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August 02, 2010


I can't believe she's a vegan. I know it's a SWPL thing, but I didn't think it was a high-achieving-person thing.

Speaking of which, these vegetable potstickers in spinach dough wrappers I'm eating don't taste nearly as good as they sounded.

Vegan? Vulgarian too.

This new vegan religion is going to suck because the practitioners want to outlaw eating meat products and I love eating meat products.

[HS: Meat tastes even better if you put some cheese on top of it.]

The inclusion of the minister and Rabbi likely represents their "spiritual but religious" mindset. This is very popular amongst the SWPL sect. They get to indulge in spiritual nonsense, but avoid the traditional mores and objective morality of religion.

[HS: "Spiritual but not religious" REALLY means religious but not Christian. Making everyone at the wedding eat vegan food is kind of like Jewish believers making everyone at the wedding eat kosher food.]

People are more complicated than you give them credit for. Me: diet is vegan. Religion is serious mainline Protestant Christian (go to church weekly, read Bible daily, try to live it.) Member: NRA, because I love the second amendment for libertarian reasons, even though I would never ever eat meat. Etc. You can't put everybody (i.e. Chelsea) in a basket, based on one criteria.

[HS: Meat tastes even better if you put some cheese on top of it.]

Vegans also want to outlaw dairy products because, according to them, the cow is being manipulated by humans.

And TUJ loves dairy products.


"They get to indulge in spiritual nonsense, but avoid the traditional mores and objective morality of religion."

Good point and something I've thought of before.

SWPLs are not *necessarily atheists* in the Richard Dawkins sense.

SWPLs are anti-Christian.

The SWPLs didn't abandon Christianity because they have no belief in the existence of paranormal activity (Hillary Clinton is famous for having held a seance to communicate with Elanor Roosevelt).

The SWPLs and agnostics abandoned Christianity because they hated the Church's strong opposition to fornication and drug use and so they converted to Buddhism, Wicca, Gaianism, and other New Age religions where fornication and drug use are highly encouraged.

To SWPLs, Christianity is an enemy religion of Gainism and a competitor for converts.

I heard that it was a wonderful wedding! Good for Chealsea; I also heard that the wedding ring was worth over one million. I wonder if the groom went to JAR for the ring?

"They get to indulge in spiritual nonsense, but avoid the traditional mores and objective morality of religion."

A zombie rising from the dead and using his magical powers to make water into wine is just as nonsensical as dropping bombs into a volcano and e-meters as far as objectivity and science are concerned.

"The current era is very similar to ancient Rome when belief in the traditional Roman religion was weakened because of the influx of huge numbers of immigrants from the conquered lands bringing their own religious ideas with them and exposing the Romans to the possibility that their traditional religion was bogus."

And so the wheel turns. If Jupiter, Venus, and those other gods/goddesses aren't real, and if the emperor isn't actually a "divine" being, then why not take the logic one step further and apply it to contemporary religions?

If someone wishes to be vegan, then that is their business; as for me I'll stick to my bison, ostrich, Camembert, brie, chicken, beef, swordfish, etc.

Did you see how skinny Bill was in those pictures?

Two million bucks for a wedding and no lobster, fillet mignion, or fancy cheeses.

They got screwed.

Off topic: another HBD related blog from the NY Times... it is about technological development for regions in 1000 BC compared to today. Presumably the degree technological development in 1000 BC is substantially influenced by IQ, and the IQ variances are still reflected today by degree of economic development.


Here is an entry that implies HBD (and corroborates Richard Lynn's work about IQ and the Wealth of Nations): Africans dumb, Asians smart.

The recent finding that economic success in life is largely determined by what you learned in kindergarten has proven contentious (at least among our readers). So what if I told you that economic success was instead determined by what your ancestors did more than a millennium ago?
The study gathered crude information on the state of technological development in various parts of the world in 1000 B.C.; around the birth of Jesus; and in A.D. 1500. It then compared these measures to per capita income today.


