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June 23, 2010


I like to carry a water bottle when I'm out. I fill it from the kitchen tap. Doesn't everyone?

I can't really afford to make bottled water a part of my lifestyle, but whatever they do to it, it does taste better than tap water.

Some of my fondest childhood memories involved drinking water from the garden hose on a hot day. The water tasted so weird but oh so good. I have a Brita filter but I refuse to lug water around, what a ridiculous habit. I agree with the spokesman from the Polaris Institute. Bottled water is a scam and a ridiculous waste of money. It is the kind of spending that insidiously takes a very large chunk of money out of your wallet over time because you never quite realize how much you're spending...on water. Granted, a water filter is also spending money but I would venture to say that the unit cost per gallon (or ounce) over time is much less for filtered water. Water bottles are the modern day teet.

I can't handle drinking tap now that I've gotten used to bottled. There really is a difference.

And there's no way they're going back to water fountains. We all know what that reminds people of.

It's all about the women - marketers can sell almost anything to them by scaring them with phantom fears of "contamination". I was out once in public park on a hot day with my wife and one of her friends, and I suggested using the public water fountain. They both looked at me, horrified, as if it was an outlandish, unbelievable idea. I think I would've gotten less flack if I'd suggested picking up half-eaten food out of the garbage.

" I agree with the spokesman from the Polaris Institute. Bottled water is a scam and a ridiculous waste of money."

Actually the biddie takes an alternative view that drinking all this water is unnecessary in the first place:

"Mrs. Hill attributes the popularity of bottled water to the widespread belief that everyone needs eight glasses worth a day.

“People thought, ‘Oh God, got to have my water,” she said, waving a hand dismissively. “If you did that, you’d spend the whole day in the bathroom!”

She does not drink enough water herself, she allowed; orange juice, milk and Scotch are higher on her list. "

I still am stumped by what statutory authority this town could ban the sale of a legal and safe product. Especially when allow the sale of the same item but in a mixture with carbonation and sugar. This cant possibly be legal.

Note that the woman is a long time privileged me-firster:
"Mrs. Hill said she developed an activist streak as a teenager during World War II, when she spent a summer working in a New York City parachute factory. She discovered that employees got no paid vacation, and tried to stir a revolt.

“I went to a local union office,” she said. “Here I was, only 16, and they said, ‘Get lost, kid.’ ” "

Some bottled water actually comes from springs in Norway. Always check to ensure that you are buying spring water and not just bottled tap water. For instance, I would never trust Dasani since they are owned by the Coca-Cola company.

I also avoid anything that might contain fluoride or chlorine in it. Healthfood stores have mouth washes and tooth pastes which lack fluoride. People have a nature given right not to consume toxic chemicals, and they should exercise this natural right.

There large diesel trucks which spew out soot which are absolutely disgusting and other vehicles, so one may as well exercise prophylactic measures against these undesirable pollutants. Making a pot of green and other teas should help, most especially after running.

Also, keep in mind that corporations take advantage of the fact that they are considered "people" and use the Fourth Amendment to prevent the EPA from regulating said company's dumping of toxic waste where they shouldn't; likewise, Nike used the First Amendment and argued that "The First Amendment allows a corporation to lie."

Some corporations even actively seek to declare it "unconstitutional" for them to be required to have an ingredient list. In Massachusetts in 2000 it was declared "unconstitutional" for a law requiring disclosure of a tobacco product's ingredients by Federal courts. If a corporation doesn't want to disclose its ingredients then people can simply not purchase them.

In today's economy people should save their money and focus on improving their health, wealth, interpersonal relationships, and staying well informed.

My tap water is from a well and it's fantastic.

Still, bottled water is awfully convenient when you're on the go and need to stay hydrated for some reason (I'm a singer) and just can't take all the sugar, caffeine and calories in other C-store offerings.

I bought a few steel bottles and fill all of them with filtered tap water. just as convenient as bottled, with lower cost

by the way, don't ever drink from a garden hose . The hose puts all sorts of lead and chemicals in to the water. The reason for the "weird" taste is all the dangerous stuff you get from the hose. Boys who drink extensively from garden hoses suffer IQ loss due to this

Half Sigma, wasn't there a lot of scorn posted in treads on the Steve o sphere for people that drank bottled water back when drinking bottled water was SWPL and tap water was prole?

Now that many proles drink bottled water, and the vanguard of SWPL have given up on bottled water, the steve o sphere is silent on this topic

Can you interpret most of the posters on the Steve o sphere as simply trying to defend prole culture, or rather trying to defend normal american non nerd culture against the increasing status of nerds / swpls and other new elites? Is the discussion of bottled water part and parcel of that?

Financial rewards in our society have been re allocated over the past 30 years. 30 years ago the traditional masculine hard working gentile American man was at the top of the status pyramid.

If you look today at which people in our society in their 30's and 40's are making the real money, the nerds are present in a way that they never were before. Nerd hobbies are more prevalent, nerd heroes like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are celebrated more than they ever were before. Nerds don't even need to pretend to kow-tow to the dominant white male culture. Does Bill Gates feel obligated to pretend he likes Football or Hunting in order to boost his popularity? No. He lives in a high IQ culture and he is proud of it.

