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February 19, 2012


In before a bunch of commenters quoting "THE GUN IS GOOD THE PENIS IS EVIL".

As for the breasts - I don't know. How often do you see a movie with so much gratuitous nudity that isn't porn?

[HS: Wow, a reader has already seen this turkey of a movie?]

In Zardoz's supposed future, the human race has split into strictly segregated castes, analogous to the dystopian far future depicted H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine."

Per Zardoz's Wikipedia entry:

In the year AD 2293, a post-apocalyptic Earth is inhabited mostly by the Brutals, who are ruled by the Eternals. Eternals use other Brutals, called Exterminators, as the Chosen warrior class. The Exterminators worship the god Zardoz, a huge, flying, hollow stone head. Zardoz teaches:

"The gun is good. The penis is evil. The penis shoots seeds, and makes new life to poison the Earth with a plague of men, as once it was, but the gun shoots death, and purifies the Earth of the filth of Brutals. Go forth...and kill!"

Thus, the Exterminator raiders who periodically kill (cull) the domesticated Brutal slaves are a crude form of population control, a way of maintaining ecological and social balance in the Eternals' ostensibly perfect order.

The Eternals do consider themselves more evolved than the Brutals. The Eternals are intellectually superior but they are physically feeble. The Brutals are just the opposite. They have just enough intelligence to use weapons and mill grain. However, the Brutals are physically much fitter and stronger than the unathletic Eternals.

It's not surprising the Eternals were all cast as ectomorphs, this was intentional.

HS, oh so YOU'RE the one who induced me to order the movie. LOL. Actually I thought it was fascinating, but I don't watch stuff like that normally.

i saw this movie at the TLA repertoire theater in Philadelphia when i was 16 years old (granted, that was 1986 and people weren't as boring and uptight then as they are now), it remains one of my favorite movies of all time--how can anyone who follows game gender roles and the folly of intellectuals taken to the nth degree not love this movie?

"Today, you never see men with hairy chests unless they are someone who is being mocked"

There's been another change too :((((

I've seen it. It's a cheesy, third rate move. But I thought it was interesting. If I remember correctly, Connery's character "Zed" has his mind probed and turns out to have a higher IQ than the more evolved Eternals.

Only with the sexual revolution did muscularity and large breasts come into high demand. Men and women alike are less hairy now too. The changes in male and female physiques shows how one generation of sexual selection shaped culture and mating.

Sean Connery is a classic alpha male.


"If the movie had any insight into the future, it was in predicting memes that are now prevalent in "manosphere" blogs. The female eternals are feminazis, and the men are so beta that they can't even get an erection. Then hairy-chested shirtless alpha-male Sean Connery comes along, and the eternal women secretly, or maybe not so secretly, want him to rape them."

In other words the USA is now a matriarchy. We have reverted back to the state of nature. The ghetto, the barrio, and trailer park, is the natural consequence. Feminism was wonderful.

It was much better than it's remake , the Book of Eli.

"Men and women alike are less hairy now too"

In fact, according to my careful research, at least 75% of adult women are completely hairless. Many of the remainder have just landing strips. About the only women who still sometimes remain in their natural states are Asian women, lesbians, and hippie chicks, and even many of them are starting to change. It's very, very disturbing :(

"Secondly, Sean Connery was skinny compared to male actors today. He was in decent shape, but he didn’t have huge biceps or ripped abs."

He was a competitive bodybuilder in the early 1950's.


What the hell, I guess the ubiquity of those bulking solutions has made bodybuilding into a whole other thing..

"Male actors today either lift more weights, or take steroids."

Haven't you ever seen any of the sword-and-sandal movies of the 1950s and 1960s? They had no problem finding mighty musclemen like Steve Reeves to play the main characters.

OT. have you seen these twitter comments by a Korean singer?


It's also worth noting that the "beta" Eternals are those tasked with preserving mankind's knowledge.

"What the hell, I guess the ubiquity of those bulking solutions has made bodybuilding into a whole other thing.."

Even the top bodybuilders of the pre-'roids/HGH era were positively bony by today's bodybuilding standards.

