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October 05, 2009


I hate to be cynical, but the two oldest girls, the 14 year old twins...they don't look much like any of the other kids. Even if you factor in the possibility that they have bleached their hair and it is not naturally blond, they don't look Eurasian. But the pictures aren't that good, so it is a bit hard to tell. I could well be wrong.

But if the twins are not his, and she lied about it, perhaps guilt drove her to give him lots of kids that WERE his.

Good looking family.

This speaks more of her vitality and fertility.

I think the children show the genetic affinity of East Asians and Caucasians to one another. I often see mixed White and East Asian people with similar characteristics, many of them passing for White, such as Keanu Reeves or Jennifer Tilley. I have a son that is mixed and he too has similar features, with sandy blonde hair, green and slighlty slanted eyes and fair skin. It is always a great shock for many of his classmates to meet his father for the first time and discover that I am a swarthy Asian man.

Good for him, although the oldest girls, the twins, don't appear to be Eurasian.

I suppose that if he adopted the first two that he can't complain too much when his wife goes on to deliver eight children that are biologically his!

I suppose the bigger problem is that in the U.S. 40% of all children are currently being born to unmarried mothers who generally don't consider the prospect of bastard children to be an emergency.


Well, having lots of kids is useful if you run a restaurant - free labor. I also suspect being Asian in the UK has a higher alpha factor than in the US given that so many white males in the UK are either gay or alcoholic thugs.

Blonde children with the last name Wong. They must really draw a lot of attention. At least some of them will probably go on to have even blonder children named Wong. I find this fascinating for some reason, maybe because most white-Asian marriage is the other way around.

They've got two up on the similarly racially mixed John and Kate. Let's hope their marriage works out better.


The 2 older ones look more Asian in the second picture. Then there's one that looks straight out of Puerto Rico.

Ah you have to love the current state of British morals post-Church of England;

"Naturally, their six daughters and four sons - aged from 22 months to 14 years - were bridesmaids and page boys at the ceremony. "

What is natural about having a gaggle of your kids attending your wedding to your 'partner'?

Also from England comes this chilling tale of the beta male:
"Abused Asian men's lives 'living hell'"

"Because of feelings of shame Mahmood decided not to tell his family back in Pakistan.

"My wife would wake me up in the middle of the night and beat me, demanding money, and when I did not have any, my brother-in-laws would come and punch me and beat my back with iron bars. It was a living hell."

For four years he was not allowed to meet his own sister, who lived at a separate address nearby, or even phone her, and the only contact they had was on a handful of occasions. She was also being beaten"

Half Sigma website = HBD tabloid

The mirror also carried the same story with more details about the couple. I'm surprised you posted this article at all considering your dislike of Proles which is precisely what this couple are. Mr. Wong is identified as a Chef but it's likely that he owns his own restaurant. The mirror article mentioned that on their first date, he took her to his father's restaurant which he probably inherited. I didn't figure there was much money in the Chinese restaurant business, but at least owning one probably makes feeding ten kids quite cheap and easy. It's also quite likely that they have been getting a lot of financial support from Mr. Wong's parents or perhaps the state. Raising ten kids in the UK is definitely not cheap.

"I hate to be cynical, but the two oldest girls, the 14 year old twins...they don't look much like any of the other kids."

It happens sometimes. I think if you will look past their glasses you'll notice they have their daddy's eyes.

Children of Asian/white parents can come out looking multiple ways.

"Blonde children with the last name Wong."

Seinfeld did an episode about this, only the last name was Chang. I think even the two blonde daughters have somewhat Asian features, so I've no reason not to believe they are his.

Since you're linking to the The Mail, and the topic has been raised, your readers may well find this article and the accompanying pictures promising grist for their mill.


What I found interesting was that the asian guy proposed after he found out that his gf was pregnant. Wish that was more common.


"given that so many white males in the UK are either gay or alcoholic thugs."

That makes people more alpha. Stupid, but still alpha.

They are a good looking family. Good for them.

Mr. Wong himself may be mixed.

"Blonde children with the last name Wong."

Wasn't that a Seinfeld episode?

"Blonde children with the last name Wong. They must really draw a lot of attention."

Yes, I received rots of strange rooks growing up, despite being Jewish!

The Seinfeld episode was just a woman who pretended to be Chinese, if I remember correctly.


//Mr. Wong himself may be mixed.//
Possible .. I had always thought dark hair was dominant, myself, and the (admittedly very few) white/Asian mixed-race children I've met have tended to have Asian-like dark hair more often than not, though not always.

Too wonderfully bizarre and tabloidish not to post:

Tarek Fatah: Racism in paradise


A Saudi cleric named Sheikh Muhammad al-Munajid has promised on Saudi TV that the virgins we Muslims will get in paradise will be white. If you blow yourself up in a martyrdom operation, you'll be rewarded with 72 pure women, and not one of them will be black or Indian, or even Arab or Iranian.

Prole names. Izabella. Chinese people usually choose quality English names. I blame the wife.

Twelve Wongs don't make a white!

Boom boom!

Why so much surprise about the blond daughters on a site frequented by folks who claim familiarity with genetics? The Asian traits may be dominant, but when you flip the coins as many times as this couple has, it makes perfect sense that some kids will show recessive traits.

"Half Sigma website = HBD tabloid"

And to think Sailer lists this as a "quant" blog! What a sense of humor on that guy.

Hey Sigma,

This is right up your alley


The Eugenics future is here!

Chinese people and the Saami are somewhat related but that doesn't stop Finns from having a high proportion of blondeness.

Out of 12 kids one is Peurto Rican and another is Bjork, that's interesting.

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