Obviously the non-nerd white males have seen a massive reduction in relative wealth and status while those with high standardized test scores have seen a massive increase. Who gets to go on the i banking partner track - not the average IQ white survivalist that posts in the steve o sphere. I banking partner track is only available to those that were born with high IQ (needless to say there are many other hurdles, but the high IQ is a must)

In fact, I think some of the pain and anguish that we hear expressed by the "white survivalists" and "anti semites" who post so often in the Steve o sphere can be better understood at rage against their own loss of prestige and status. The anti semites and white survivalists want a country in which their (average IQ) sons will have high status and high prestige. In the minds of the white survivalists job one is getting their sons away from the high IQ competitors (ie getting their sons away from the ashkenazi and asian people who outperform them)but after that what is next?

Let me give you an example - in European countries that have no Jews, and have no successful minorities of any kind, you still see the intense expressions of pain by those white males that are losing out to the nerds of those countries in the race for wealth and status.

Like many people here, I am a strong advocate of emptying out the current population of Oregon, and gifting the whole state of Oregon to the "white survivalists" and "anti semites" that post in the steve - o - sphere

The same way Israel is within its rights to set its own immigration policy, The new "white survivalist" nation of Oregon would also be within its rights to set immigration policy. The new nation of Oregon would of course have a citizenry that is made of up 100% of people of European gentile ancestry.

I for one am very interested in seeing what this new nation will do about "nerds". Different white families carry genes for different IQs. The high IQ nerdy whites inside the new nation of Oregon will of course acumulate tremendous wealth and prestige for themselves.

While the "white survivalist" crowd living in the new country will of course feel some pain over being lorded over by a high IQ white elite, I personally believe that it is easier for them to accept this in a situation in which the high IQ elite has the same culture and race and religion that they have

So while there will always be tensions between the nerds with the money and power (Bill Gates, etc) and the white males born with lower IQ, I think those tensions are much lower than they would be if the nerd class included asians and Ashkenazi.

So it is better for the white survivalists to have the country of Oregon for themselves, and also better for the rest of us.

"But now, other SWPLs have banned the sale of bottled water in order to protect the environment"

By all means, let's force people to drink soda instead. It's for our own good!

"People have a nature given right not to consume toxic chemicals"

Literally everything you consume, including 100% pure water, is toxic if consumed in sufficient quantities. Also, if something sold for human consumption has chlorine in it, the chlorine is there not for spite, but to kill things that are considerably more unhealthy than chlorine. Life is full of tradeoffs.

"There large diesel trucks which spew out soot which are absolutely disgusting and other vehicles"

To quote a bumper sticker I saw on a semi once, "If you've got it, a truck brought it".

In some places, like Phoenix Arizona, the tap water really does taste terrible. However, where I live now (Pacific Northwest) the tap water tastes fine and bottled water is unnecessary.

It seemed to me that when bottled water became popular, public fountains became less well-maintained, so even if you didn't mind using a fountain, it would end up broken and you'd have to spring (ha!) for bottled water if you were thirsty.

by the way, don't ever drink from a garden hose . The hose puts all sorts of lead and chemicals in to the water. The reason for the "weird" taste is all the dangerous stuff you get from the hose. Boys who drink extensively from garden hoses suffer IQ loss due to this

That's OK Wes, I had plenty of points to spare :)

"I also avoid anything that might contain fluoride or chlorine in it."

Bingo. One thing the crazy paleoright was absolutely correct about was fluoridation. Its actually a legal requirement in the US (and not many other places) to put these dangerous chemicals in the water supply. That is really what is causing the switch to bottled water. I'm surprised there aren't more conspiracy theories about why there is this well funded astroturf campaign against it.

It also depends where you are. New York City used to have a good water supply, but the pipes in many of the buildings are terrible, and the acquifier is under pressure from development. I don't think the city has such a good water supply anymore.

But one thing I learned was that right now, bottled water is SWPL and tap water is prole. But in the near future, it appears that tap water will be SWPL and bottled water will be prole. This blog contains all sorts of interesting information!

To the "Arnoldr"/"Wallace" guy who keeps posting those comments about the future mixed race elite:

Interesting stuff, but rather than posting it in the comments of many posts on many blogs, why not start your own blog?

Carol is right, it's convenience thing. When you're out and about on a hot day, and want a drink to carry with you, choosing water in a portable convenient package is no weirder than choosing soda or juice.

"Also, if something sold for human consumption has chlorine in it, the chlorine is there not for spite,"

Lol. "How can we kill off all those rotten customers?"

Water purchased in plastic bottles is no longer politically correct. The trendy thing to do now is to carry water in a stainless steel bottle. The only places that have water fountains are Walmarts and schools. While travelling, I still purchase bottles of water.

"The hose puts all sorts of lead and chemicals in to the water"

Some VOCs from the heated plastic, I'll buy, But lead? In a plastic/rubber hose? Really?

@General Ripper, NYC's tap water was rated #2 in a blind taste testing.

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