Sean Connery's ample chest hair was a minor plot point in his Bond movie You Only Live Twice. He was being made up to look Japanese, in order to infiltrate the villain's lair, and at the last moment someone noticed that his hairy chest would be a dead giveaway that he was an imposter.

The elite bodybuilders from the 50s are much much smaller than the elite guys today. They don't even look like the same species. The guys today take every performance enhancing drug under the sun and are just plain freakish. I was reading something recently about $60000 plus a year. It is really like a whole different sport compared to natural athletes. There is no possible way to eat and train enough to be built like those guys.

There were plenty of muscle man actors, but bulky actors in general were not favored for major speaking parts. The average 5'8" guy also didn't go out of his way to bulk up from pure vanity. That's more common today.

The biggest guy (and he was pretty big) you saw in conventional speaking parts was...


"It is really like a whole different sport compared to natural athletes."

Not just bodybuilding, but lots of other sports. For example, compare the puffy white guys from 1960s football compared to the hypertrophied monsters of today's NFL.

You just figuring this out! Go to the beach and compare actual men to men in ads. I suspect young women today don't even know that men have hair on their chest, backs etc because in print and video, you never see it.

Even in the early 60s, guys were using steroids. norethandrolone (nilevar) was the first oral anabolic, released in 1956, followed by methandrostenolone (dianabol) in 1958. The Americans were building on the work of the Soviets, who experimented with testosterone injections for their athletes in the early 50s, shattering records and racking up medals in weightlifting. The oral anabolics were embraced by the California bodybuilding community, and from there, their use spread.

Bodybuilders started using HGH back in the mid 70s; it was sucked out of cadavers. This really allowed them to put on the muscles.

Keep in mind that most stories that take place in the future are idealized versions of it. Does anyone seriously believe that the Star Trek version of the future is going to win out over the Idiocracy version? Neither do I.

Actually bust size and hip size have decreased over the past few decades. It's been proven scientifically. Playboy models have become more androgynous.

In Britain, probably well into the 1980s, going to a gymnasium and doing weight-lifting type exercises just wasn't something people did. Not even professional soccer players trained that way.

"I suspect young women today don't even know that men have hair on their chest, backs etc because in print and video, you never see it"

And I suspect that young men today don't even know that women are supposed to have hair ... oh, to hell with it.

Same thing with Major League Baseball players from the '70s; they all seem skinny compared to today's players.

Zardoz is a great flick; you really need to see it a few times to appreciate it.

The actresses in this are not classically busty. But there were plenty of large chested women in movies back then--check out a Russ Meyer flick or something like that.

Also, "it puts hair on your chest" used to be a positive reinforcement.

A good catch you made that the body types we see on TV and movies now are not the body types we saw 60 years ago.

But Family Guy got there first.


Oh, and I'll watch a crap movie but I don't think I could sit through this.

"Keep in mind that most stories that take place in the future are idealized versions of it."

Yeah, that's why there's a whole genre devoted to "futures that suck" with countless novels, movies, etc...



(nb Zardoz is one)


Hell Mark McGuire and Barry Bonds seemed skinny in their first five seasons or so.

Also, check out any music video from the 80s. The guys were all skinny. Heck, you could even be gay and cool in the 80s. People are more approving of gay rights today, but that's not what people want in their music and movie stars now. The trend today is for hairless musclemen.

Anyone can be skinny, as long as you don't eat much, but only some people can get big muscles.

Sean Connery is 81 years old. Wow!

I once broke up with an attractive, leggy woman because she was too hairy "down there."

[HS: The anti-Peter?]

Until about 20 years ago, movie leading men reeked of masculinity... Gable, Bogart, Wayne, Grant, Connery, Eastwood. Now they're kind of asexual like Pitt, Cruise and Affleck. Apparently women audiences prefer sexually non-threatening over all other manly traits.

Zardoz has boobies? This was news to me. I caught it on TV one morning 20 years ago, while home sick. The movie didn't make much sense to me but now I see that it could've been because they cut all the scenes with the breasts.

"I once broke up with an attractive, leggy woman because she was too hairy "down there.""

This is one of the most depressing things I've ever read :)

Men used to look so much better years ago than they do now.

Men should be skinny and hairy.

Today, they look like plastic buffoons. Giant hairless chests.

It's very anti-erotic.

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