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September 23, 2011


When Ahmadinejad came to the US to speak to the UN last September he met with a whole host of radical organizations including Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. That didn't get much press coverage, either. I wonder who he met with this time?

When Israel is a smoking, radioactive ruin, the MSM will have a short article with this article:

Israel Nuked

Today the nation of Israel was destroyed by nuclear weapons launched from Iran and Pakistan. The motives were unclear. Women and the poor are expected to suffer most in the aftermath. Former President Jimmy Carter was quoted as saying, "It's all because of the Iraq war. The Arabs are just asserting their sovereignty. Instead of looking for villians, we should be looking at ourselves."

As I said regarding the last post on this topic, if it is nuclear issues that one is concerned with in Iran, it is the beliefs of Ali Khamenei, not Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, that matter.

Your science-ish posts are more interesting, Sig. ^_^

He's been saying this Twelfth Imam stuff for years.

The Iranian Mullahs are a lot more moderate than they're made out to be. The Iranian government encourages family planning, gives out clean needles to drug addicts, funds Jewish hospitals, gives the Jewish-Iranian population a seat in the parliament, etc. That's hardly the behavior you'd expect out of a suicidal end times regime.

I would guess that most of this ranting and raving by Ahmadinejad is just for public consumption. Similar to Rick Perry claiming that things would "get ugly" for Ben Bernake if he traveled to Texas.

Steve Sailer has suggested that the Iranians are trying to provoke tension to raise oil prices. It wouldn't surprise me if Ahamedinejad does this stuff to make his country some extra cash in the oil trading market.

So Ahmadinejad says that the Twelfth Iman was going to lead to a world of tolerance and peace. Sounds a lot more peaceful than the Christian end times scenario. Oh yeah, National Review will be criticizing the Christian Zionists any day now.

I agree. The 20th century of full of the chiliast pronouncements of the New Soviet Man, Thousand Year Reich, and Great Leap Forward. Ahmadinejad is same kind o' crazy and it should be in the papers. OTOH, publicizing the New Soviet Man, Thousand Year Reich, and Great Leap Forward lead to millions of people, then and now, supporting these goals. So maybe the papers shouldn't mention it.

i think the MSM looks at ahmadinejad as muslim, therefore diverse, therefore incapable of being a target of ridicule for saying or believing stupid things. if he were to be ridiculed, the underpinning of modern american morals could come tumbling down, and then who would know what to think anymore?


Dat victim complex

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