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January 06, 2012



false flag operation

Reminds me of the videos claiming Obama is muslim. Just a bunch of clips of Huntsman speaking Chinese. Of course he speaks Chinese, dummy, he was the ambassador to China. I wouldn't call it racist, just non-contextual. Similar to the Mitt Romney ad which quotes Obama non-contextually.

you actually believe Ron Paul made that stupid video? And spelled "LIberty" with a capital "i" at the end of it? OK.

[HS: I do believe that a Ron Paul SUPPORTER made the video. It's just the kind of video that one of those clueless Stormfront types would make.

However, I do believe that Ron Paul personally had greater involvement in his newsletters than he pretends to.]

yesterday i made a "campaign" video of michelle bachmann in blackface.
which means, of course, that she's racist.

i really hope yer jokin with this post chief, or you've lost the battle with your paranoia.

Can you name 10 politicians who do not have racist supporters? How about one politician without racist supporters?

Your hatred of Ron Paul is misguided. You think that he is anti-semitic because he doesn't worship Jews and Israel. But of course, you don't run around calling Jews bigots when they, on a very regular basis, denigrate prole behavior that is associated with gentiles. Nor do you denigrate Jews when they advocate for a Federal Reserve system that employs moneterist tactics where such tactics ensure that only intelligent people can possibly save for retirement because annual currency devaluation means that stupid people cannot be, in good faith, told to just sock money away. What is weird is that you think you are part of a group. But you are not, you are alone in this world; a unique individual. Ron Paul understands this, and like fellow minded men and women, endeavors to honor your individuality. You do not honor his. A shame and a blight on your blog because you prove nothing but your own bigoted nature; all the while forgoing rational discourse and just giving into an evolutionary adaptation to seek group membership.

You sure are quick to label people racist or anti-semitic, considering that you express HBD opinions that others consider racist. How can you hope to have an HBD discussion when everyone is shouting racism all the time?

This was an abominable ad. The message was, "He speaks Chinese, so he is evil!" And the picture at the end is so over the top it reminded me of a WWII anti-Japanese propaganda poster. Paul ought to be ashamed of himself. Oh, wait, I'm sure he never saw the ad.

[HS: I'm sure he didn't before it was put up on YouTube.]

I think its a dumb ad. Do those morons think that the US should send ambassadors who don't speak the language?

He has his own children and adopting more is quite popular among Mormons. They are into missionaring all over the world.

He speaks pretty decent Chinese, which says something about his brains. Of course no Republicans appreciate that.

You bought it hook, line, and sinker! Or did you? I think you are honest so I believe you did.

The ad was created by people trying to DISCREDIT Paul; the ad came out of the middle-of-nowhere but was immediately picked up by the media. Coincidence? Doubt it...

Now here is a real ad by real Ron Paul supporters:


It appears that this is a classic case of "black propaganda," as defined by Wikipedia.


It shows the importance of ethnicity in the minds of many voters. It counts for a little something. It's not a high class ad anyone would want to be associated with, although these people that are so eager to adopt kids outside their race is a little odd to me.


That clip's nothing.

Try this baby out:


The hippy Ronulians are smoking some powerful tobacco over at Paul's cyber HQ.

That was blatantly (and hilariously) anti-Chinese. ("OMG, he's speaking CHINESE! Look at him holding a CHINESE BABY.")

Husband quickly dismissed it because it's not officially endorsed by Ron Paul.

Should I fear the Chinese? Maybe I just don't know enough of them to have a problem with them. Their immigrants don't seem to cause trouble, they tend to work hard, and their countrymen lend us a lot of money. But I do know a number of educated, otherwise liberal people who seem to react with puzzling negativity to Asians, if not particularly the native Chinese.

This was a false-flag attack. Thanks to your annoying anti-ron paul-ness, you've blindly help spread Huntman's propoganda. Nice job.

Guy claiming to be a Ron Paul supporter has one single video to his account, this video "attacking" Jon Huntsman, and somehow it's supposed to reflect badly on Paul?

