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February 15, 2010


No red hat either.

I'm forwarding this important new evidence to the IPCC to help them re-evaluate their position on climate change.

The warmists claim that warm air holds more moisture than cold air, and that is the reason for the blizzards.

Mark Finklestein has looked at the temperatures on the days of the blizzards in the cities that were hit and has compared them with the historical daily average for those cities. He found its been colder THIS year each and every blizzard day, sometimes by 9 degrees or more:


The average temperature THIS year on the snow days in D.C. was over 8 full degrees cooler, hence the snow. So the warmists argument about "warmer air having more water in it" is an outright lie**

Lawrence Auster has a great picture of a "climate station" at the University of Arizona. Its in a asphalt parking lot, encased in a chain-link METAL fence, surrounded by cars (and car exhaust when they drive by it), http://www.amnation.com/vfr/ (SCROLL DOWN to see the picture). A picture is worth a thousand words, but looking at that photo you will see the fraud staring you right in the face. Measuring date from such a location vs. the historical data is going to -of course- queer the data upward. Anthony Watts, a climate researcher with a blog, wattsupwiththat, has noted that these climate stations all over America are similarily strategically stationed where the data will be skewed upwards. In other words the United States Historical Climatology Newtwork has some liars in their organization.

Then again, more snow = more precipitation = more evaporation = more heat somewhere else.

Then again, more snow = more precipitation = more evaporation = more heat somewhere else.

Sounds like what has been going on for the past few billion years.

Excellent pic. Wish I was there. No opinion on global warming though.Cheers!

So you think there is a global warming trend Gulfstream? It well known that warmer temperatures equals more evaporation hence more precipation. If the Earth was globally cooling then snowstorms would actually decrease in intensity though the winter temperatures would in fact be lower. Besides hailstorms occur in summertime during extreme air currents in extreme storm currents and have nothing to do with global cooling.

Posted by: Gil | February 16, 2010 at 05:47 AM

You actually wrote the comment in a correct manner! Maybe in a few years you can be introduced to science. Just remember to save your data. That poor guy from England...

becasue we all know that NY is the world.

hey it is very cold in my local area so therefore no global warming QED.

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