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February 20, 2012


The funny thing, is that her "rant" is correct, and it's something on most non-Black people's minds.

So Jenny doesn't like black people, but she likes Jews and Israel. Sounds like Ilana Mercer. I wonder if she supports Ron Paul?

Lol the reason for her hatred of blacks is self-evident. But why the love for Israel, I can understand neutrality or not giving a damn, but why is she very pro-Israel? Does she have a large following there or something?

[HS: I think that most Asians have positive feelings towards Jews. They see Jews as being more Asian in their attitudes than other whites.]

She's 100% right- no black people, no problem!


Rage and hatred are normal human responses to violence, cruelty, sadism, and arrogance. As a Korean-American living in an urban environment, Jenny and her family have probably been subjected to these things from blacks as long as she can remember. Rape, robbery, assault, and possibly murder have likely touched her and her family and friends.

Blacks have been dining out on their "victim" status for too long. Blacks were victimized in the South two generations ago; they have never been victimized in the North and have in fact victimized other ethnic groups as long as they have lived in the North.

I think it was satire on her part, to denounce the increasing psychiatrization of pro-white and anti-immigration thoughts (Emma West, Breivik, etc.)

Until we have real life proof of that, to me one can say whatever he wants on an anonymous blog.

As to psychiatry, it was indeed a parallel system of punishment in the Soviet Union.

Many sane and intelligent persons were submitted to compulsory treatment and detention for having expressed thoughts critical of the regime or Marxism on an ideological level. They usually got out severely dumbed down or broken.

Psychological murder is worse to me than actual murder.

Look at her posts about gay marriage. This chick is basically a liberal SWPL (SKPL?) who isn't following the script on one crucial point.

HS, you should look into all kinds of governments including democracy impact on HBD.

Speaking of, I agree with most all of Ron Paul's tweeted newsletter rants as well. They were normal observations among old white guys 40 years ago. Now we're all out of step. We're all crazy now.

I wonder what convinced her to resort to this type of character rehab.

It is interesting that she has a post about "Black Korea" by "Ice Cube." That is a song that arguably killed a Korean man by inspiring the LA riots. Terry Gross questioned Mr. Cube about it in 2005, and he gave a defensive answer, vaguely apologizing to anyone who took offense but also criticizing Korean-American store owners for disrespecting black people. Ms. Gross was remarkably weak and immediately dropped the subject, which stood in sharp contrast to her treatment of conservatives at that time, so I sent her a very long email.


Sometimes women just blurt out things without thinking. And the recent racial outbursts are not surprising considering the pent up anger at blacks in the face of liberal social engineering that tells them blacks are the best people in the world.



A white guy would never be as upfront as them. They think too much or are too careful/scared.

Of course she like Jews. She is in the music business and wants to work

Why exactly would a Korean dislike blacks? Whites disliking blacks is at least understandable due to the centuries of slavery and its attendant negative tensions amassed over that period. Blacks who moved up north to industrial cities competed for jobs with (mostly Catholic and some Jewish) immigrants. Moreover, the Civil Rights era exacerbated tensions between whites and blacks, as demonstrations of social superiority (e.g., better quality white only restrooms, etc.) and given precedence to were considered birthrights. When a black person would challenge that social contract whites would defend their "birthright" by forming lynch mobs, and such behaviors were accompanied by an old word that slave masters used to uphold and reinforce said oppression. I will not type that word, but we know it is the one that phased "niggardly" out of the English language and that rappers are inappropriately fond of. Not that it is right to hate black people, but there are reasons certain white people hate blacks, and those reasons are lacking among Koreans (or any Asian).

Koreans, however, have no history of slavery against blacks, nor did they spray fire hoses at them trying to maintain social dominance and oppression over them.

"[HS: I think that most Asians have positive feelings towards Jews. They see Jews as being more Asian in their attitudes than other whites.]"

Somewhat, but not entirely. I worked and studied with Asians (Chinese mostly) for a long time, and while they certainly admire Jewish braininess and success, the Jewish "fondness for debate" clashes with the Confucian love of decorum and respect for social order --- basically, Asians find Jews too argumentative.
Judging from the intermarraige rates, Asian girls do seem to like Jewish guys though, and since I believe sex is a major driver for beliefs and behavior, her pro-Israel stance shouldn't be too surprising.

That part about eradication is dubious, I hope she at least feels bad about saying that. I still agree that the rant is more excessively angry than full-on insane.

Its not that she said she doesnt like black people. Its that she called for the eradication of the black race, then said blacks are subhuman apes that should worship the superior races (asians and whites).

If you dont think thats a sign of virulent psychopathic behavior...well, someone should let the aryan nations and the kkk know, because they have that in common with her.

