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September 28, 2010


Well certainly the one unit stack and hex maps made map management much easier, but it just lacks the feel(and features such as religious victory for example) that Civ 4 and the expansions brought.

Also, if you haven't, try the fantasy mod. It is probably the best mod I've played for any game. It incorporates practically all mainstream fantasy races and has some amazing ability features.

P.S How the hell does the Songhai empire get incorporated yet Spain or Mongolia get excluded.

Oh So true, I just bought it and I stayed with it for two days, giving it the benefit of the doubt of being new for me to play. IT SUCKS. I hate CIV 5, I am going back to CIV 4. Who ever ruined Civilation needs to have their a$$ kicked.

Btw, I just loaded it up and find that the intro is a bit strange. A Celtic-looking chieftain with brooch and all, with a Zulu shield in the background inside what is probably a Native tipi talking to his Arabic garments dressed son.

Civ4 was recently on sale for 10$ on Valve's Steam platform - with all expansion packs, including the standalone Colonization remake.
With luck, that price will be back at the New Year, for anybody who missed it.

I'll go beyond that and recommend Civilization 3 over Civilization 4. Civ 4 concentrates too much on pretty pictures and not enough on getting things done.

Civilization Revolution on the Xbox is now my favorite in the series. I never thought any strategy game could be worth a damn on a console, but the Xbox version is very well paced and deep. The AI is pretty solid too.

Translation: HS has a slow computer. The game appears to have garnered good reviews.

Have to agree, Civ 4 is a far more interesting game. I'm a fan of the concepts, especially with units (one per tile, faster movement, ranged attacks) and don't mind the idea of city states. But they took out the traditional balance of food/production/gold and made gold rule the world. Boring!

@Descartes:The Songai get incorporated for the same reason that the Zulu did. They need at least a token black face anmong the leaders either for PC or marketing.

Be glad they just exaggerated the importance of a African minor kingdom and didn't make Cleopatra black (like they did in CivRev).

I'm willing to forgive them since at least for now they still show healthy Eurocentrism. However the inclusion of both the Ottomans and the Arabs as vanilla game civs is something new and does point to a changing market or at least sensibilities.

Tim of Angle: Sorry Tim but the AI of Civ3 is much worse, also the corruption system is horridly annoying compared with the maintenance system.

It is a good game and perhaps marginally better than Civ2 (which was awesome for its time), but its a good league below Civ4.

I wonder does the odd titles suck rule apply?

they just released an unfinished game. The core is not bad, but they left half of the things that made Civ 4 great. Where is religion and spying? Why does the AI feel so random? Why did they take cottages from the game? I like the hex grid, and the new combat, but why go backwards with the things that already worked?

"Translation: HS has a slow computer. The game appears to have garnered good reviews."
The game runs far to slow even of higher end systems systems
Press reviews mean very little any big title launch invariably gets great reviews from the gaming press, they know where there ad revenue comes from. Likewise main stream media game reviews tend to be superficial. I doubt any of the reviewers played the game more than a few hours.

However, fan opinion has been pretty unanimous the game is lousy buggy and dumbed down.

Yeah civ5 is very unfinished. MP is unplayble and SP is not very stable either ( it crashes every tine on game load for example)

AI is also not very bright especially with 1UTP system. I can win on deity without exploits -something I was never managed in civ4 except for duel maps, mostly because AI is brain dead in combat

Be glad they just exaggerated the importance of a African minor kingdom

Yeah lol african "great empire" and iroqouis empire. And half leaders are female .Political correctness at its best :)


Why is eurocentrism considered "healthy".

History evidentally dates back before 1500 AD, so it should cover more then one region. Imo, they are just very lacking in including more important civs.

The inclusion of Arab and Ottoman as civs in Civ4 onwards were necessary, as Babylon lost its status as a culture and nation hundreds of years before the Romans even became an empire, and its the core Civ mid-east nation.


It is a much better alternative to the "Native American" cluster that they did last game, and its from Civ 3 as well. Songhai should easily be replaced with Ethiopia or something else.

I'm a bit confused as to why Wu Zentian and Catherine the Great are in place instead of Mao, Qin, Peter the Great or Stalin.

Civ 5 was sooooooooooooooo dissapointing it sucks when an extremely anticipated game gets rushed. I really hope an expansion comes out that merges the aspects of religion, corperations, and better AI with the new combat system =/

The review for Civ5 at 1Up is a C and mentions the exact problems that you guys are talking about.

Also, the Ottomans and Arabs very reasonable civilizations to included. They kicked alot of ass in their time. I can see that there's something off to leaving out the Mongols and Spain for the Songhai. Both really kicked alot of ass in their time.

"I'm a bit confused as to why Wu Zentian and Catherine the Great are in place instead of Mao, Qin, Peter the Great or Stalin."

