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May 16, 2011


This has set up written all over it. The IMF chief has been talking about moving away fromt he dollar as a reserve currency, has been discussing using SDRs instead, and has mentioned gold being brought back as a basis. He is also a potential rival to Sarkozy, who is in political trouble for the next election. The IMF chief's lawyer already states that the accused has an alibi for the timeline of the 'attemtped attack'. This stinks from top to bottom as a smear/hit job.

Great article but misinformed. The last woman he allegedly assulted is Piroska Nagy who isn't really a hottie. You're talking about a story that's almost 10 years old, back when DSK wasn't a total sociopath looking for a woman to dominate and abuse. His esthetic standards went down with the years just as his need for psychological dominance/abuse went up. At the end, everything was ok.

My French friends are not surprised - Strauss-Kahn has a reputation for doing stupid stunts. Would he stupid enough to rape a chamber maid though? My personal theory is that he had ordered an "escort" and assumed the chamber maid was there to service him. Then he ran when he realized he'd made a mistake.

Where is the response from international feminism on this?

People who stay at $3,000 a night hotels and order escorts are gonna know, at first glance, that a 30-something female from Ghana is NOT the escort. Unless DSK is blind, he did not make that mistake.

Half Sigma you are wrong.

I'm french and I can tell you that nobody is really surprised back in France. We have a lot of testimonies that DSK is tring to fuck any girls he meets. One journalist tolds that he has seen him hitting on really ugly girls.

When you are a rapist you don't mind hitting hot girl as long as you have sex.

And I'm white boy and one of the hottest gils I have fucked was a black slender girls with amazing breast and stratospheric ass. I will definitely not marry a black girl, but I can bang some of them easily.

C'mon. He's French. They have a well known 'tolerance' for former colony inhabitants.

JP - he may like black women. OK, it's a far fetched theory. Either it is a set up or this is a man who feels entitled to whatever he wants. Both theories seem pretty plausible.

Dont be such a racist.This guy has a history of having a lose zip.But now that it involves a black girl,you try to picture it with the tincture of race that is peculiar to Americans.grow up!

OK, I'll bite. What's a stratospheric ass?

@alonzo portfolio :
A stratospheric ass is a tiny ass but round, firm and not falling.

Sorry, but I can't resist posting this.


"Where is the response from international feminism on this?" They're still working on the Gore case.

DSK to room service: "Eh bien, send up ze squat and hideous negresse with ze scratchy polyester maids uniform, s'il vous plait."

You know who'll be guilty when they assign Stabler and Benson to it. Will Cabot get around diplomatic immunity?

"Dont be such a racist.This guy has a history of having a lose zip.But now that it involves a black girl,you try to picture it with the tincture of race that is peculiar to Americans.grow up!"

That is because there are numerous false charges of rape by black women against white men. That is a racial reality here in the U.S.

That being said, this immigrant from Ghana probably has no idea who Kahn is so it may well be true.

"is a real hottie"?

Looks ordinary to me. Her nose to chin length is rather masculine. Her ires are too dark.

There are some hot black women, although much less common than hot white women.

Al Gore was accused of something similar with a hotel worker.

Actually Jewish man rapes black woman.

This case reeks of being another Crystal Gale Magnum fiasco.

"Looks ordinary to me. Her nose to chin length is rather masculine. Her ires are too dark."


White Men Rapes Black Woman. Nothing new. That has been going on since the first white men stepped foot on Africa. A man allegedly raped a woman. End of Story.

So if one of the arguments is that shes not attractive and the wrong race for him to rape, then why would he have consensual sex with her?

If it is true, it is quite a rare news story. Many white men wouldn't wish to have sex with a black woman at all. There's some sort of YUCK factor in the idea. But it's possible that some white men wouldn't care, so it is certainly possible that once in a while a black woman is raped by a white man. It doesn't happen nearly as often as the racial reverse does: black males rape white women in every city on every day.

uh fact check: the reason black people aren't one color in america is because white men raped black women regularly, for almost 200 years. the fact she's black makes it bogus?

karma is a bitch, there was a time when black people had to avoid walking down same street as whites, avoid looking at whites directly, for fear of abuse or attack... today guess who i better not see eyeballin' me, guess who gets out of my way out of fear. guess who's women throw themselves at black men? Majority of black women don't want white men, they're not attracted to use guys, oh they like your money, or your status, but not you.

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