***Why exactly would a Korean dislike blacks?***

Didn't Al Sharpton call for blacks to boycott Korean businesses? The Koreans were also the ones who defended their premises against looters in the 92 LA riots?

In this case I understand her tweets were prompted by Floyd Mayweather suggested Jeremy Lin was overhyped because he was Asian.

"language on Twitter after reading what boxer Floyd Mayweather tweeted, which was, “Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he’s Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise.” Again, what he said comes from a completely different race issue that I don’t have time to go over in this post. After this, and after ESPN.com made a blockheaded move and posted an article entitled “A Chink in the Armor” (really, ESPN?), Hyun went ballistic on Twitter,..."


Saying that you don't like black people is one thing. Advocating for genocide is another.

And what set her off? Factual statements by Floyd Mayweather, that Jeremy Lin is getting extra media attention because he is Asian. So, his mild, inoffensive, factual statement - that did not attack, insult, demean, diminish or belittle Lin or Asians in any way - resulted her calling for the genocide of the black race. Yeah, that sounds like a rational person.

Also, you guys are leaving out factual information: that this woman has been under psychiatric treatment for years. This wasn't her first outburst, and no, she does not limit her psychotic rages (and I using this in a medical sense, she has extreme anger during her psychosis episodes) to black people. The Mayweather comment was probably just the last thing on her mind, or something that her troubled mind latched onto. A thing that you left out because it doesn't suit your agenda: based on her blog, it is obvious that she appreciates black music. Further, her own music is heavily influenced by/emulates black pop and R&B music.

So, no, this is not the thought police. (Her FAMILY took her to the hospital because they were concerned about her well-being.) How is that "Orwellian" when it is your FAMILY that does it and not the state? Look, how does your leaving out critical facts and distorting what actually happened to suit your own agenda does her any good? Do you WANT people to believe that she ACTUALLY advocates the genocide of the black race, or any other race? Do you WANT her not to be treated for her long-ago clinically diagnosed medical condition so that as a result she injures someone else or herself during one of her psychosis crisis episodes? Sounds like the truth is that none of you could care less about this young lady.

Also, I'd just like to note that Ms Hyun is extremely hot.

"So saying that you don’t like black people is now grounds for being checked into a mental hospital and being reprogrammed to have proper thoughts about race. It sounds rather scary and Orwellian."

Do you EVEN READ the links you post?

She calls for the "eradication" of black people, comparing it to the removal of a gangrenous limb, and implying that they're not human. She directly calls a black guy "ape".

These are sentiments that wouldn't even pass your moderation filter to be published here, yet you're casting Hyun as a victim of political correctness, for simply "not liking black people", and falsely applying that some "Orwellian" authority is committing her?

Get a grip, Half Sigma. The "schizophrenia" claim is just a ruse on her part to deflect any professional and personal responsibility for her words onto an imagined mental illness -- purely to save face.

When you defend intemperate, loudmouthed racists like Hyun, you set your HBD-acceptance goal back immeasurably. Get some damn sense.

"Why exactly would a Korean dislike blacks?"

Because within the confines of human variation, blacks are the polar opposite of East Asians, biologically and culturally.

And also, in America, Asians are the ones that feel the brunt of the affirmative action that helps blacks and latinos. For example, Espenshade and Chung found in 2005 that Asians are at the equivalent of a 50 point disadvantage on the SATs vs. whites, and a 280 point disadvantage vs. blacks when it comes to college admissions at top schools. In the absence of affirmative action, 4/5 of spots currently occupied by blacks would be supplanted by Asians, with no large change for whites.

Follow-up work by Espenshade has suggested that the disadvantage faced by Asians vis a vis blacks has only grown since then.

Jay M,

Black people don't act well, people don't like people who don't act well. If black people acted like Asians we'd be calling them a model minority and property values wouldn't go down the second they moved in.

@Jay M

Are you kidding me? It has nothing to do with slavery, it has to do with the down right ridiculous behavior surrounding most blacks.

Asians suffer from the same problem as middle-upper middle class whites do. They have to live far away from the city in expensive neighborhoods to secure a decent life for their family.

Jay M writes, "Not that it is right to hate black people, but there are reasons certain white people hate blacks, and those reasons are lacking among Koreans (or any Asian).

Don't trot out that old saw about slavery and lynchmobs. That's not an excuse for others to "hate blacks". That's the excuse blacks use to hate others. Of course, the excuse is fraudulent. If those things had never existed blacks would just come up with another one.

As for why some people dislike blacks, the answer is very simple. Blacks have a high rate of violent crime and frequently use bogus charges of racism and discrimination as a club to beat preferential treatment out of others.

