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May 15, 2009


"I have to say, I’m glad to receive the attention. One day, if I have enough readers, I could make a living just from blogging and I wouldn’t have to work for The Man."

Depressingly we already deduced that is the only explanation for your Palin posts.

Another explanation for his Sarah Palin posts is that he really, really hates Sarah Palin.

Instapundit also links to Ann Althouse and Don Surber. I'm not sure that's company you want to keep.

Glad you're back to writing worthwile stuff. I quite reading when you were "All Sarah Palin, all the time."

We get it. Dead horsies are boring.

I love the Sarah Palin posts, but I am part of the rather tiny left-wing HBD demographic that is probably not worth targeting.

There's me, Mickey Kaus, Yglesias when he slips and lets his PC guard down and thats all I can think of.

Unlike instapundit, I am no fair-weather friend and check in here almost every day.

HS, Glenn reads my FuturePundit blog and links to stuff on it every week (typically 2-3 posts per week). Well, I did an FP post linking to your post about owning cars. That's very likely that's how he got to your piece.

Don't cry that Instapundit doesn't link to your every post. How about being grateful Instapundit noticed you at all. It was that link that brought me here and may have resulted in your gaining a new regular reader. I will check back in because I liked a few posts and am also a NYC resident (way poorer & outer boro). Hope to enjoy more posts about the reality of life in NYC and less along this whiny line crying.

I also got linked from Instapundit recently, for an article on nanotechnology.

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