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September 28, 2011


If you believe Taubes, bread is a leading cause of death!

Bread has caused mass outbreaks of ergotism throughout history. Would be sort of interesting to have an episode like that that right about now, come to think of it.

[HS: It's caused by the long-term consumption of fungal-infected bread. It won't kill you if you accidentally eat one bad loaf.]

But bread (esp white)kills people insidiously.

"Fresh" produce is for losers. Frozen is better for you; it's cheaper; it lasts longer; it doesn't seem to lead to nearly as much disease.


Unless one absolutely needs a "fresh" salad the choice is clear.

But if these facts were accepted, progressives would have one less thing to whine about.


Siggy, I just donated.

[HS: Indeed there was a donation, and it is much appreciated, even though I was serious about not asking for donations.]

"It's caused by the long-term consumption of fungal-infected bread. It won't kill you if you accidentally eat one bad loaf."

Unless it attracts rats.

Rats with fleas, with plague, and dicks this fucking big.

I hate to break this to you, but just about any food can get contaminated, we had a case down here in Texas where a "texas businessman" was running an operation where his workers were taking expired products, erasing the expiration date, and reprinting/repackaging and selling the goods, in particular to the military.

He was caught because of a whistle blower, not our system, not the fact that he was buying lots of expired products and paint thinner, by an employee that he probably screwed over. Most people don't know about, and won't report the kinds of illnesses they get.

Of course the LA Times is in full spin mode, he is merely "mislabeling" food, and they were quick to point out that no one came forward with any notable illness, but atleast they reported it.

Ironically, the CEO of Whole Foods offers really high deductible health insurance and encourages his employees to shop around for the cheapest doctors to keep healthcare costs low overall. So if you get sick from a cantaloupe you bought from Whole Foods and need to go to the ER, shop around for the cheapest one. Win-win

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