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August 06, 2009


Isnt Robert Fox the neighbor Sodini mentions as ushering hot 20yo babes in and out?

No wonder he wants to see whats doing over at the Fox's Den. Probably no Cat 5 cabling, though.

niceguy = beta.

george sodini was a self-loathing beta to the core. that was his undoing.

it looks like he was smart enough to recognize his betatude given his attendance of r. don steele's pickup workshop (steele is considered a buffoon by most pickup artists) but not dedicated enough to apply solid game concepts to his life to lift himself out of his beta hell. he needed a good wingman/mentor and a few number closes under his belt to boost his confidence and set him on the right path.

it's also possible he may have been too aspergery to really internalize the teachings of game.

You mean he was considered non-creepy by men he wasn't attempting to bang. I find it easy to believe that he gave out creepy vibes to the women he wrote creepy things about.

He buttons his shirt too high--looks dorky.

I don't think he would be that out of place today in somewhere like Finland, or an East Asian country.

Even just 50 years or so ago, there probably would've been a good chance that he would've been paired of and married, leading a stable middle class existence, raising a family, and working as an engineer at Bell Labs or something.

This isn't to excuse his behavior, but like you suggest he wasn't necessarily like a super creepy guy. He was a very introverted, shy, passive, borderline Asperger's, etc. type.

Typical psycho killer profile - nice guy!

Revenge of nice guy? hmmm

He gives off a creepy vibe in the youtube video you posted earlier.

Let's see what his co-workers have to say, if they are allowed to say anything.

I don't see how any of you are reading that much info out of that quote. His neighbor "just assumed he was a nice guy" -- that basically means that his neighbor was a human, because that's what humans do.

Some guys are beyond hope. When they open their mouths its enough to make 4's get drier than the Mojave. It's unfortunate but its the truth. The sooner we realize this the sooner we can legalize prostitution and avoid draconian consequences such as this.

They always say that. After all, if he were visibly deranged and dangerous, he'd have been locked up a long time ago.

Beta? No, zeta. A classic example of the type, right down to making his blog so he could control the story posthumously.

"He was a very introverted, shy, passive, borderline Asperger's, etc. type"

What other percent of the male population isn't that?

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