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September 18, 2011


fascinating stuff, sig

Try fresh pomegranate juice. It's popular in Israel and the rest of the Middle East-- the fruits are cut in half and crushed through a sieve. It's a quite unique taste--not necessarily good, but definitely not grape juice. If you can find it anywhere, it'll probably be available somewhere in NYC in the fall when the pomegranates from CA flood the US market.

Freshly squeezed orange juice arrived in British supermarkets about 20 years ago - what a revelation. I love it, but it brings on my catarrh. Ain't God a tease?

Yeah, but if you believe all the hype, drinking pomegranate juice will have you competing in triathalons at age 90.

It's a little bit more tart than grape juice. A little bit.

But yeah, pretty much what you said. =)

You haven't exhausted Pomegranate juice until you have at least tasted all the different flavors of Pom Wonderful. Also, I find it deeply disturbing that you are just now trying it. Next thing you'll know, you'll be writing that you didn't like The Wire.

variety = nutrition

Is there anything you won't write about? I've got an idea. Which do you prefer -- Charmin or Quilted Northern? LOL! I'm just teasing ya. I love your blog. But you crack me up. :)

too much sugar in pomegranate juice to drink it straight. the antioxidant benefits are outweighed by the sugar.

It's called grape drink, not grape juice.

"Fresh Squeezed" is really a misnomer, look into it sometime.

You'd never had a pomegranate!? I guess they don't grow where you're from, but I'd think you might have had one in Arizona. Never even in a salad or an entree?

Did you actually drink pure pomegranate juice, or was it a blend? I second the bit about fresh tasting very different than the stuff they sell blended in jars. That does taste like grape juice, but then again grape juice is often what sweetens those blended juice drinks. Pure pomegranate juice, to me, is much too tart on its own, kind of the way cranberry juice is except drier-tasting. It's much better as an ingredient.

Have you ever tried the real pomegranate? It's a lot of small seeds. Basically you just chew those seeds for the juice, it was really peculiar experience though.

It's DWL's like. Oprah's Pomegranate Martini @ Oprah.com ..... 'nuf said.

I have been amazed at the boom in the popularity of pomegranates. I first hand pomegranate when I was in elementary school; I was determined to try it after I had read the story of Persephone. Back then (the mid 1980s), they could only be found at a farmer's market, and there was certainly no bottle pomegranate juice to be heard of. Now, it is some sort of miracle food.

I do not like juice in general because I find it far too sweet.

Grape juice tastes a lot better if it's fermented and turned into wine.

I'm surprised to learn that pomegranates are unfamiliar in the US. Surely large parts of the country could grow them? The tree makes a wonderful ornament to a garden - it's magnificent in bloom.

" it tastes like grape juice... Grape juice is a prole juice."

So, did you go through a purification ritual after realizing this?

The price point creates an invisible status barrier, just like the iPhone vs. Droid dichotomy, not to mention most SWPLs drink pomegranate juice for dietary reasons over pure status display.


The only acceptable "grape juice" is wine, champagne, and vintage cognac.

Did you know the French for pomegranate is "grenade"? So just like the WWII U.S. hand grenades were called pineapples because of their texture, the French called early grenade "pomegranates".

Best business plan ever: package grape juice, label it pomegranate juice, and put a warning in small print on the bottom of the bottle that says "may contain grapes." Mark it up in price to compete with normal pomegranate juice.

I mixed pomegranate with Grey Goose once, after I ran out of sugar free Red Bull. It wasn't half bad.


That's a disgusting concoction, you're doing a disservice to Grey Goose. Next time use two part Hypnotic to one serving of Grey or chill it and drink it neat.

Top shelf vodka shouldn't need mixers, especially if its already flavored.


Every juice has a lot of sugar in it, just imagine how many oranges or apples it takes to make one glass. Probably 20-30 which goes to show that its unnatural and unhealthy to drink juice. One should eat fruits on a daily basis.

[HS: It only takes 2 oranges to make a glass of orange juice, and I suspect that our caveman ancestor might have done just that.]

More than 2

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