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May 13, 2011


The woman was a hideous skank, even at relatively young age and her music sucked.

There's an Arthur Treacher's at Second and 14th. (Spotted it when walking to Momofuku Ssam Bar at Second and 13th. Highly recommend.)

RandyB is right! You can see it on google maps street view:


I didn't know that Arthur Treacher's is still around. It seems they have been absorbed by Nathans. What was Zum Zum?

Blondie absolutely rocked. Deborah Harry and her band knew how to put together this great mix of New Wave quirkiness, disco catchiness, and rock n roll. How can anyone listen to that and not at least appreciate the technique.

And D.H. a "hideous skank"? Are we talking about the same Deborah Harry? I think Mike must have her confused with Courtney Love.

PS: What is a Zum Zum??

Thirty-five? I never would have guessed. I thought she was perfect. I so wanted to be her when I was a kid. Except I thought all the guys in the band were hideous (I did not grok New York/New Wave dorks at that age) and I was horrified to hear she was married to one of them (that Frankenstein-looking one, I think). But now I think that guy with the telephone cord around his neck is actually kind of hot.

Two years ago, I saw Blondie in concert, and then a month later, Pat Benatar. These 2 women are both around the same age ( I think Blondie is a bit older) Anyway, Blondie is still hot for her age. Pat Benatar, in contrast, couldn't manage to get her larded ass off the stool.

Zum Zum was a chain of casual German-style restaurants in the New York area. They were popular in the 1960's and 1970's, I believe, but have been gone for at least 20 years.

"I was horrified to hear she was married to one of them"

Harry and band member Chris Stein were together for years but never actually married.

Hard to imagine that she's now in her mid-60's.

I always hated her music, but she did have a certain fuckable skankiness back in them days. Of course, if you ever did fuck her, your crotch would probably itch like hell and smell really bad for weeks afterwards.

"And I also am strangely attracted to her ditzy drugged-out look. "

Oh yeah!

My first girlfriend was channeling Blondie so its awesome seeing her again.

Wendy O. Williams is the only eighties chick worth a damn.

I readily admit to having a "Best Of Blondie" CD in my car. It's a solid collection that has held up very well.

The group is also responsible for the first rap song to hit No. 1 ("Rapture"). Um, thanks?

Harry is actually too old to be a baby boomer - she's just one year younger than Brenda Lee, the biggest female rocker of the FIFTIES.

Is this a music thing, or are we talking about looks? Seems to me that if DH had appeal for you, then you'd be even more over the moon for Rosanna Arquette circa '85, i.e. in Desperately Seeking Susan. Same lips, thicker blond hair, cuter nose, better chest.

It is strange. Now when I'm 34 years old, I found thirtysomething women very sexy. If they hadn't become fat, have tried to keep their body in shape by some training and haven't cut their hair short, they are even more sexy for me than younger woman. I don't know why. Maybe they are somehow more vulnerable because aging starts to show in them. Maybe they are nicer to me because they understand that they are no longer young?

"I readily admit to having a "Best Of Blondie" CD in my car. It's a solid collection that has held up very well."

Same here; agreed. And all the royalties Blondie's members collected: value transference? Surely in truly free market for music, most bands would earn the same money, right?

And Deborah Harry was quite attractive back then (though she looked better in that video clip where she was wielding a bow & arrow on stage like Cupid). About her teeth in this video, that was probably a normal shade for anyone who drank coffee or wine before whitening toothpastes, etc. became ubiquitous.


[HS: this link is NOT work-safe (although I really did love some of the photos).]

Damn, she was actually pretty hot back in '69. Of course, that was way before my time. In some of the early '80s photos she looks like a white-trash Michelle Pfeiffer (not a bad thing, all in all). If the '69-'82 DH could be teleported to today, I'd bang her brains out for several weeks straight. I'd just be sure to get all my vaccinations before and take lots of penicillin afterwards (ah, yes, the innocent days before herpes and AIDs, not to mention penicillin-resistant strains of syph & gono, made the scene!).

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