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February 01, 2011


Note that Yale has a reputation as the "gay Ivy".

Support for gay marriage seems pretty high among her generation.

The NY Times always seems to delight in finding the son/daughter of some curmudgeon Republican politician that holds a contrary opinion to their father, in order to show just how unhip and out of touch said Republican fuddy-duddy really is.

They did the same thing with Dick Cheney's daughter Mary, and the gay marriage/gay rights issue.

And also with Ron Reagan Jr. It's all so formulaic.

"And also with Ron Reagan Jr. It's all so formulaic."

Ron Reagan Jr. had no choice but to become a liberal. He had to or else the MSM would have kept insinuating that he was gay because he dropped out of Yale to go to a dance school. I guess Yale wasn't gay enough for him.

She probably holds orthodox PC views across the board on other controversial issues like affirmative action and illegal immigration. Of course, she is going to toe the SWPL/elite party line on gay marriage.

If you're looking for bravery or original thinking, you won't find much of either among our SWPL overlords.

A young white upper class Ivy League girl supports gay marriage. Next thing you'll be telling me she supports abortion rights as well!!

"If you're looking for bravery or original thinking, you won't find much of either among our SWPL overlords."

I was wondering if there's ever been an instance where a Democratic politician had a son/daughter who held conservative views:

Bill Clinton only has one child; Obama's daughters are too young still for anyone to care what they think, if they did at all; and I've never heard much about Jimmah Carter's children.

Al Gore's son Albert III was arrested in 2007 and charged with drug possession. He was driving a Prius at the time, so the drugs and the hybrid car are both standard Democratic party positions - nothing unusual here!

[HS: Amy Carter is even more liberal than her dad.]

"She probably holds orthodox PC views across the board on other controversial issues like affirmative action and illegal immigration."

Why not? Her daddy does. The sort of views that W holds would have made him a very conventional, unremarkable Democrat 30 years ago.

Most of the children of the elite never amount to much. Sometimes they cash in on their family's name recognition to get themselves elected to some office, but that's about it.

Newt Gingrich, one of my least favorite choices for the Republican nomination for president next year, has a militant lesbian half-sister.

Wade N, one of Madalyn Murray O'Hair's (she was a famous atheist activist in the 70s) sons became an evangelical. That's the only time I can recall a famous lefty's child moving right.

This story illustrates why it's just as well the Red State whites are almost shut out of the Ivies. They'll just brainwash you.

"She probably holds orthodox PC views across the board on other controversial issues like affirmative action and illegal immigration." -Winston Smith

Her dad Dubya Bush held the orthodox PC views on those issues also. It was only gay marriage and abortion -- the only PC positions that actually increase the freedom of US citizens -- where Bush broke from PC orthodoxy.

A better way of thinking of Bush is simply that he was against America and Americans every chance he got.

Half Sigma,

Did it ever occur to you that perhaps Barbara P. Bush has gay friends, and that maybe she'd like to see her gay friends enjoy the same right to marry that she does?

She lives in Greenwich Village, for chrissakes.

Yet you just can't resist another round of crying "Ah ha! The elite liberal college PC brainwashing claims another scalp!" and so attack her for being shallow rather than sincere in her position.

What is wrong with you?

For fuck's sake, GET OVER gay marriage. Its going to happen whether you like it or not. May as well adapt to this new reality that you can do nothing about -- save for endless, impotent bitching.

I would venture to guess that George W. Bush himself probably doesn't really care if gays get married, but he's keenly aware that the low IQ Southern white trash prole base that drives GOP politics would never have accepted less than outright hostility toward gay marriage.

Low IQ southern whites may not be as bright as New Yorkers, but they are not that stupid. They oppose gay marriage not because they give a rats rear what gays do. They oppose it because they can't afford private schools and don't want their kids taught gay sex ed in school.

What gets me is that this "generation" you refer to (actually, it's mostly the gals) see this as their "civil rights" moment. Yep. They are pretty jealous that their folks lived through or led a real civil rights movement.

To Patrick--

I figure gays didn't invent marriage and so, by god, they shouldn't have it, especially after making fun of us breeders all the time and after making fun of the institution itself.

Quite seriously, there are unintended consequences of gay marriage and frankly, we don't need anything else that will serve to cripple it further or leave it open to redefinition again and then again. No, marriage isn't a civil right for everyone. If it were, we could all marry whomever we wished in whatever numbers we wished.

Gays can live their lives quite happily with all the legal protections they want w/out marriage.

Having said all this, I realize you are right when you say it will be a reality at some point, given the airheads like B. Bush and her galfriends, but I figure that almost simultaneous to that, we will have figured out what causes homosexuality and future parents will be able to prevent it.