As Mr. Easterly writes in an accompanying blog post, “78 percent of the difference in income today between sub-Saharan Africa and Western Europe is explained by technology differences that already existed in 1500 A.D. – even BEFORE the slave trade and colonialism.”

What’s more, these differences in technological development between regions had actually appeared as far back as 1000 B.C. (Side note: The big counterexample is China, which historically outshone other countries in its adoption of advanced technologies, but then did not go through the Industrial Revolution.)

There are multiple ways to explain persistence of technological differences over multiple millenniums.

Mr. Easterly argues that once you get on one technological track, it’s hard to switch to a new one: advanced technology begets more advanced technology, because it makes additional innovation that much easier.

“James Watt had acquired a lot of tech experience in the mining"

What's even worse is the way her parents looked: Bill looked like a walking corpse and Hillary like a flying squirrel.


The wedding cost more than five million dollars (according to Paul Craig Roberts anyway). The Clinton's only have one child, so I guess they are splurging. Thats a lot of money for them, unless they've gotten a lot richer with those old cattle futures than we know, which would be funny, considering they put on a 'vegan' wedding.

It brings to mind a great old Gram Parson's song called "Thousand Dollar Wedding", which was probably a hell of a lot more interesting than the stagey affair in New York,

Awfully good lyrics in that song concerning Parson's own obvious loss of religous faith: "The Reverend swore that the fiercest beasts could all be put to sleep the same silly way". Interesting music that probably offended the living hell out of listeners on country stations all across America back in 1972.

The article linked actually says the menu will include vegan (and gluten free) items, but will also have at least one beef entree. As you've noted before, vegetarianism is unusual in the upper classes, and the menu at Chelsea's wedding reflects that.

"I can't believe she's a vegan. I know it's a SWPL thing, but I didn't think it was a high-achieving-person thing"

There are other reasons to be vegetarian (the articles and sub-links seem to conflate the two, so it's not clear which she really is), such as weight control and blood chemistry. She does share a lot of genes with her dad.

It wasn't the Gaian thing that surprised me, it was the fact that the thing cost like 3 million dollars and was a very coveted invitation amongst the influential Democratic donors.

I figured that two old hippies would have wanted their daughter to have a smaller, discreet wedding, like say, Bush's gals. So much for that 60's idealism.

There is no Gaia religion. It's just that some humans are becomming more aware of themselves and the planet. Some call it being enlightened, others mock it while being selfish pricks.

[HS: Becoming enlightened: sounds Buddhist to me. And Buddhism is considered a religion.]

"at least one beef entree": bugger beef, did they serve bacon?

[HS: Becoming enlightened: sounds Buddhist to me. And Buddhism is considered a religion.]
It's considered a religion to some, but I consider it a philosophy.

Are there any prominent conservative vegans or vegetarians?

By the way, I can't help but mention that, while the wedding was supposed to cost $3-5 million, Hillary's web site (www.hillaryclinton.com) is still asking for donations to help retire her campaign debt. Suckers!

Nothing Gaian here. It's just Orthodox Jew-friendly without being explicit about it.

[HS: WRONG. I'm sure the grass-fed beef was unkosher. Chelsea has been vegan before she became romantically involved with her Jewish boyfriend who I doubt keeps kosher. Chelsea is vegan because she's "spiritual but not religious."]

Let us talk about the suspension of Affirmative action in UC schools

"Are there any prominent conservative vegans or vegetarians?"

Probably, but if you're vegetarian lifestyle isn't intended as a political statement it's much less important that it be publicized, regardless of your politics.

"It's considered a religion to some, but I consider it a philosophy"

Buddhists consider Buddhism a religion.

[HS: WRONG. I'm sure the grass-fed beef was unkosher. Chelsea has been vegan before she became romantically involved with her Jewish boyfriend who I doubt keeps kosher. Chelsea is vegan because she's "spiritual but not religious."]

1) You have no idea whether the grass-fed beef was kosher. Even if it wasn't, the vegan stuff probably was. Vegan also means no dairy, so you avoid the dairy-meat issue. Either way, safe food for kosher Jews.

