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March 12, 2012


Very smart move by the ones who created this school. Also, a very smart pricing strategy.

Actual interview question:

"So, why do you believe you could excel at our school?"
"Ga ga goo goo."

Worth it to avoid the blacks

Are these people not confident in their own genetics? A normal childhood will not impede their chances to get into Yale or Harvard if the genetic stock is good.

I wonder what Bryan Caplan, Thomas Bouchard, Robert Plomin, or the late David C Rowe would make of this?

I think this is why SWPLs have, to some degree, openly negative feelings towards Asians: The Asians are raising the SWPL's urban/wealthy suburban cost of living even more than it already is because the Asians drive up the cost of private prep schools, expensive neighborhoods, and elite colleges by restricting the number of these places that are majority white.

The more Asian majority elite public and private schools, neighborhoods, and elite colleges there are, the more SWPLs have to shell out to avoid them.

It's similar to how middle and lower class whites complain about NAMs that are crowding them out of schools and livable neighborhoods, except Asians have a much more negative cost for SWPLs because SWPLs have more direct contact with Asians in their professional and personal lives than they do NAMs who have at least can be driven out of neighborhoods with zoning laws.

Unlikely that you will be "left behind" if you have parents that can afford $30K/y tuition. but, those parents would find it much easier, cheaper and more likely to ensure that their kids don't get left behind if they simply chose to mate with someone with a high IQ.

"Worth it to avoid the blacks"

No, they're avoiding Asians because the best public schools, like Stu which are 72% Asian and thus rendered unusable for > 90% of even the most "tolerant" elite NYers, have standardized test based admissions which weed out almost all NAMs. The Asians are the only minorities smart enough to get through their screen and that's why, if you ever hear a liberal college professor, elite prep school teacher, or SWPL parent complain about a minority group, it is Asians.

Can I interest any NYTimes parents in whites only immigration and paying nonwhites LEGAL immigrants $100,000 per person to leave?

Imagine how much you'd save in money if Stu were over 50% white...

And so the gap between the Eloi and the Morlocks widens a little more.

30k a year for pre-school? NYC is insane, and this is why people earning 500k a year claim they are 'barely making it' in Manhattan. All that excess money is spent bidding up positional goods (elite private schools, elite tutors, elite apartments...). Even if salaries on Wall Street were to treble, you would still find NYC elites who would claim to be 'struggling'.

HS, I thought you posted on this topic previously? At least I thought I picked it up here. Maybe it was Sailer. Folks in fly-over country and SWPL outside NYC for that matter get completely confused and bewildered by this to the point of believe the fig leaf, which on the face of it would completely undermine the HBD hypothesis.

However, $30k day-care is not about teaching it is about funding. Or specifically signaling the ability to fund. Parents that can write checks for $30k day-care can write checks for $50k to grade school, $100k to prep school, and $1M to college. Those are the parents of the brats that school principles and boards want in their classrooms. In that light, it's pretty obvious what's going on here. The only question in my mind is why there aren't more $30k day-cares? Waiting lists, buh-hahah, I don't believe it.

OK, stuff like this may convince me that elites really don't believe in HBD.

OTOH, how much would these people pay for nannies instead?

Meh. Around here (northern VA) private pre-K routinely breaks $20K and it's not hard to pay over $25K.

The main question would be, does that $30K *include* "before and after care" or are those extra? Normally pre-K will run from 9am to 3pm or something like that, and for working parents after care is not optional.

they are just dumb. A salient bit about the modern American culture is the conflation of notions of "investment that gets results" and "frivolous spending for feeling good". Just because thousands of dollars got spent, it doesn't an investment make, you stupid Obamites.

"A normal childhood will not impede their chances to get into Yale or Harvard if the genetic stock is good."

And if your child "only" gets into Bates or Wesleyan it is probably not the end of the world. But one issue for today's 2 year olds is that they are competing on a global basis, unlike when we were growing up. Wealthy Russians, Chinese, Indians etc. are all trying desperately to get their kids into top US undergraduate programs.

I call this kind of hysterical upselling a terminal disease in the upper middle class. They have only one or two kids, usually in their mid-forties, so they're highly invested in a small number of children who are inordinately prone to all kinds of mutations and disorders due to the mother's age. And then, shocked and appalled that their kids are overwhelmingly middling specimens, these Yuppies feel obligated to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars ensuring that young Johnny gets into Cornell, even with his ADD, Asperger's Syndrome, and dyslexia.

As a life-long New Yorker: I will bet that the parents who are paying for this did not grow up here. I have long noticied this pattern. People who grew up in NYC are far less concerned about getting into private schools, etc than people who move here from out-of-town.

For those of you who read this and think it's insane: most NYers do too. This is a city with one million school age children. We have everything: home schoolers, $30,000 a year pre-schools, Catholic schools, charter schools, public schools, (some "good" some bad depending on how many blacks attend them), etc etc.

This article (and many others like it) is pushing to make parents as hysterical and worried as possible. Obviously, this somehow sells newspapers, or they wouldn't be so many of these articles.

Don't forget that $30K guarantees white teachers. Where I live, the pre schools and day cares that have middle class white women as teachers are the most expensive.

Priceless! A place for parents to send their regressed toward mediocrity children! And someone found a way to cash in on that!

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