This is a bogus controversy, a desperation move by the Huntsman campaign to drum up sympathy. I'd wager the real poster is connected to Huntsman, not Paul.

Glad to see you're against racism.

The google analytics from the YouTube video uploaded by the supposed Ron Paul supporters, NHLiberty4Paul, clearly show the video came from someone in the Huntsman campaign. http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/9726/68016587.png
Notice anything fishy? The first referral is not coming from Ron Paul's camp, but rather, from jon2012. com

Also, why (if this was a Ron Paul ad) is the EXACT same video also tagged with Romney? Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wb1M0bV9dFk

and Santorum?
Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJsfCto4S6M

At least the Huntsman camp learned to disable the video statistics for their Romney and Santorum versions, albeit too late.

The Huntsman camp has some explaining to do.

Razib Kahn and Dave Weigel both seem to think it isn't actually a Paul supporter. At any rate, pretty ridiculous ad.

I should add that the folks at Language Log think Huntsman's chinese isn't very good. But since his job presumably involved speaking with PRC officials who speak english, it may not have impeded him much.

That would certainly put me off voting for him. Paul, I mean.

What if it were of Joe Lieberman speaking Hebrew with Israeli kids in tow?

Funny how white people only notice racism against Asians when it helps them attack other white people.

This is also true about racism against white people to.

"But I do know a number of educated, otherwise liberal people who seem to react with puzzling negativity to Asians,"

I've also noticed SWPLs have a not so hidden dislike Asians. Presumably, SWPLs have this negative opinion of Asians because the Asians are clogging up private high schools urbanized SWPLs have to use to avoid "diverse" inner city schools. The Asians are also slowly killing the social scene at universities.

Anti-Asian discrimination in college applications and in media is the only overt form of minority discrimination SWPLs tolerate.

Huntsman's spent most of his working life chasing after political assignments bought with his dad's political contributions. For a few years in the 90s he took positions with his dad's already successful business (where his brother Peter was really in charge) so he could get private sector cred, then he got back into politics when Bush was elected.

Several years ago the Huntsman family and their company, Huntsman Chemical, decided to start funding politicians from both parties. For the rich, it's almost never about ideology, but about buying influence. It was those contributions that got him the post to China, which he kept for just two years.

The video is a joke, and was probably made by the Huntsman camp. Huntsman has spent his entire adult life angling for a political career, and his adopted daughters with their multicultural monikers were meant to be campaign props to show what a compassionate family guy he is. Note that they're girls, not boys, and from China and India, not Latin America and Africa - i.e., not the kind of adoptees likely to get into legal trouble and cause him any personal embarrassment.

Huntsman may be a reasonably intelligent guy with a successful dad, but he's done nothing in his own life to demonstrate he has the chops to be president or that suggests he even gives a rat's ass about the people he wants to lead. No one in Utah has a clue why the guy is even running. It's an ego trip.




Call me a xenophobe, but I do worry that someone who has obviously so immersed himself in another culture might lose his objectivity. I don't want a president to "go over" to their side in a dispute. That's why so many of the old China hands were run off in the 50s, because they were too sympathetic to the ChiComms. Our interests must come first.

Now, someone who is both immersed in a foreign culture and critical of same would be very valuable, but I have no idea where Huntsman fits in.

Almost certainly black propaganda. The video comes from an account with zero history of any other uploads.

"Anti-Asian discrimination in college applications and in media is the only overt form of minority discrimination SWPLs tolerate."

And yet the supposedly smart Asians are just as liberal as the SWPLs politically, including the endorsement of affirmative action for NAMs.

I wouldn't say the ad is "racist". It's probably not truly by a Paul supporter, but the premise, while sloppy, is not totally incorrect. The fact that Huntsman has a Chinese child DOES make him more likely to be pro-Chinese. This is just the truth. He also has hot daughters, which make him more likely to push policies aimed at attractive women.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney has five sons. if someone will dare to stop the discrimination against white males in every segment of society, it will be him.