2) Her Jewish husband may or may not be kosher, but he probably has relatives / wedding guests who were. Having an explicitly "kosher" wedding would have been too obvious and awkward.

3) Vegans aren't all "spiritual but not religious". A lot of them eat that way because they think it's healthier, or because they like animals and feel bad eating them.

[HS: How many Jewish wedding have you been to? Apparently none. Even when Jews marry other Jews, if they are secular Jews they usually don't bother with kosher. The kind of Jew who would marry a gentile doesn't care about having kosher food at the wedding. I've never been at a mixed wedding where the catering was kosher.]

"I've never been at a mixed wedding where the catering was kosher"

You're assuming this was a mixed wedding. http://www.politicsdaily.com/2010/07/10/will-chelsea-clinton-convert-jews-wonder-and-ponder-the-impl/

[HS: If she had converted, then there wouldn't have been a Protestant minister at the wedding.]

***The recent finding that economic success in life is largely determined by what you learned in kindergarten has proven contentious (at least among our readers). So what if I told you that economic success was instead determined by what your ancestors did more than a millennium ago?***

Heh, that article overlooks the biological changes that also occurred.


I've been to Jewish weddings. "Secular" Jews, if you want to be precise in your terminology, don't have rabbis officiate. Non-practicing Reform Jews do. While their catering may not be glatt kosher, it's usually kosher enough to placate their more religious older relatives, e.g., if they serve meat they don't serve dairy, there's no shell fish or pork, etc.

[HS: If she had converted, then there wouldn't have been a Protestant minister at the wedding.]

That just means she hasn't converted yet. She may before she has her first kid.

Basically, you are pulling your Gaian description of this wedding out of thin air, and ignoring its Jewish tilt. It's probable that the groom identified more strongly with Judaism than Chelsea identified with Protestantism, which would make sense, given her background. Her mother is a secular cosmopolitan, and church was mainly a political prop for her father; Judaism probably seems more authentic to her.

To have the daughter of a U.S. President convert to Judaism before her big ticket wedding would be the height of chutzpah on the part of her husband-to-be and her family. So they seem to have soft-pedaled the transition with the mixed wedding and mostly vegan menu.


A notable difference between now and times past is that today world leaders are not on the battlefields with the soldiers like the medieval kinds did. Knights in those days were akin to a warrior-middle class of sorts, and had property rights. The peasants, by contrast, were not allowed to own weapons. Today, however, it is typically only the working class that fights in wars for a system that is ultimately against its own interests.

I personally think that human evolution will diverge into two paths: one of an intelligent race of humans, and the others would have their human intelligence bred out of them until they have intelligence levels similar to animals, but consistently know how to behave because they have been conditioned to over generations.

The working class lines of work are also not conducive for intellectual development, and fundamentalists such as Palin (has a quintessentially working class background) also hold contempt for intellectual development. Additionally, religious fundamentalists are overwhelmingly working class, and many in the owning class fund such religious ventures because they find that people with such a low future time orientation need the religious values to keep them in line.

Here are many different factors that could contribute to the devolution of the working class, not in any particular order:

1. Poor education.

2. Poor diet (fast foods, soft drinks, etc.)

3. Shallow and banal "culture".

4. Occupations that do not allow for intellectual development.

5. The early environment of a typical working class child is not conducive for developing the intellect.

6. Religious fundamentalism crippling the working class mind by poisoning it with superstition. Superstition itself being a residual effect from humanity's previously bicameral condition from thousands of years ago (cf.Julian Jaynes' Bicameral Mind Theory), and people would thus literally hear voices in their heads and falsely attribute them to the gods/God. A similar species to religious fundamentalism and superstition are various ideologies that give an external authority power (such as certain statist ideologies). Nationalism and Maoism fall into this category, because such ideologies steal from the value producers and gives to the state for some superstitious, altruistic "higher" purpose.

Additionally, there are other methods that keep down the working class, and the axiomatic notion that perpetual dysgenics is bad for the world will have recognition. If intelligence, reason, logic, and all that makes humans human aren't being nurtured by the working class, then why would the proletariat keep these traits?