Cuz like the Na'vi in Avatar, they got to have tits. How else can the the leader portrait artists show their stuff?

I played for three hours and then deleted it. I'm glad I got the "free" version.

I have a new and very fast PC but the game sometimes run slow.

The interface was partially improved, partially worse.

The biggest improvement was the fighting sequences and the ability to preview a battle.

The worse aspect was the map screen, which was buggy and slow. Unit movement commands sometimes had to be repeated.

The pace was too slow too. After three hours my largest city was a 4.

I'll try again in a year when some expansion packs are included. I think the game has potential and could be a lot better than Civ 4.

"History evidentally dates back before 1500 AD, so it should cover more then one region. Imo, they are just very lacking in including more important civs."

I find a moderate dose of Eurocentrism a very commendable trait in a mostly European descended team don't you think? Also even if they weren't the anti-Western strand of thought pushed through by the MSM.

"I'm a bit confused as to why Wu Zentian and Catherine the Great are in place instead of Mao, Qin, Peter the Great or Stalin."

They also need female leader heads.

Also I'm glad they left the religions out. The game files show something called "Spiritualism" being a religion. New age bull most definitely, and they left off Judaism for that too.

I haven't played the Civ series. I'm looking for a game that has a reasonable economic model, i.e. something like an actual decentralized market economy. Instead of the central planning nonsense in "Anno/A.D." and similar games. Any recommendations?

P.S. I'm blogging again. On the Malthusian mystery:


And continuing my history of Roman / Continental law:


Maybe its time for Sid Mier's to retire... Civ 5 is definetely a let down. They took away all the good features from Civ 4, and dumbed it down. I'm thoroughly disapointed and will continue playing Civ4

I'm not an absolute hater of Civ 5 but it definitely has the "unfinished feel" to it. It has so many bugs and imbalances, it's just laughable. They should have put in another 6 months before they released it. And the informational interface seems like it was cloned straight from the Sims (blue round buttons etc...). BTW, I'm playing on Prince and I'm still in the Middle Ages, but I was able to upgrade my horseman to Modern Armor! WTF?

I've only played civ1, which had the Zulu even then. I remember wondering why they didn't have Hitler as the German leader; after all they had Stalin and Mao....

but I was able to upgrade my horseman to Modern Armor! WTF?

Knights in shining kevlar?

CIV 5 sucks!

I own a gaming computer--quad core i7, dual NVid GTX 260's in SLI, blah, blah, blah.

My first nightmare that I played lasted about 18 hours with a huge map and 18 AI's... friggin' overload after many cities. The next nightmare game was with a large map and only 8 AI's... pretty much the same... slow, slow, slow... then stop.

I'll bet some jacka$$ MBA graduate said, "not done?... so what?... we need cash now!... send it out!" They should've fixed the bugs, and placed it on the market after Thanksgiving... in a working state!

I am completely disillusioned with Fireaxis and Sid Sid Sid... wtf?

This game is one heifer of a turd ball. It's buggy, it's slow and boring. Civ. IV wasn't this broken when it first came out before the expansions. I will not be buying any expansions for this game no matter what they claim to have fixed or improved. This game tells us that $$$Profit$$$ was the only motivator for releasing this game without consideration. I will not be coming back to the Civ. franchise.

wow hs. wow don't you and your hordes of hbd nerds stop playing games for once and actually go out on dates (granted you probably have a hard time getting one).

And they fight the file sharing that allows a test drive. Of course they do! Because the consumers are not thieves, just trying to see what they are really being sold before they get robbed buying crap like this. We need file sharing for the same reason we need windows in packages of bacon!

Return to CIV 4 ASAP !! This is how I will open my review on the new Civ V.. So many critics that I want to share:

1.Combat. One unit per tile is nonsense. Once you created many military units, you dont know where to put it because one unit per tile rule. Very confusing.
2.Land unit can simply cross the sea tiles without boarding caravels, etc... No more sea tile obstacles, which is ridiculous IMO.
3.No technology trade with other Civ? WTF? No explanation required...
4.Get bored interacting with City States. No point in adding them whatsoever.

And many more but I get tired of writing.
Conclusion: Civ V has lost the spirit of Civilization Series. I suggest for those hard core Civ fans (I've played since Civ II), not to waste your money in this game. Stick to Civ IV, because Civ V has turned into a console kind of game. Just sad...

I've been playing Civ from the first installment of the game. I'm a big fan of the combat change and the hex tiles, and the social policies are pretty interesting. Aside from that, this game does suck. I can't believe how dumbed down the game is, and how awful the AI is. Your entire Civs happiness is less complicated than just one city from any previous version of the game. I could complain forever. And worker automation... wtf?

I've been playing this game way too long to give up on it though. Sure they released an incomplete game, but I'm just going to pretend I'm playing a beta version that I payed 50 bucks for and pray they fix it soon.

