimately equal "value". How about the work and the value it creates that the working poor perform everyday? Migrant farm workers undoubtedly create more value than say some nerdy researcher for some think-tank news outfit.

Stupid muppets.

who is going to cook your favorite fillet mignon (Stan)

How about the work and the value it creates (zzz)

These are faulty conclusions. The work would get done otherwise at a higher upfront cost without the hidden externalities.

>>>>Before government undertakes to transfer even more economic resources to these households, it should have a very clear account of the magnitude of the economic transfers that already occur.

It knows, and It likes it. More customers, baby.

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--pps and think it over, who is going to cook your favorite fillet mignon (and wash your plate after that) if you send them home?--

I'm glad you brought that up as those who are younger may not remember what it was like before mass illegal immigration. I remember those dark days. Filet mignon was impossible to get cooked anywhere, at any restaurant for any price. Sometimes you'd hear a rumor or whisper that maybe Peter Luger or Sparks might have it on a certain Saturday night. People would rush there only to find a long line of other hopeful diners and disappointment. They were forced to order strip steak once seated!
Dishes were never washed either. Every morning, you'd see piles of dirty dishes in dumpsters from the night before. Many restaurants went to paper plates, paper cups and plastic flatware but as we all found out, that stuff didn't hold up well and looked terrible. And have you ever tried to cut meat with a plastic knife? Let's just say you'd better not try.

"who is going to cook your favorite fillet mignon"

The whiny yuppies who inhabit this board and our wonderful cities might actually have to cook their own food for once.

Oh the horrors!

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