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April 20, 2009


I only have 1 suggestion: view the "South Park" episode on WW, 1 of the funniest Trey Parker has ever written.

I agree, see the "South Park" episode.

I suggest playing a Dwarf Hunter or Undead Warlock.

Responsibility my ass. You just want to play the game.

i got to lvl 50 or so and quit, so take my advice w/ a heavy dose of salt.

u need to decide whether u can put up w/ getting ganked by bored players of higher level while you're minding your own business (or alternatively ganking others). this was something that contributed to me quitting the game. if u don't mind, pick a pvp server. if u do mind, then avoid them.

i played an undead warlock on a pvp server and didn't really enjoy the experience. i'd say the nice thing about the warlock is that u don't have to worry about saving money for a mount. i was perennially poor and probably would've quit even earlier if i had to farm and trade for the cost of the mount.

The nerd kit requires you to buy that Iron Maiden t-shirt to play WoW. You know, those with a Sphinx in which the head is a skull, or some undead army of roman legionaries takes over a hill.

Can you say beta :-)

A buddy of mine got divorced by his neglected blonde bombshell of a wife because he spent all his time in the den messing with Word of Warcraft, and now, hundreds of thousands of dollars poorer but wiser, he has since sworn off all forms of gaming. And I know a gorgeous 29-year-old bellydancer in the process of leaving her clueless lawyer boyfriend over the exact same thing.

Why don't you just do heroin instead? Not only does that shit at least keep you thin, it has a coolness factor attached to it that means you might have a shot at occasionally getting laid by a certain kind of nihilistic hipster chick. I mean, consider Lou Reed and Jim Carroll, both of whom get more tail than they can possibly handle, even if the both of them do look like the Death eating a cracker.

You've got to think this thing through, man!

Uh, I mean "like Death eating a cracker." Although "like the Death deating a cracker" does have a certain romantic Latin sound to it.

Kudzo Bob wrote:

"Why don't you just do heroin instead? Not only does that shit at least keep you thin, it has a coolness factor attached"

Ditto. Why not spend your time doing something fun or useful? Try going to college frat parties in a fancy suit and winning 'em over with your law cred.


Reed is bi, and his current girlfriend be dirt ugly, but talented (Laurie Anderson).

Yes, I know Lou Reed has always been a little light in the Doc Martens, but what of it? He has still managed to get more quality poon in his tme than than any dozen ordinary alphas. As for Laurie Anderson, she is just an unfornuate low point in his life, like his album "Metal Machine Music" or that time he shaved his skull so that his hair grew out in the shape of a Swastika. I still believe in you, Lou, you sick reptilian bastard you!

Good post. Some of Reed's best work is on albums on which he collaborates with John Cale.

Velvet Underground was a great band, and I still listen to "Sunday Morning" and "Femme Fatale," 2 amazingly underrated compositions by Reed.

All I know is that Rogues do it from behind (http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2005/1/26/), and for that I would start with them.


I play on drak'tharon server when I have time, which is much, much rarer than when I was in college (used to be active in a top raiding pvp guild).

As much as people dog on WoW players as nerds- I know a ton of incredibly smart, competitive people that play the game and love it.

Good class to start out as would be a warrior or paladin or hunter, since they are less "finesse" classes. If you want a challenge go rogue or warlock.

What's the only job that's lonelier than being a Maytag repairman?

Condom salesman at a World of Warcraft convention.

Wouldn't you rather play MLB 2009, Madden or an NHL game?


Why would you voluntarily start playing a game that's basically built exactly push the reward buttons that motivate our brains? Randomly timed small rewards in the form of drops. The only purpose of drops is so you can kill bigger things so you can get better drops, so you can kill bigger things, so you can ...

The worst part has to be that all the time you spend has no point and gives you no benefit; what do you get out of being a better WoW player?

Why not try learning PUA skills? Or rock climbing or power lifting or basically anything that give you some better skills and improve your life?

The closest analogy really is starting heroine. It'll feel good the whole time you're doing it but you'll hate yourself.

[HS: I doubt I'll be able to take the game seriously enough to get addicted to it, but who knows? I got bored with Conan after playing with it for a week. But the graphics sure were pretty.]

I dont feel like I know HS anymore!

Next thing you will have a post on daggerin.


How do rock climbing and power lifting give people better skills or improve their lives?

"How do rock climbing and power lifting give people better skills or improve their lives?"

Um, they help people get in shape? They engender a sense of self-confidence and acheivement? They impress the hell out of chicks? Gee, I'm not sure, now that you ask...

I've played off and on (mostly on) since release. I am a nerd, but I would be a nerd anyway and WoW is inexpensive entertainment and you meet some fun people (including females). I like video games and video games are more fun when you play with others.

I would suggest playing a mage first because its pretty easy, it has some nice abilities to move around the continents (which saves time) and can escape when you accidently run into a big bunch of mobs. Plus you can make your own food and water.

I have always played Horde. In the beginning it was a much bigger deal to be alliance or horde, but now the game is more balanced and so it matters less. However, there still many more people who play alliance than horde, so it can be easier to get groups (Depending on the server). The down side of that is that a lot of little kids play the game and more of them play alliance as a percentage of the alliance.