Dear "Chosen" Activists and the media:

Who doesn't like a good wedding? I wish the happy couple all the success of a joycous marriage.

However, this particular marriage may have the 'honeymoon' over before it's begun.

I'm not concerned with whether Chelsea converts to being Jewish.

I am concerned that her mother's anti-semitic politics, that has been a disaster against Israel and the Jewish faith and nation, will be excused under the heading: "How can I be an anti-semite, when my daughter married a Jewish man, while I run for President"?

Having started Hillarynow.com and promoting Hillary in Aug. 2003, 3 years before Hillary became a candidate, I went to 110 cities and did over 1000 news interviews on her behalf, and gave her 5 years of my life and I know what a lousy campaign she ran out of Wash., D.C. which cost her the election.

I also know how she wasted $100million on this foolish effort with an incompetent campaign and I also know that when she was both a U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate she was supportive of a 'United Jerusalem', which is the only reason I supported her to begin with.

As a lifelong Democrat, I saw Obama switch in one day from a 'United Jerusalem' to a 'divided Jerusalem', when he addressed AIPAC in D.C.,in 2008 and I was outside with my protest sign: "Obama is Bad For America and Israel" and had to put up with a ton of abuse from those going to the meeting.

For the first time in my life I voted for a Republican. I knew Obama was trouble but I never knew he would be this ruthless and evil. Obama and Hillary won because Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz in Dist. 20, Obama's #1, told the Jewish community we could 'trust' Obama on Israel, which we know today is a huge lie as illustrated below with many more grievances to mention. The Jewish vote in S. Fla. gave Obama the victory, which went national and he was elected with the Jewish vote and Hillary is in her position as a result. Schultz's betrayal and siding with Obama/Hillary on each of the issues below is why I'm running against her for Congress, as an 'independent' in the Nov. general election, as a national referendum against Obama/Hillary/Schultz etc. playing these disastrous and dangerous games.(see: www.kunstforcongress.com).

Anyway, back to Hillary, I also had to put up with 5 yrs. of abusive attacks upon myself for even supporting Hillary.

Many told me of Hillary hugging Arafat's wife who lied about Israel using chemical weapons to kill Arabs. How would Hillary betray Israel and the Jews?

Tragically, since joining Obama's appeasement of everything Muslim, she has gone out of her way to abuse.... time and again... the Jewish nation, the Jewish faith, our 5000 yr. "Covenant with G-d", and to demand that 'no natural births' in our 'holyland', she and Obama want to give to the very Islamic Nazis who backed Hitler and danced in the streets after '9/11'.

Imagine telling the Jews that East Jerusalem belongs to the very people who keep screaming "Death to Israel" and "Death to America"?

Imagine ignoring that Jerusalem has been Jewish for 3000 years and millions of Jews have been murdered for their faith and Jerusalem, they pray to 3 times daily, while the Muslims pray to Mecca and turn their backs on Jerusalem? Jerusalem is in our Bible over 700 times and not once in the Koran. But don't let this stop Obama and Hillary from attacking our faith, they would never do to the Muslims.

Imagine, 'judenrein' politics of a 'Jew free' area, from Hillary to attack the Jewish holyland and all in it and to repeat the disaster in Gaza, which allowed Hamas to take control. This 'Jew free' policy of the Nazis to rid the Jews in Europe, Hillary and Obama are pushing now means that another 630,000 Jews will have to leave Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem, which will never happen without another war. With the 10,000 Jews forced to leave Gush Katif in Gaza and not resettled, does anyone with a brain think the rest of the Jews will follow suit in this outrageous betrayal?

Meanwhile, Hamas takes over in Gaza and is voted in with 85% vote to keep warring with Israel and killing more Jews. For this the Gazans are to be rewarded with Obama and Hillary supporting them instead of atacking them for attacking Israel with 15,000 plus missiles including 300 more since the 'ceasefire' last year.

Where is the morality, principles, credibility of Obama and Hillary with their sins on the backs of Chelsea and her Jewish husband having to deal with all of this outrageous anti-semitism from Obama and Hillary?