Stick with the "Total War" series of games,
CIV 5 feels like a 3rd grader slapped it together overnight compared to "Total War 2".
I have many compaints about CIV 5, from the excessive load times, to the moronic tech tree and age era.
I had bow men take down my Apache gunships,. what's up with that?. I played it all the way up to the year 2189, and still had 90% of the map unmapped,. Really? It's 2010 and we have sat's that mapped every inch of this earth.
On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give Civ 5 a -2. not even worth pirating.

I bought it, installed it and currently I am playing it.

Wow... why not just include a nice colourful label on the box saying Console Ready GUI. Christ in heaven, must they dumb everything down for the little shoot-em-up psychopaths of today?

The 1 unit per tile sux in my opinion. Yes S.o.D wasn't balanced, but I'm certain they could've found a nice middle ground. Also, the speed of the gameplay and city growth is ridiculously slow to say the least, if you play epic you probably will miss the second coming, waiting for your newest city to grow.

All in all I am severely sorry that I spent money buying this game. It wasn't worth it, in fact what was worth the little money I spent on it was Cities XL limited Ed, on special at Steam. So much more entertaining!!!

Sid Meier / Firaxis... you have a lot, A LOT of explaining to do.

Civ 5 is jsut horrible compare to Civ4.
AI does a lot of stupid mistakes. Crashes. No chalenge at all.

this game sucks balls.

and to all you bastards saying arabia isnt worthy of being in the game... if thats the case then neither should any europeon civ. if it wasnt for the arabs reviving the greeks and romans sciences, then no future civs would exist as we know them today. plus they had... what? he second largest empire in the history of the world? i think you guys are just full of subconscious (or conscious) hate for arabs because youve been drinking the government kool aid.

I played it for two days and I have no intention of doin it again. I ll better upgrade my civ 4 mod. Civ V Gameplay lacks fluidity and vision. There are too many small things to do like click on all of those popups and care for city states, so that it hampers the real gameplay. They tried to make game simpler and faster, but as a result it became booring and repetitive. And I did not saw a chance for better tactics in there. Just, instead of goin with stack of units, you go with units side by side one after another. It just takes longer, it ain't more fun and after a while it get booooring.

Played Civ for quite a few years now. Was really looking forward to this one. Too bad they butchered everything great about the game with very little improvements.

I do enjoy the single unit a hex improvement, makes battles more interesting and challenging moving forces around.

The new interface is horrible, too much on the screen at one time, they need a toggle switch or something to shut off all that crap.

Worker AI is just awful, if you don't watch what they are doing they'll build a farm one turn, build a tradepost the next and then build the farm again over top of it. Its like each turn they check to see what that particular city needs and build it. Just brutal having to micromanage alot of workers if you've got a large empire going. And don't expect them to build roads, they'll walk around the map all day and not build a road to connect 2 cities.

I wish they had more dialoge with leaders. Like they call me a war mongerer for killing off the Romans, yet Hiwatha wiped out every city state around him and everyone loves him. There should be more threatning options available. And the trading is somewhat brutal too. You need my marble? I'm going to demand every resource you have, all the gold you can make for the next 30 turns, and your first born child.

And its slow. I mean if you play a huge map it takes like 2 mins each turn for the computer AI to do its stuff. And it gets worse the more the map is uncovered. Like I care if some barbarian is shooting arrows at some city states I'm allied with across the map, they need to toggle this stuff off.

This game almost makes me hate it, almost. It is definatly brutal to play, but I have hopes for a patch fix soon for most of this stuff. If they put it into an expansion and charge me for it I'll be forced to drive to Fraxis/Mier's HQ and burn the place down.

Well ive played about 20 hours aleast now and i got to say the fact that the ai is completely retarded ruins everything. i love everything else about this game if i played it online with real people it would prolly be good but the ai is horrible.
first off the ai diplomacy, i remeber in civ 4 the ai felt somewhat real. like you could help them out and they would like you more for it. in this game its almost inpossible to keep someone as your ally. the littlest thing you do makes everyone hate you. and the smerky comments they say after i just gave him butt loads of resources in an attempt to befriend him. seriously i get pissed off at the ai when they say there totally uncalled for insults.
which than leads me to attacking them and now everyone in the world hates me. o and i just figured out that the ai trades there resources with other ai but never once have i gotten an offer from them.
but my god the true killer is when you fight the ai. im pretty sure you could go to war with someone and than just fortify your units on some hills and never do anything and the ai would just kill themselves off. its really awful im done with the game until they make an ai patch.

Greekus, "i love everything else about this game if i played it online with real people it would prolly be good but the ai is horrible. "

Actually Greekus the animations are turned off in multi player. You don't even see anything happen it just happens.

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