It's also hogwash that Ivy League schools "liberalize" their students. These schools provide exactly what the parents want (they have endowments to think of), and 99% of the kids arrive at Yale (or Harvard or Princeton) with their liberal beliefs already firmly in place. In most elite Wasp and Jewish families going through your "lefty phase" is almost a rite of passage before you settle down and join the law firm or take over the family business and start complaining about taxes. The Bush's probably think little Barbara's gay marriage position is kind of cute.

My guess is that since homosexuality is not biological but cultural and since the Ivies have a higher percentage of homosexual students than your average state school, Barbara Bush sees homosexuals as members of the elite. Thus, she will support them.

On a side note, HS should be commenting about how the children of the elite are packing themselves into Manhattan and remaining childless.

At least Amy Carter remained in the south but still sent her son to an elite private school.

Gay marriage is never going to happen because it is a fucking joke. Men and women who have children together and live their lives together are "married". That is how it has been for tens of thousands of years and that is how it will always be.

A few queers who, thanks to the modern technology of latex and KY Jelly, can fuck each other in the ass are not married.

Regardless, after the revolution, laws will be changed such that the intelligent are encouraged to breed with tax breaks. Queers, imbeciles, morons, and hedonists of all stripes will pay heavy taxes for the privilege of their decadent lives.

"...the low IQ Southern white trash prole base that drives GOP politics..."

As opposed to the high IQ illegal mestizos that Bush has wet dreams about?

LBJ's daughter is married to Sen. Chuck Robb. Robb would be a Republican in most states. You could argue LBJ would be a Republican in most states, though.

I think previous commenters are missing the point. It's not about gay marriage, it's about some undeserving celebritwat using her soap box in the shallowest way imaginable while spitting in the faces of all the people who voted for her dad so she could have that soap box in the first place.

Patrick, the fact that you think "get over it" constitutes an argument proves what a moron you are. A more perspicacious observation would be that for gays, marriage is mostly a "jizzya" against straights. Ask yourself sometime why you don't feel gratitute toward straights. After all, look at all the formerly mainstream conduct we've agreed to give up. There's no violence, we don't shun you like lepers despite all your (retro)viruses, we don't make jokes about how you talk, we don't use the terms "fag," "fruit," "fairy" or "poofter" (love those brits) anymore. But these surrenders weren't good enough for you. And why not? Because your generation didn't achieve them, the queers before you did. So marriage is your straight-twitting project. Fine, but don't pretend you have an argument.

"insinuating that he was gay because he dropped out of Yale to go to a dance school. I guess Yale wasn't gay enough for him."

Isn't it disgusting that dancing, something that mankind has been doing for scores of thousands of years is now off-limits to white heterosexuals. I have no idea how to dance, because it strikes me as gay. That's pretty ridiculous and it seems to be of recent vintage. There was nothing particularly gay about Gene Kelly or Frank Sinatra.

Helene Edwards --

"Get over it" isn't my argument to Half Sigma. Its my *advice* to him in his ongoing struggle to cope with a reality that he chronically bemoans like an intellectually decrepit old man who can't adapt himself to the reality he finds himself in, even though he lacks both the power and the will to change that reality.

As to my "ingratitude" toward straight people, I'm not even gay, you presumptuous fool. Also, don't speak for straight people. Most straight people don't feel they've "given up" violence against gays because they never practiced it in the first place.

Half Sigma may have his insecurities about gay people and gay marriage but he doesn't bigot-troll about it or make brain-dead comparisons to Islamic states and their treatment of non-Muslims.

Get a fucking life, get over gay people. If you don't like gay marriage, don't have one. Its really that simple. Quit being so over-interested in the private sex and love lives of people who are NOT YOU. Its fucking disturbing.

The bigot side of this culture war lost. Deal with it, and quit whining as if you're some poor oppressed victim. Its fucking pathetic.

I feel like Chelesa Clinton has proven herself to be relatively conservative, or at least AS conservative as her father, which would be unusual for a Democratic child. I seem to recall her being a big booster of the Iraq war back in the day, at a time when most members of her generation were madly against it.

Barbara Bush goes off to Yale, and hangs with a crowd that is pro-gay marriage, and she feels so ashamed about what her elite friends think about her fuddy-duddy father’s politics on this issue, she feels compelled to make a public announcement so that everyone knows she’s a cool person who supports gay marriage.

That's about the size of it, Sigma! Someone else notes that so often it has been the *daughters* of prominent Republicans engaging in these antics, underscoring the fact that young women are malleable and conformist, irresponsible, and certainly should not have the right to vote.

Step back, take an objective view - put yourself, for example, in the shoes of a Roman detachedly observing our society - and consider whether it isn't absurd for these women to enjoy actual political power. If you think it is reasonable for childless, responsibility-free, peer-pressure-vulnerable Barbara Bush to have a political voice, I suggest you are a victim of our age.

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