The friction between Blacks and Koreans illustrates this. There are a lot of Korean businesses in black areas. Blacks resent it and say Koreans are "leeching off the Black community" with businesses that should be owned by Blacks. Of course, Blacks say the same about any non-Black owned business. http://goo.gl/5ONB1

woody wrote: "If you dont think thats a sign of virulent psychopathic behavior...well, someone should let the aryan nations and the kkk know, because they have that in common with her"

I went to high school with a lot of blacks, and Marty Nemko's 'What's It Like to Teach Black Students' is spot on (google that; good read).
I'm sorry, but it is typical black behavior that is virulently psychopathic. The "good-natured magical negro" prevalent in Hollywood is as common as being mugged by an 80 year old Korean lady. But they throw their boo-hoo slavery & lynnching stories, thus everybody has to shut up and take it.

They don't make Asians like Richard Aoki and Yuri Kochiyama anymore.


Last time I checked the African American race did not start an endless war in the Middle East (i.e. Iraq, Afganistan, etc.)

Africans Americans did not cause the sub prime mortgage scandal that caused vast unemployment or mass homelessness in the U.S.

African Americans did not increase University education fees.

Now ask your self who are the real criminals? African Americans or this corrupt system.

[HS: The CEO of Fannie Mae was black, and a disproportionate share of bad loans were made to black borrowers, so actually yes, black people disproportionately contributed to the subprime mortgage scandal.

See Steve Sailer:

http://www.vdare.com/articles/americas-minority-mortgage-meltdown-diversity-recession-the-smoking-gun ]

'they have never been victimized in the North'



Gerald is right, you're taking the entire incident out of context. I'm not sure if this is part of the approach to HBD you've previously advocated, but I don't think it does the movement any favors.

So, for everyone who is rationalizing or justifying such churlish and cruel remarks (it's not just 'I dislike black people, or black people are X, Y, Z, so I dislike them') because of the 'burdens placed on Asians' or whatever, you're following the same silly logic blacks use when they defend their own bad behavior on grounds of 'burdens placed on Blacks.'

Dude, Patrick is right. The girl practically called for genocide against blacks. That's well outside the bounds of accepted discourse and can be filed into one of two boxes: sick or evil. The girl went for box #1.

Next time you feel the urge to defend something like this, just substitute "Jews" for "blacks" and ask yourself whether the critics' reactions are "Orwellian".

[HS: I don't think you were supposed to take her tweet seriously.

And Korean's are a minority so they can't be racist, only whites can be racist. At least that's one some left-wing people believe.]

"Factual statements by Floyd Mayweather, that Jeremy Lin is getting extra media attention because he is Asian. So, his mild, inoffensive, factual statement - that did not attack, insult, demean, diminish or belittle Lin or Asians in any way"

His Linsanity remarks may be completely unrelated, but it's worth noting that Mayweather has spent the last couple of years doing his damnedest to avoid a hugely anticipated super fight with an Asian, though to be fair Pacquiao deserves part of the blame.

Being the first is often a cause for some sort of celebration. When we celebrate the first black of anything, how would people react if you said, "The only reason why he's hyped is because he's the first ________. Other races do what he/she did everyday and don't get credit for it." RACIST!

Well, I think this shows that what many liberals say about HBDers is probably correct - they are not merely lovers of truth who have the capacity to be honest about race, many are actually genuine racists who hate entire groups of people, blacks, Jews, anyone who is not *like them*, and use HBD as a way to justify their personal animosity.

The fact that HBDers are gathering behind this kind of crude racist crap is sad to me, because it means that our culture has yet to produce a sane, healthy alternative to liberalism. Instead, we have crazy liberals on one side, and crazy racists and anti-Semites (who call themselves HBDers), on the other.

As others have pointed out, this woman called for the genocyde of the black race and said they are sub-humans who should worship whites and Asians - and HBDers like Hlaf Sigma and OneSTDV rally behind these comments!.

So in one stroke we have confirmed the suspicions of many normal folk about the *real* motivations of the HBD movement. Sad to me that our culture has not really produced anti-liberals of a saner and healthier stripe than guys like One, Half, Mangan, etc, who are all dripping in hate and resentment of those *not like them*.

[HS: I have no idea about whether "HBDers" are "rallying" behind Hyun's tweet. The story is not that I agree with her use of the word "eradication", but the fact that an Asian girl wrote such a tweet in the first place, and that she was committed to a mental hospital shortly afterwards. And the tweet is being read out of context because it's not clear what triggered her sudden anger towards blacks.]