Meanwhile, Hillary goes a few weeks ago to Auschwitz, the world's largest Jewish cemetery where millions of Jews were exterminated, to offer $15millions for repair, while Hillary herself is pushing the very same policies that the Nazis used that allowed an Auschwitz, to take place as part of the mass murder of nearly 7 millions Jews in the Holocaust, the Arabs cowardly deny, but want to finish the job Hitler started and Hillary and Obama are pushing and siding with. Why is Auschwitz in the hands of the Poles who put crosses and a disco there, when this belongs to the Jews and other victims and should be shown proper respect?

Didn't Obama dump on the Poles with his missile withdrawal to satisfy the Russians? Didn't Obama even ignore going to the Polish Embassy to sign a condolense book when the Polish President was killed in a plane crash?

Meanwhile, Obama and Hillary are supporting the German Insurance Corporations who don't want to compensate the Holocaust survivors claims and this too happened in July of 2010. Even Bill Clinton wasn't this evil and did support the survivors.

Obama in Cairo in 2009, equates the "Holocaust" with "Muslim Humiliation", while cowardly ignoring 5 Arab wars and 2 Intifadas to kill all Jews and ignored 900,000 Jews thrown out of Arab countries and everything stolen from them, when Israel became a state. Where's Hillary in this outrage?

Yet, Obama and Hillary constantly say that Israel's 'security' will be maintained, but they've allowed, with the most aweful politics and wasting two years, the world didn't have, to allow Iran, which denies the Holocaust, to build its nukes it will use against Israel and America, while supporting the Islamic Nazi Hamas and Hezbollah.

What 'security' is there if Israel is to give up everything Jewish, holy and our 5000 yrs. of 'occupation' that G-d gave to us, we bought and paid for many times over, and the League of Nations also gave to us, but Obama and Hillary could care less about justice for the Jews, while in bed with the Islamic Nazis that want us all dead.

Obama tells Israel that protecting the burial place of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their wives, is a 'provacation' to the Muslims, while Abraham, the first Jew, bought this property, 3000 yrs. before there was Islam. Hillary allows this outrage and smear against the Jewish faith to go unchallenged.

Obama is behind Turkey, England, the EU and UN against Israel and mum about Hamas' 15,000 missiles against Israel, while supporting efforts to stop the 'Gaza blockade', to prevent Hamas from getting any more weapons. Hillary supports this attack against Israel as well, while rewarding those supporting Hamas.

All of this is in violation of Title 18, of U.S. Code which prevents giving any 'material support to terrorists' and both Obama and Hillary cold be impeached for doing this travesty of justice of supporting the very killers of Jews, Christians, Hindus, Kurds, Bhuddists, other Muslims and everyone the Jihadists see as 'infidels'.

This is the tip of the scandal of Obama and Hillary against Israel as much as they are slapping America in the face, by allowing a mosque to be built at 'Ground Zero' in NYC, where 3000 were murdered there on '9/11'and by the same people who side with those who did this mass murder. This isn't religious tolerance. This is taking over this sacred ground as they want to do with Jerusalem. Why not just put a Nazi flag there, as well as Arlington Cemetery, and give up America to 'Shariah law'?

Obama's evil politics is why he is at 40% with 60% of the nation against him. Even Bill Clinton, who accused Obama of being a 'Chicago thug' and previously said the only way whe would support Obama, is to 'kiss my ass', is at 61% to Obama's 52% in the Gallop poll of 7/22/10.

How come Hillary and Obama don't go to the Muslims and demand that they divide Mecca for a phantom 'peace'? Only yesterday, Abbas of Fatah, who is ready for another war with Israel and couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag with Hamas in Gaza, and who Obama and Hillary are backing, said that he will not negotiate unless he gets in advance and in writing... Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem, handed to him on a silver platter.

This is the same Abbas behind the Massacre in Munich in 1972 of 11 Isaeli athletes. This is the same Abbas who is behind the Intifadas. This is the same Abbas who wants Israel to go back to 1948 borders. This is the same Abbas who in Bethlehem on 8/9/09 said he wanted all of Jerusalem, not just East Jerusalem.
This is the same killer Obama and Hillary are supporting.

