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February 24, 2012



The picture has been re-sized to this tiny resolution. Kinda sucks this way..

Dude, I almost got a creepy Saw vibe off this picture.

Nice craptastic photo.

I like this picture; it has a certain somberness to it while being someone cold and functional. Mark Rothko achieved the cool feeling using warm colors in some of his paintings, which was incredible. Have you thought about submitting this picture to the MOMA?

Your super keeps a clean recycling room. The recycling signs are also mounted in a very orderly way. I'm guessing he/she has O.C.D. in all the right places.

did you escape the muttations?

"Have you thought about submitting this picture to the MOMA?"

I think he has to submit a picture of his gay lover with a bullwhip in his butt for that.

Seriously, artistic value counts for nothing these days. It's all about provocation and politics. Also, HS doesn't know anyone in the art world.

And, also seriously: that picture made me homesick. Funny how it works.

Such a beautiful photo! Now what do their toilets look like? :-)

Aw, c'mon guys, it's not so bad. Isn't it OK to appreciate the appearance of engineered, functional objects? And the lighting is nice. It makes the heavy equipment look buoyant. It presents things in a way that lets you see them differently, which is what art is supposed to do.

it's a competent photograph. it would work fine as a stock image in support of a news piece on natural gas usage.

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