“Jenny Hyun really did have some mental health issues”

So, she is claiming anorexia nervosa, paranoid schizophrenia, and multiple personality disorder (now repackaged as “dissociative identity disorder.”) The schizophrenia is real. I am skeptical of the anorexia, which is rare. Whenever you hear someone claim multiple personality disorder, just substitute in your mind cluster B, personality disorder.




ummm What happened to Forth Checkraise?

Another victim of the thought police? I still miss TJIC.com

If anyone were to read Wright's "Ethics of Living Jim Crow”, they would understand whites' attitudes of maintaining a social hierarchy, with blacks below. Particularly disturbing is the sentence,

“I was very careful to pronounce my sirs distinctly, in order that he might know I was polite, that I knew where I was, ad that I knew he was a white man"

This sentence is very telling of the times, when blacks' deferring to whites was normative and it was assumed the right and natural thing. This attitude was internalized and reinforced by not only the dominant party, but the oppressed one too. He also later states that,

"I had visions of 'working my way up', even [blacks] have those visions".

Another disturbing passes, and one that captures whites' attitudes of blacks at the time, was,

"Thinking they had forgotten that I was to learn something about the mechanics of grinding lenses, I asked Morrie about the work. He grew red."

Morrie: "What yuh tryin' t' do [terrible word], git smart?"

Morrie and Pease (the working class white characters) continue asserting their dominance over and threatening Richard. The line after the incident where the two white men had a problem with Richard forgetting to call Pease Mr.Pease is truly shocking,

"When I told the folks at home what had happened, they called me a fool. They told me that I must never again attempt to exceed my boundaries. When you are working for white folks, they said, you got to 'stay in your place' if you want to keep working."

The relatives scolded the author for exceeding acceptable social boundaries despite his white coworkers being morally wrong.

The entire writing can be found here:


Lemme see if I got this straight.

This girl is mental.

The girl supports gay marriage.


***So in one stroke we have confirmed the suspicions of many normal folk about the *real* motivations of the HBD movement. ***

@ John,

The HBD movement also encompasses liberal HBD'ers. See Peter Singer's "A Darwinian Left for Today and Beyond".


"What happened to Forth Checkraise?"

Ilkka's wife must have caught him again. ;>

[HS: I don't think you were supposed to take her tweet seriously.

And Korean's are a minority so they can't be racist, only whites can be racist. At least that's one some left-wing people believe.]

You're truly beyond parody.

Black people don't respect Lin????? Um it was a white dude who called him a Chink and the racist headlines ... in newspapers owned by white people, and the night time talk show hosts all white, Leno, Fallon, Kimmel...etc. So don't even try to make it a black thing... how about you make it a insensitive American culture thing. Who is this chick and really, why does anyone really give a flying rats butt?

Kiwiguy you only post one side of the story. 1. Actually there a lot of African American/Korean marriages. 2. Korean stores in the African American communities (often poor) take on the personality of a pariah. They know they are the only ones in the neighborhood so many jack the prices to the sky. They are also known for very disrespectful tones to their customers (even senior citizens!). Many of the store owners know that those in community have very few choices so the they take mad advantage of them (e.g. loaf of generic white brea... $4.99! So Kiwiguy, no disrespect intended but you really only present one side of the story.


I suggest you back up your views of blacks as victims by sending your children to the blackest school you can find. Or perhaps your one of these people who thinks integration is great... for others.

'I don't think you were supposed to take her tweet seriously.'

Because people with a history of mental illness are known for their deft use of hyperbole.

'I suggest you back up your views of blacks as victims by sending your children to the blackest school you can find.'

Yes, because that will prove what? It's possible to accept the reality of unjustified racism with the fact of bad black behavior. This is a case of the former.

It is really not in the best interest of HBD to desperately champion any public figure who rants about blacks. Especially when they are schizophrenic and advocate genocide.

@bastet694: Piss weak. This is like claiming that stores selling to the feral Irish in America in the late 19th/early 20th centuries 'jacked up' their prices- relative to what a store on Madison Avenue might charge, if they had equivalent rents/quality of service/marketing etc. In real life, people realize that stores tend to respond to their customers stealing all their merchandise. If black people don't want prices in the only stores able to operate in the neighbourhoods they ghettoized to be 'jacked up', maybe they should see to their own problems.

The Japanese should have finished what they started.

She forgets that Korean people were shipped off as slaves to Japan and still live in a sub-human existence trying to "pass" for Japanese by using Japanese names.

She forgets the comfort women.

She forgets that the only reason why she's here singing is because american troops saved her from being a Japanese sex slave and that they STILL HATE YOUR GUTS to this day, banning Kpop in Japan.

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