This by you is 'negotiating' or the next war?

Curse Israel and you are cursed and bless Israel and you are blessed. Obama and Hillary have cursed Israel a hundred times in the last 18 months and America is suffering from the consequenses of this disastrous foreign policy which has driven U.S. credibility and trust and confidence, down to a new low.

This weakness is an invitation to more Islamic Nazi attacks.

Obama and Hillary scapegoat Israel and Jews, that the only reason U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq are being killed, is because Israel won't give in to the Arabs in Gaza and West Bank?

Obama and Hillary blackmail Israel that if they give it all up, they'll allow Israel to attack Iran to stop from being nuked.

Obama and Hillary say nothing about the racism, anti-semitism and constant attacks from the Arabs upon Jews, let alone wanting to continue the Holocaust and only two weeks ago Abbas was telling Hamas to keep killing Jews.

So Obama and Hillary keep insisting you can make peace with those who want to kill you, as much as Neville Chamberlain in 1939, offered 'land for peace' with Hitler and gave up the Sudentenland and Czechoslovakia and flashed 'peace in our time' with that paper that meant nothing.

The tragic results of this stupidity and weakness and groveling, was WWII and the loss of 60 million lives and the Holocaust of nearly 7 million Jewish men, women and children (1 1/2 million Jewish children murdered) and with an alliance by the the very Arabs/Muslims with Hitler, that Obama and Hillary are alligned with now, and are playing the very same stupid and dangerous game Chamberlain did then, we are all facing a new catastrophe.

Saudi Arabia, responsible for '9/11' and 15,000+ Islamic Nazi attacks since, but has the oil, dictates to Obama and Hillary and much of that oil money goes to Bill Clinton's library, as it goes to Jimmy Carter's library, who started his anti-semitic campaign with Israel being an 'apartheid' nation and pushed the flotillas issue. He is also subject to Title 18 violations.

Target Stores was selling globes that had 'Palestine' on it and not Israel, which is no different from the maps from Fatah and Hamas, Hezbollah ad nauseum and nothing from Obama or Hillary about this outrageous attack from Target participating with Hamas etc.

The U.S State Dept. has been anti-Jewish since before the Holocaust and now Hillary and Obama have made it even worse. Our allies see how Obama and Hillary are beating up on America's #1 ally, Israel and have lost trust for their own issues. Our enemis see the U.S. as weak and stupid and want to take advantage of us, since no one from Pakistan to N. Korea, Iran to Venezuela and Cuba among the very many dictatorships Obama and Hillary keep catering to, have wanted to work to stop their threats against us.

Turkey and Brazil side with Iran on nukes, while Hamas and Hezbollah are moving through Latin and Central America with Iran and Chavez and Castro. Then last year, 45,000, non-hispanic were caught at the Mexican border, from countries trying to do us harm, but only 'racist' attacks come from Obama, Hillary and even Bill saying that any resistance to Obama's policies are 'Timothy McVeigh Wannabees'.....and the real issues and threats are ignored.

You understand now why I'm running for Congress. I'm also President of Shalom International, (www.defendjerusalem.net), which has done 319 rallies/events and 1214 news interviews from Oct. 2007 to July 28,2010 to "Keep Jerusalem United" and to "Fight the Jihadists". We've had 17 rallies at the White House, G-20 Summits in Toronto and Pittsburg, At the Vatican in Rome, the Zion Square in Jerusalem during the Pope's visit, the Durbin II anti-semetic attacks from UN in Geneva, the Dem. and Gop Conventions, Ground Zero in NYC, at the Holocaust Memorial in Miami with 2000, at the "Annapolis Summit" and we do four weekly rallies in S.Fla among so many of our efforts.

On Dec. 30, 2008, 300 Muslims screamed "Jews into the Ovens" at the Fed. Bldg. in Ft. Laud., and we have been opposing them ever since.