The ads that matter will be the devastatingly effective anti-Romney swiftboat ads we can expect to run in the fall. Instead of Vietnam veterans, the DNC will have many workers downsized by Bain Capital tell their sob stories.

We can also surmise that the entire "occupy" movement is a coordinated effort to set up this anti-Romney anti-1% anti-Wall Street narrative. In light of this, we can predict Democrats gaining traction by making a big deal about how much the "unemployed" Romney makes in capital gains, and the supposed unfairness of it all.

Prediction: Comrade Obama cruises to a 52-46-2 win over Romney and the turd party candidate. The primary BS right now is precisely that -- no Republican will stop Romney after IA and NH, for the momentum from two initial wins is always too much. The media, as HS previously stated, just wants to give us a competitive story. Romney easily winning the primaries, and predictably losing to Obama, isn't enough drama to keep viewers interested.

This wasn't actually made by Ron Paul or his campaign. I don't think he's anti-Chinese, but maybe it warrants a closer look. This isn't actually a Ron Paul ad, it seems more like a lone supporter with a bit too much time on his/her hands. Nonetheless, how is being multilingual a bad thing? It makes you a more interesting and compelling person.

"However, I do believe that Ron Paul personally had greater involvement in his newsletters than he pretends to."

Is this a negative? If so he took HBD positions.

"Presumably, SWPLs have this negative opinion of Asians because the Asians are clogging up private high schools urbanized SWPLs have to use to avoid "diverse" inner city schools. The Asians are also slowly killing the social scene at universities."

Maybe ... but it's not only against the general group that I've seen the odd hostility, but against individuals. Even recently, in the legal working world, I've had a few experiences where white or Hispanic colleagues strongly, even openly disliked particular Asians who to me seemed perfectly pleasant and competent. I don't go looking for racism as an explanation for problems, but I've witnessed enough of these mysterious conflicts that it's made me wonder. I went to school with a lot of Filipinos and was not close friends with any but never had any problems either. I wonder if there is something about the Asian personality or physical features that leads to misunderstandings with non-Asians.

@ JP

Conservatives/Republicans support establishment interests often on the descendancy like WASPs, big oil, armaments, pharmaceuticals, the religious right, etc. Where as liberals/Democrats support the newly ascendant like Jews, white women, gays, Asians/Indians, biotech, mass communications, public employees, green energy, and the like.

The left right paradigm is mostly a battle of economic and class interests. Asians identify with the left but not necessarily for the reasons you think. The left's investment in NAMs however has failed but their coalition must embrace camaraderie or else.

"That's why so many of the old China hands were run off in the 50s, because they were too sympathetic to the ChiComms."

The old China hands supported Chiang Kai-Shek and the Chinese Nationalists against the ChiComms.

Slate magazine actually ran a story a few months ago claiming that Huntsman mostly fakes his Chinese skills: http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/explainer/2011/10/is_jon_huntsman_fluent_in_chinese_.html

the reason Ron Paul, or more accurately, some of his supporters are seen as anti-Semitic isn't just because they're anti-Israeli, although of course with groups like the ADL any slight critique amounts to that. it's that a) they don't think Israel has the right to defend itself even in cases where the need to do so isn't in question, and b) their hysterical knee-jerk "Israeli-controlled neocon blahblahblah" response to absolutely any critique of him, even if said critique has zero to do with Israel. there's also the fact that anti-Israeli types seem to rhetorically turn into the PC Left talking about "Islamophobia" and making groups like Hamas out to be more rational and strategically-minded than they actually are.

if any of the Ronulans have a realistic goal for an Israeli peace process that doesn't involve Israelis bending over for the allegedly non-fanatical Palestinian opposition to their state or, i don't know, all the Jews there moving to New York, i've yet to hear it

Nice link, Jay. The MSM frequently falls for slick Republican marketing. Thankfully the online press excoriates them.

