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October 19, 2011


This seems like a good paragraph to summarize the idea:

"Our economy is a big pyramid in which the majority of people on the bottom create value (but take home less money than the value they created because some of it is transferred away from them), while the small number of people at the top are very rich because of the value they transferred from the people at the bottom of the pyramid to themselves."


Don't feel bad, I haven't started my Great American Novel yet either.

Might as well get to writing it already instead of writing on your blog about not writing it yet.

I'd like to see you write a book discussing everything you blog about; HBD, status, economics, career tracks, value transference, SWPL, Israel, sociosexual landscape, etc.

You could market it directly on your site like Roosh does with his books. In fact Roosh collects a small income from his books which enables him to travel. Your book would be a hit.

[HS: People are willing to pay to learn how to pick up women, but not willing to pay for a treatise on economics, politics and sociology.]

Make sure it has a really cool cover. I'm thinking "What is Value Transference?" with the little bean-man clip art guy scratching his head.

I can't imagine what you could possibly say about this that these leftists don't already believe. They already think that they are valuable, contributing members of society (snork!) They already think that rich people become that way primarily through cheating. They already think that Marx is the cat's ass. I imagine they'll just file your pamphlet with the rest of the pamphlets they're receiving (future toilet paper.)

Just go play some more Civ.

A value-looting class could not long endure without the backing of The State.

Maybe you could hire someone to write it.

Just be sure to pay them according to their needs.

Graphic design, dude, graphic design. Pictures and not too many words. Worked for Steve Jobs.

I would buy a HS book, if it was priced right.

"A value-looting class could not long endure without the backing of The State."

Shamanism is pretty much alive and well in hunter-gatherer societies.

My 2 cents: A value-looting class is hampered by:
a) good laws (a "good" State that enables reasonable economic freedom)
b) high average IQ of the population to be parasited
c) willingness of the majority of that population to use its high-IQ brainpower to find truth, rather than to increase status among its in-group.

Eugenics for a high-IQ population seems like the only solution that does not have any risks of killing the goose with the golden eggs by mistake.

Steve Johnson wins the thread.

I stand corrected. A value-looting class could not long endure without the backing of The Church or State.

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