Last Fri. we were in Atlanta, calling for a boycott of Turkey for their act of war with the 'Gaza Flotilla.'

You can see our huge successes on our web site.

So the real questions here are that Obama's and Hillary's anti-Israel and anti-semitic politics have resulted in a massive increase in anti-semitism across the planet, and that their one-sided attacks on Israel have only encouraged more attacks from the enemies of Israel and America,and that all of the above, means that Chelsea and her Jewish husband have to contend with the sins of the mother-in-law and father-in-law as well.

What kind of Jew is Marc Mezvinsky, who can turn a blind eye to all of the above?

The issue of who is a Jew is to be our 'brother's keeper' and to honor our special relationship with G-d and why we are still here after 5000 yrs. and to 'do unto others, as we would do unto ourselves' and our passing to the world of the 'Ten Commandments' given to us by G-d, who has kept us to this moment and we are still struggling to survive and also to give charity and help humankind which we do all the time.

We are the world's scapegoats, but also the world's 'conscience'.

Our enemies don't trust Obama and Hillary either.

This includes 11 major attack from Muslim Jihadists in the U.S. in 2009.

Obama and Hillary, only last week allowed the PLO terrorist group, responsible for thousands of Jewish deaths in Israel, to fly its flag in Wash., D.C. and give it recognition, when this Islamic Nazi group should be thrown out of the U.S. altogether.

Why isn't Obama and Hillary, moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and federating West Bank with Jordan and Gaza with Egypt, if they wanted real peace? But 'no', Saudi Arabia, Obama bows down to, rules here, so they keep fitting a squre peg in a round hole going no-where but attacking the Jews, Israel, Judiasm, etc.

Why did the Pan Am 103 bomber, who killed 270, get released to Libya with BP support, and our government's(Obama's/Hillary's) approval, while BP of Gulf Oil catastrophe, paid Obama $1million, and Obama responded with a 'too little, too late' reaction, and BP has a relationship also with Iran, and Congress is also on the oil dole and is impotent to protect America or anyone except Big Oil, which plays a key role in 'Middle East' politics?

So when Obama and Hillary offer $900millions to Gaza and Hamas and another $400millions to Gaza and Hamas and even $20millions to bring them here to the U.S., this alone is an act of treason and violation of Title 18 and 'impeachment'.

What kind of Jew would turn a blind eye to this madness? Especially from a 'mother-in'law', playing such dirty politics against Israel and the Jewish people?

Will Marc Mezvinsky stand up to Hillary, his mother-in-law? His father, Ed Mezvinsky of Iowa, was a former Representative,in the U.S. House, who served 5 years in prison, convicted of fraud, and released in 2008.

Will the son stand up for the Jewish people and America or sell out to Hillary and Bill?

Will Chelsea stand up for the Jewish people and America or keep selling out to Hillary and Bill?

These are not idle issues, as the dangers keep building with these politics, no one can escape from especially from this family.

A real Jew and Christian would react and oppose Obama and Hillary on these issues.

Not a dilemma for a real Jew. Responsibility and accountability is what we must all be about and why our Shalom International efforts are constant reminders of who we are and what we must do and all the support we do get from the grassroots of America who also get it and why they oppose Obama's and Hillary's politics against Israel that is also against America.

Hillary's Presidential aspirations have taken a nose dive because of all of the above and more. Still, she is ahead of Obama in the polls.

Obama lies, Hillary lies, Schultz lies, and the question is whether the children will be any different?

I wish Chelsea and Marc well, but this family has much blood on its hands. Bill hasn't done his job well in Haiti with 300,000 dead in that earthquake that Obama promised $1billion for and didn't deliver, except for more photo ops, as in the Gulf oil spill.

If Chelsea and Marc have a conscience they must oppose their parents and in-law politics and policies, or suffer the consequences of being tainted with the same brush.

No one gets out of these issues. We will all survive or sink with them.

Yours in Shalom,
Bob Kunst
President, Shalom International

I'm glad they had the decency to provide meat for omnivorous guests; all vegetarians should do so!


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