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May 17, 2011


Maria Shriver always struck me as looking a lot like Arnold, like they could have been brother and sister.

I usually don't agree with you on women's looks, but I have to say you are correct about Shriver...but then again Arnold is from Austria, along with Switzerland AND Germany they have some of the least attractive women in Europe (on average).

This is off topic but you are missing the party:


Not hot. Neither. Schwarzenegger used to pull the best, but has become less efficient instead of more as he's aged (when compared to Berlusconi.)

Arnold before: http://www.holytaco.com/25-potential-reasons-why-arnold-schwarzenegger-and-maria-shriver-seperated/

Berlusconi: http://www.scoopcelebrity.com/silvio-berlusconis-girlfriend-noemi-letizia-bikini/

That scheming breeder has a name: Tammy Baker-Tousignant. I'm disgusted that the L.A. Times kept it private to "protect her privacy." No woman who has and keeps a child by a married man nowadays is deserving of any sympathy. There is birth control, there is abortion, there is adoption for the very few adulteresses who might have a genuine religious objection to abortion. Nope, she obviously schemed to get a wealthy, famous, married man's baby. Like her fellow knocked-up mistresses Lara Logan and Rielle Hunter, Ms. Baker-Tousignant is nothing but a dirty little plotter.

It was incredibly irresponsible and naive of Arnold to fool around without having had a vasectomy.

I always thought Maria was sort of cute, at least when she was younger, but Tammy has her beat by about twenty years.

Maria is a Kennedy - she is the niece of Jack, Bobby and Teddy. She also has had an extensive career in media, advocacy and journalism. She no doubt considers herself a super-alpha female, and any male below the super-alpha level is not worth her bother. Unfortunately, well, even super-alpha females have trouble keeping men of that type from straying (virtually all the Kennedy males were womanizers). She and Arnold have four kids - they're the real losers here. Too bad.

One peculiarity of American politics is that Arnold's love child will hit his reputation several times harder than commuting the sentence of a killer, because his daddy pulled Arnold political favors.

It's 100% guaranteed that Tammy the mistress is completely hairless :(((

Relevant: what is Half Siggys take on Lady Gaga. Will she surpass Michael Jackson? Is rock music losing out to electronic pop? Only 3 of Billboard’s top 100 selling singles for 2010 are guitar based rock-and one of them is Journy's 30 year old "Don't Stop Believing"

Just on that post by Dragon Horse, here is another article about the controversial Kanazawa post.


@ Dragon Horse

Isn't Satoshi Kanazawa the same guy who said that black men are more attractive than non-black men?

He sounds like the Japanese Whiskey.

Better to divorce an alpha, then be bored with a beta

Here is an alleged picture of the mistress -- don't think it's the same one that National Enquirer dug up. Not very hot in this pic.


[HS: It's a different, and less attractive, woman. I've been scammed!]

Hey Half, can you delete the name out of my comment above, now that we know it's not TB-T? Thanks. Sorry, TB-T.

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