Armaments are never on the descendancy.

Is there any evidence this is a "false flag"? Things like that happen in politics, but the Kook community thinks everything is a "false flag" because it matches their low IQ, Alex Jones view of the world.

By the way, apropos of nothing, did ya'll hear that Jesse Ventura got knocked out by a real Navy Seal? Things like that make me think there may be a God after all.

Cui bono? Or who benefits? Huntsman obviously, and he is now a "victim" and has been awashed in media attention.

My money is that people connected to The Huntsman campaign created the video & I hope it backfires on him. If not him surely it was Romney supporters or the supporters' of another candidate; surely not Paul's.

The reason that an ad like this might have the intended effect is that Americans are a funny people. Whereas other countries don't get their national knickers in a twist if the president or prime minister is caught by the camera speaking a language not the nation's own (like Helmut Schmidt being interviewed by Harry Reasoner on 60 Minutes back in the day), Americans would have a collective conniption fit if they heard their president speak, say, French or German (let alone Chinese), well enough to banter and tell jokes in it, not to say deliver whole unscripted paragraphs i. It is my view that the US has suffered for this know-nothingism. As it stands, the Americans who do know German well enough to discuss fiscal and monetary policy with Germans _in German_ largely either agree with the Germans or will at least acknowledge that they have a point.

Asians are killing the social scene in college? Blacks would say the same thing about white people.


You don't need to wait until fall or for the DNC...

New Gingrich plans to place advertisements in South Carolina this week attacking Mitt Romney as a predatory capitalist who destroyed jobs and communities, adding a full-scale Republican dimension to an assault on Mr. Romney’s business background....The ads include emotional interviews with people who lost jobs at companies that Bain bought and later sold.

“We had to load up the U-Haul because we done lost our home,” one woman says..... At an appearance here on Sunday, Mr. Gingrich suggested that Bain’s approach was to carry out “clever legal ways to loot a company.”


Asians vote liberal for the same reasons Jews do. They are minorities and feel more comfortable in a liberal society even if some rules are set against them. Certain segments of the conservative movement are very xenophobic and every 80 years or so they emerge and try to pass laws that either discriminate or focus on deportation.

These people are choosing what they perceive as the lesser of two evils. Real conservatism is not necessarily xenophobic, but there are a lot of meat head neocons who confuse the issue.

"Maybe ... but it's not only against the general group that I've seen the odd hostility, but against individuals."

I've seen the same thing.

Another reason there is SWPL hostility to Asians is due to the fact SWPLs have more direct day-to-day contact with Asians than they do with NAMs.

Despite tending to live in large "diverse" areas of the country, SWPLs are actually surprisingly well insulated from NAM criminals thanks to improved urban policing techniques pioneered by Rudy Guiliani and because Clinton, hailed in his era for being the "first black president", did a superb job throwing ramping up incarceration levels of black criminals.

Thanks to Clinton, more black criminals are off the streets than ever and crime is at 1950 level lows.

Rather than being the "First Black President" Clinton may have been only the most recent white president.

"Asians are killing the social scene in college?"

The SWPL college adminstrators themselves say they're ‘too dull – they study, study, study.’*.

i.e., by being uncool, Asian students present a status threat to SWPL college administrators.

I know it seems hard to imagine progressives engaging in racism against minorities, but remember the left used to be racist before 1945. For example, Sir Julian Huxley - a relative of Aldous Huxley - and JBS Haldhane both served as chairmen of the British Eugenics Society and were, respectively, followers of Fabian Socialism and Marxism (though Huxley later wound up doing a U-turn on the pro-eugenics positions he held in the 1930's when he signed the UNESCO statement on race after WWII.) Lord Keynes was also a member of the BES.

