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May 19, 2011


God, he's gross though. I can't believe it was consensual either. Either she's telling the truth, or it was a deliberate scam. And it was just an alleged *attempted* rape (he tried to pull her pantyhose off).

Between this guy and Arnold, can't you guys learn what a terrible idea it is for rich men to have casual sex with poor women? There will be consequences. Poor women don't just want to fuck you for nothing, especially if you're old.

Where did that information (6 foot tall) come from?

A six foot tall skinny woman is still weaker than a old stalky short Jewish guy, lets be real.

Strauss-Kahn is 62, not 82. I know a lot of 62 year old men who can manhandle a young woman pretty easy. I would guess she got away because he got tired, it does take some energy to wrestle around with someone like that, even a woman. If he was 42, she would have got raped.

I've seen two purported photos of the woman, quite obviously photos of different women. I've seen claims that she's from Guinea and claims that she's from Ghana. The amount of information on this case seems to be decaying rapidly.

How can you rape someone in the mouth if they have teeth?

Supposing DSK could force her jaws apart and stick it in there's the possibiity of CHOMP!

I realize that being black, the accuser won't get much sympathy on this blog. But anyone who has read or heard about DSK's past will probably realize that he's a sexual predator. And why shouldn't he be? In france he got away with it.

The only repeatable way the elites can get away with their indiscretions in a modern european democracy is by using established social norms. Those norms are the only thing that afford the elites immunity. For example: The rule that journalists don't report on politician's sexual laundry makes it possible for politicians to aggressively pursue and attack women when they desire. Obviously, DSK has done this in the past.

In fact, DSK's misfortunes stem from him not realizing that you can't get away with that shit in the US. So please don't turn this into a HBD issue.

So are claiming there is a conspiracy against him? Or is this a maid trying to get paid through some lawsuit?

He's Jewish? No way he could have done it. Protestant, Catholic, Lutheran, Buddhist, even atheists and agnostics, yes. Jewish? Impossible. QED Sherlock.

"Nubian amazon like the alleged victim should have been able to rape an old Jewish guy, and not the other way around."

I've done grappling and kickboxing for years and this is just not true. There is a huge strength advantage for men even if a woman is the same size or even heavier.

Women beat up men all the time in the movies and TV. In real life, an angry, motivated man is going to almost always defeat a woman unless she really knows how to fight.

"How can you rape someone in the mouth if they have teeth?"

The existence of statutes against exactly this crime suggests it is not merely possible, but common.

Happens to adult men in prison, too.

Your use of the term "Amazon" may not be correct. It refers to a woman who is both tall and solidly built. A woman who is tall but slim, as may be the case here, is not an Amazon.

I think his daughter is beautiful.


The best piece I've seen on DSK has been on Bloggingheads (shockingly.) Matt Welch (who lived in France and has a French wife) describes how it's possible that DSK would act as he's been accused.


A five foot tall out of condition old man can rape a six foot tall fit young woman, and scarcely raise a sweat doing it. Women are not designed, psychologically or physically, for combat - or doing science for that matter. The differences between women and men are large. The bell curves just do not overlap that much

Hey Peter, I bet she wasn't bare down there!

"Hey Peter, I bet she wasn't bare down there!"

Actually, if she is a practicing Muslim, chances are good that she is.

Half Sigma fails to understand his own purported domain of expertise, HBD. Women have three standard deviations less upper body strength then men. Yes, that's about the about the same difference between East Asians and Aborigines. This is like Half Sigma saying:

"There's no way Chung Liu could have beat Arunka Nkolongo at the math competition. Everyone knows that Nkolongo is one of the smartest guys in his village, and Liu was near the bottom of his class at Shanghai Technical Secondary School."

By judging the average height of Sub-Saharan Africans, 6 feet tall is unlikely.
Maybe she is an outlier.

I find it funny that, in the mainstream world, rape victims are brushed off with the 'she was asking for it' or 'she's lying because she's a slut' song and dance. Here, the fact that the woman is black seems to be grounds alone for her not to be telling the truth at all. What's more interesting though, is that law enforcement officers---more than a few I've talked to---hold the same attitude.

Is that still race realism, to you?

If Nafissatou Diallo is her real name then there are a few things we can say:

She is of the fulani ethnic group, with 100% certainty.
Fulanis are also known as Fulbe, Peuhl , Pular and other similar sounding names.
She's most likely from Guinea, but could also be from Senegal. She could have come from Ghana but she'd have been an immigrant in transit there. There are Fulanis in almost all the west african countries (there are millions of them in northern Nigeria), but the ones who speak french would probably be from Guinea and Senegal.
The Fulanis are, like Tutsis, tall pastoralists ( mostly) with relatively fine features. She could very well be 6' tall although even for Fulanis that's pushing it. As a Fulani she's likely way above the black average in terms of looks.

My two cents. Not an expert by any means but.. I used to work out at Gold's Gym. The gym I worked out in had a lot of body building woman, some of them were HUGE. I never took roid's but I ate well and was very dedicated, I am small boned and have a fast metabolism so it is very difficult for me to put on weight but I could easily bench 350lbs and I weighed 175 max at that time. I was very surprised to learn one day that some super massive amazonian who modeled frequently in magazines could not even bench 200 lbs. I saw her struggling trying to put up an amount I would warm up with. I do not know the exact measurements of her freakish body but she was easily over 6 feet tall, square jaw and tree trunk thighs. I spoke with one of the guys who worked there about what I had just witnessed and he said that even though the woman body builders had big biceps and shoulders that their upper body strength was less than the average out of shape male.

So Strauss Kahn walks out his bathroom naked and sees the maid who just entered. The maid didn't know he was in the room when she got there, so I presume he didn't know she was there.

Struass Kahn has a plane to catch, but he's got time to indulge a sudden urge to rape this woman he just laid eyes on. So he has a psychopathic episode and attacks her, not even caring anymore that she WORKS for the hotel and will tell on him obviously.

Then he gets dressed, leaves without any trouble and then later calls from the airport to ask about his missing cell phone. Acting innocent as if he wasn't worried about a thing. Maybe he said, "I must have left it on the nightstand next to the maid's torn panties!"

Sounds fishy to me, not that I don't think Strauss Kahn is one of the world's biggest crony financiers and a nexus of evil.

Here's a link to the maid's picture, from the Ghanan newspapers. She doesn't look like an Amazon.


"Supposing DSK could force her jaws apart and stick it in there's the possibiity of CHOMP!"

People keep bringing this up. Are there any recorded cases where women (or men)have actually fended off a raper by doing this? I remember it was a plot point once on the HBO show Oz. When you think how disgusting it would be to actually bite it off and have your mouth filled with a gusher of blood, tissue, etc, (not to mention possibly choking on what you've just bitten down on) it's not surprising most women might just accept the violation rather than bite.

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