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December 01, 2009


Come on, Sigma.

Where the heck is your "Huckabee proves Evangelicials are drooling, HBD-ignorant, morons" post?


Damn, we'd be so much better off without all those dumb Gentiles...

Like the fundies like to claim "American education is biased against religious belief."

Yeah, ANY real education is biased against superstition, ignorance, and calling every unexplainable event "magic."

Sounds like we have confirmed that the "Inspired Word of God" people are correct and the "Fables" people are droolers.

With those three choices you'd think Other would be higher.

What about the presence of confounding variables?

I'd say that's an illiterate survey, if that was the actual question asked. To take everything literally would be foolish in a text that contained any metaphors (such as parables), so any Christian answering #1 would have to be thoroughly ignorant (as you've pointed out, this is a huge population). On the other hand, I do believe that the Bible is to be taken seriously and word for word; but only literally when it was written literally.

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