* Asians and ‘Diversity’


A couple years ago, the American Civil Rights Institute’s Ward Connerly wrote an op-ed about discrimination against students of Asian descent in the University of California (UC) system. He recounted a conversation he’d had with a UC administrator:

“I asked him why he considered it important to tinker with admissions instead of just letting the chips fall where they may. In an unguarded moment, he told me that unless the university took steps to ‘guide’ admissions decisions, UC would be dominated by Asians. When I asked, ‘What would be wrong with that?’ I got an answer that speaks volumes about the underlying philosophy at many universities with regard to Asian enrollment.

“The UC administrator told me that Asians are ‘too dull – they study, study, study.’ He then said, ‘If you ever say I said this, I will have to deny it.’ I won’t betray the individual’s anonymity because to do so would put him in a world of trouble. Yet, it is time to confront the not-so-subtle hand of discrimination against Asians that masquerades as ‘building diversity’ at many campuses.”

It’s also well documented that Asians are a non-preferred minority. The euphemism diversity applies mostly to blacks and Hispanics. Some minorities are more equal than others. If Asian enrollment goes up, well, that’s interesting, but what about blacks and Hispanics?

One other thing about college discrimination against Asians, Northeast schools are afraid of turning into near majority or majority Asian colleges like Berkely because a sizable Asian population reduces the number of white applicants. And when colleges admit fewer white students, they lose out long term in alumni donations because whites give more generously and more socially involved with their alma mater's than Asian Americans.

Once again, we turn to the primordial struggle for social status and social signalling as an explanation for physical properties of the universe.

Also relevant:


The New White Flight

In Silicon Valley, two high schools with outstanding academic reputations are losing white students as Asian students move in. Why?

"By the way, apropos of nothing, did ya'll hear that Jesse Ventura got knocked out by a real Navy Seal? Things like that make me think there may be a God after all." - eggwhite

Ventura is denying the story. This incident supposedly occurred a few years ago at a military social event. If it actually happened word would have spread fast in the SEAL community especially given Ventura's notoriety as a public figure. I call bullshit.

Conquistador, it will be interesting to see what other SEALs or witnesses say. I could imagine that they stayed tight-lipped about it about in order to keep Chris Kyle from legal problems - easier to keep it internal - and those guys do keep secrets. So I would take your bet.

Honestly, Jesse Ventura is not a credible witness, and this guy Chris Kyle has proven his mettle in war in a way that kooky Ventura never did. And remember, Ventura is a 60 yr old man, and a SEAL half his age would crush him. And I can definitely see Ventura mouthing off.

The overlap between people who see false flags everywhere, and those who like Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones, as well as thinking we never went to the moon, seems pretty high. There is some kind of strange nexus there and it's not purely related to IQ as I used to think.
I know a guy who accepts all the standard conspiracy theories; he has a college degree in economics - just a bachelors. He's not dumb, not super smart. He thinks 911 inside job, he thinks we never went to the moon, he thinks capture of Sadamm and Bin Laden were fake, and he believes he has seen ghosts. This is a mentality I don’t understand. Any one of them might be passable, but he (like most these guys) accepts a huge hodgepodge of conspiracies and false flags.

Ironically, they don't believe obvious truths, yet embrace farfetched theories. They think they are cynical but end up swallowing urban legends that only the most gullible believe in.

"We can also surmise that the entire "occupy" movement is a coordinated effort to set up this anti-Romney anti-1% anti-Wall Street narrative."

Funny how conspiracy theorizing comes from a LACK of imagination. T

This wasn't an anti-Jon Huntsman ad. It was an anti-Ron Paul ad. Anyone with any sense should be able to figure out what I mean.

Huntsman uses all of his kids as props:

His three "hot" daughters are campaigning aggressively for him (at least one of those daughters looks just like dad, so *not hot*). He never firgets to mention that his two sons are "in the Navy" (actually attending the USNA). And his two youngest adopted daughters are there to show his compassionate, multiculti side.

That's the best reason to suspect that an ad drawing attention to his adopted daughters is from Huntsman or a supporter.

Jon Huntsman's Illuminati Ways!

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