Races don't matter much these days, so pick the one you like to look at and try to figure out the best way to play.

My major suggestion is try to find an experienced player who is leveling a new character (happens a lot, I have 5 characters or so, others have more) and sort of tag along. It will be fun to have someone to talk to and he will benefit from having someone helping him.

The main thing is to interact with people. The sooner you find some cool people the more you will enjoy it. There are a lot of douche bag teenagers (and adults!) but there are many more who are just enjoying the game.

Another thing, WoW is successful because the end-game content is awesome, so consider that before writing something nasty about it.

"you meet some fun people (including females)"

Why do I have a problem believing this?

it seems that any human society requires a fraction of its males to be eunuchs/monks i.e, step outside the sexual market.

WoW is this, the new monasticism.

Why do I have a problem believing this?

Because you don't actually play the game. Of course, if you are only interested in having sex with females in general then WoW is pretty lousy place to spend your time. However, if you are interested in finding females who like to play video games a lot, there probably aren't a lot of better places. There is a couple in my guild who met through WoW and I know at least one other and I don't even play on an RP server.

My suggestion: if you play WoW, and meet a woman somewhere else, do *not* tell her right away that you play the game unless she tells you that she plays it herself. Otherwise you'll risk ending the relationship before it even begins.

I'm not an expert, but if you have "Game" you can mention it all you want, for instance, say something like "I play WoW, because its more fun to kill Night Elves than deal with all the stupid bitches who hang out in the bars in this town." Provided the rest of your "Game" is in order then I'm sure she won't have any problem thinking of some examples.

Though, I agree its much easier to lie and say you were re-reading Proust.


You could get all of the same benefits by just working out a little bit. I think this is just rationalizing. If you like to do something (b/c it gives you a sense of accomplishment or pride), then that is a reason to do something in itself. If someone gets more joy out of working out and playing WOW than from rock climbing then he has little objective reason to pick the rock climbing.

I'm not an expert, but if you have "Game" you can mention it all you want,

true. with tight game, a guy can pretty much get away with saying anything.

"i should warn you, you're sitting here on a date with a level 45 HBD wizard of lie smashing, so don't even think about playing coy unless you want to be captivated by my charm spell."

HS i'd imagine if you want to experience, however virtually, what it's like to be the center of attention of hordes of unattractive needy betas, you should play a bosomy female character.

"...you should play a bosomy female character."

He did. Or he had some website in which he claimed to be a chick. Can't remember the whole story...

I've played WoW for about 4 to 5 years. I'm taking a long sabbatical to concentrate on Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Here's the gist regarding your question regarding race/faction/class.

Alliance or Horde:
Largely depends on which server you choose. some have a massive imbalance of horde to alliance ratio and vice-versa. On a Player Vs. Environment, this issues wouldn't matter.Yes, it maybe tough to find players from either faction, but you can always change. Player Vs Player, It matters to some degree as you will likely encounter more hostile players will make your leveling experience a living hell. To find a server, I'd recommend hitting the wow forums and browsing the server forums.

If you're looking for something relatively easy, I would recommend a Damage-per-second (DPS) class such as Warlock, Mage, Hunter, or a Rogue; or you can specialize other classes such as Paladins, Priests, Warriors, Shamans, by spending "talent points" into their respective talent trees. The DPS is a lot of fun, require some thought, but not as much as a tank or a healer.

If you're looking for a challenge, you may want to either roll a healer or a tank. Both of these are always in huge the demand. If you're good at either expect to hear back from people or receive guild invites. The following classes can tank by spending talent points in their respective trees:
Death Knights (can only be created when you have a level 55 character and Wrath of the Lich King Expansion; it's also a DPS class.)
The following can heal:

As far as race goes, it's really up to you. If you're about aesthetics then start an Alliance character. I personally went with story line and chose the Blood Elves. Each race as a special ability and unique talents (!)

Inevitably South Park's WoW episode was funnier than The Simpsons WoW episode.

Carlos' advice is good, but I would add that playing dps (rather than tank or healer) means that it will be somewhat harder to find groups. If playing in a group is important to you, playing one of the more needed roles might be a better choice.
I would play a shaman, hunter or warlock if you want to level fairly easily. Not that any of the classes are exactly hard to level up, at least on a PVE server, but those three are quite quick and easy. Race is mostly unimportant, choose one whose looks you like (the special abilities are relevant only if you are really into optimizing things to the nth degree).

By the way, Roissy's advice on playing a female character, much like the advice on his blog, is spot on. My brother played as an Alliance female warlock and he had many men believing he was an actual, real-life female player. These betas would help him with difficult quests, this is before the Burning Crusade,would provide him with gold, and spots in the 40 man raids. Like me, he has quit the game to concentrate on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

[HS: How did he pretend to be a girl when his raiding party used voice chat?]


He didn't have to. His guild was a well disciplined and organized unit. Only the officers, which my brother was not, were allowed to talk on voice chat; everyone else was supposed to keep quiet and follow orders.

My own little anecdotal observation: I've noticed that the best guilds in the game usually tend to have people who are on the right-side of the bell curve. My brother's guild was led by several people who were engineering, math, hard science majors, and computer programming majors. Other friends have said the same thing about their guilds. How they found the time to play? I don't know.

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